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Classic with a Drizzle of Sweet

This is my second wardrobe post, and marks 15 months in lolita! My wardrobe has changed drastically in the past year, I have aquired a few more pieces and am really happy with the direction it is heading.
If you are interested you can find my first post here.
Please, relax and I hope you enjoy my wardrobe.

Left: Mary Magdalene Lace Sucre Cardigan, Bodyline L353 Skirt
Middle: Angelic Pretty Patisseir JSK, Innocent World Blouse
Right: Innocent World Dot Jacket

The MM cardigan is a gorgeous piece I'm so happy to have, big thanks to my friend for linking it to me!

Left: Innocent World Millefeuille Bolero, Bodyline L325 Skirt, Offbrand Blouse
Middle: Ista Mori Nameless Poem OP
Right: Innocent World Grazia Crown JSK, Innocent World Blouse

Nameless Poem is a gorgeous dress, and has really made me want to delve into Gothic.

Left: Mary Magdalene Angelica OP
Middle: Mary Magdalene Mary Lou OP
Right: Angelic Pretty Fairy Marine OP

I love Fairy Marine, it's so adorable, but a little shattering I am way too tall for it.

Left: Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen JSK, Infanta Blouse
Middle: Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory I JSK
Right: Jane Marple Royal Order JSK

My first Jane Marple ice, and its absolutely gorgeous! I love how its just so easy to wear and even looks great without a petti.

Left: Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK, R-Series Blouse
Middle: Innocent World Anniversary Rose JSK
Right: Mary Magdalene Farutetto JSK, Mary Magdalene Blouse

Farutetto Made me fall in love with chiffon dresses, it just falls beautifully and I really hope to add more to my collection this year.

Left: Beth Frill Doll OP
Middle: Innocent World Lotta Revival JSK, Innocent World Blouse
Right: Mary Magdalene Mille Rose JSK

Mille Rose was a big dream dress for me, it was the dress that got me into lolita in the first place. It was an amzing birthday gift from my boyfriend.
The Beth OP wasn't able to fit because my dress form doent have retractable shoulders, the sleeves are also quite small, so I am considering letting it go.

Left: Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur '12 OP
Middle: Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur '09 OP
Right: Mary Magdalene Rose Basket JSK

Antoinette Fleur was another dream dress for me, I feel so lucky to have it in two differnt colourways. However I would prefer the older mint version over the more recent, as I feel the less saturated colour would suit my wardrobe better.

Left: Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory II JSK
Middle: Innocent World Cardinal Rose JSK, Offbrand Blouse
Right: Lief Logo Ribbon Sailor OP

Cardinal Rose is a super gorgeous dress, I love wearing it in summer, the colours are gorgeous.

Left: Peppermint Fox Hidden Library I Skirt
Middle: Innocent World Classical Square OP
Right: Leila Skirt, Innocent World Cutsew

I really love the way the IW OP fits. It looks great on, and the colour is really nice IRL.

Left: Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory II JSK
Middle: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Velveteen JSK
Right: Lief Carousel Theater JSK, Magic Tea Party Blouse

I had wanted a Baby velvet piece for a while, and I was really happy when I scored this piece!
The Lief JSK looks gorgeous on, but I feel it's much too brigt for my wardrobe, so another piece I'm considering seeling.

Left: Mostly Peppermiint Fox and a few Offbrand
Rigth: Peppermint Fox, Offbrand

This is my vanity that I modified, It was missing a mirror when I bought it, so I replaced it with a cushined corkboard.
For the moment ive been keeping my headwear and some acessories in this cute vintage jewlery box.

Left: Back row- Kira Kira, Red Maria, Handmade Front Row - Lief, IW, AP, Beth, IW, Offbrand
Right: Mix of Taobao, Offbrand, Handmade and Peppermint Fox

Left: Top - Offbrand, Lief, Offbrand Middle - MM, MM, AP Bottom - Taobao
Right: Back - Taobao, IW Front - IW, All Taobao

Left: Mix of IW, AP, Meta, Offbrand
Right: Off brand and Bodyline

Taking these photos made me realise how little legwear I acutall have. New goal for this year!

Thank you for looking at my wardrobe, and I hope you enjoyed it!
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