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A Still Somewhat Excentrique Wardrobe


This is my second year doing a wardobe post; you can find 2014 here. I'm now wearing lolita/otome pieces most days, so I've been expanding my color palette so I can make the most possible outfits per main item. My style skews somewhat casual, with classic and military influences: I love underbust cuts, military detailing, boned bodices, blouses with big bows, and monochromatic prints.


Krad Lanrete Le Mariage de Bourgogne
This time last year I was waiting for this skirt to ship! The pictures don't show it, but there's a bustled back. The print is incredibly detailed and Krad used the most lovely soft velveteen.

002 copy
Metamorphose Velveteen Hem Tuck Pinafore Dress
This dress is pretty mucheverything I love: buckles, asymmetry, military buttons and braid!

003 copy
Mary Magdalene Elodie Doll
My first dream dress, and first brand piece! I'd love to own it in the navy and khaki as well.

004 copy
Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant (short)
When this first came out I waffled about what colorway I liked best and ended up getting the blue long JSK and beige skirt. After seeing how beautiful it was in person, though, I had to get the red, and I was lucky enough to trade for it this year.

005 copy
Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant (skirt)
One of the things I like most about this print is how it integrates so many colors so well. This is by far my favorite piece to coordinate because there are so many options for what I can pair it with.

006 copy
Innocent World Felicia Crown
I'd been wanting a crown print skirt for a while, and I like the intricacy of the monochrome brown print.

007 copy
Handmade Floral Tapestry Skirt
I don't normally go for florals, but I found this fabric and the woven stripes were just begging to be box-pleated. Waistband is doubled petersham ribbon that has been hand-finished, "ruffles" are bubble-hemmed chiffon.

008b copy
Excentrique Marine Corset Skirt
This was from one of my favorite Excentrique collections! The fabric has a rich subtle shine. The button placket is a bit of a pain to do up every time, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for this skirt. (Also, the cape and skirt match much better in real like, sadly my camera can't quite capture it.)

008bb copy
Innocent World Royal Library Corset JSK
I adore emerald green, I wish it was more common in lolita. What really makes this dress for me is the gold accents on the book spines..

Mary Magdalene Velveteen Pleated Pencil Skirts
I got the green skirt + corsage first and absolutely fell in love with the fit, so when I saw the burgundy on Closet Child I bought it immediately. Now if only I could find the matching burgundy corsage...

010 copy
Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant (long JSK)
...can you tell I adore this print? I pretty much never wear it with the ribbon laced into the front panel because I don't like obscuring the lovely print on the bodice.

011 copy
Surface Spell "Dream Eat Book of Shadow and Void"
I am not completely sure that's the correct name for this dress, but it's the closest translation I've found. I searched for over a year for this color before finally finding it second hand off of Taobao in a set with the matching beret.

012 copy
Krad Lanrete Lost In Sea Blue
The jellyfish dress! Last year this was my lone OP; now it's no longer even that. I usually wear JSKs or skirts, but the regular JSK cut was too sweet for me. After some very careful alterations to remove the sleeves and adjust the zipper (including manually unpicking the serging so as to damage the fabric) I'm much more happy with this more simple cut.

013 copy
Excentrique Moleskin Corset Skirt
I've had this at the top of my wishlist for ages, but never really thought I'd find it--or that it would be in my size when I did! When I first saw the auction, I did something of a double-take, since it was listed as an OP and put on the dressform backwards with the corset part pulled up over the bust.

014 copy
Excentrique Marine Corset JSK
This is from the same collection as the green marine skirt. The gold anchor patch in the center is real metal wire passementerie, not just metallic paper-wrapped-thread. I'm a ribbons and trim snob, and Excentrique always spoils me.

Jane Marple Violin Embroidery Skirt
More box pleats! The embroidery on this skirt is lovely, but the black-blue shade of the fabric is so hard to match.

Handmade Regimental Stripe Skirt
I had been searching for so long for a true woven regimental stripe that when I found this in the Tokyo fabric district for cheap I went a little crazy and bought the whole roll. Admittedly that was "only" six meters, but even after a skirt and a beret (and maybe a vest) I still have half of it left...

015 copy
Victorian Maiden Velveteen Crown Trump Skirt
This skirt is a chameleon. In some lights it's distinctly wine red, in others you'd swear it's purple. If you compare it to my post from last year this skirt looks completely different.

016 copy
Krad Lanrete Le Mariage de Bourgogne
When I like a Krad Lanrete print, I really like it and apparently have to get it in all the colors. The simple bodice on this JSK is nice for showcasing some of my more elaborate blouses.

017 copy
Innocent World Chess Pattern Skirt
Another fabric with a woven pattern that I love. It's such a lovely texture and easy to wear.

018 copy
Innocent World Camille Skirt
I'm pretty sure this is not the intended use, but this is one of my favorite skirts to wear out and about because of the large pocket-like thing in the front. It ruins the line to put my phone and stuff in it, but in a pinch it's great for freeing up my hands.

019 copy
Metamorphose Hakuoki Pinafore Dress
I feel that Meta can be hit or miss, but when they get it right they make some absolutely stunning dresses. This is one of my very favorite pieces. I also love all the options they provide with their dresses; the front pleated panel is detachable so you can wear it over an underskirt and it comes with two different sashes.

020 copy
CEL St. Augustine's Abbey Skirt
Another skirt with lots of colors to make coordinating easy! I keep meaning to alter the sash because it's a little lopsided as is.

021 copy
Moi Meme Moitie Iron Gate Skirt
Iconic, of course, and the piece that kickstarted my love of intricate single-color prints.

022 copy
Milk Asymmetric Buckle Dress
On the otome side, simple tweed with five buckles down the front. They're kind of a pain to do up every time I want to wear it, but it is just so cute.

023 copy
Victorian Maiden Charlotte Mermaid Skirt
This year I got really into pencil skirts. While they don't fit the traditional lolita silhouette, I like mixing them into more toned-down outfits and they're great for when it would be inconvenient to have a huge petticoat.

024 copy
Excentrique Tweed Lame Corset JSK and Capelet
Compared to the Milk dress, this is a cinch to get into (...ha...ha). It just zips up the front, with corset lacing in the back. Every time I wear it though, I'm struck by the incongruity of the lavender lining. It's a very nice lining fabric, slubby satin, it's just...very lavender.

This year I focused on getting tops in lots of colors. Because I wear them daily, I've accumulated a lot of comfy Axes Femme cutsews rather than traditional blouses. Where applicable, these are shown without their detachable neck ribbons, since I usually switch them out anyways.

Taobao, Axes Femme, Axes Femme

All offbrand

Axes Femme, Krad Lanrete, Offbrand

Axes Femme, Axes Femme, Krad Lanrete

All Axes Femme

Axes Femme, Handmade, Axes Femme

Offbrand, Krad Lanrete, Axes Femme

Vintage, Axes Femme, Axes Femme

Axes Femme, Dear Celine, Axes Femme

Taobao, Axes Femme, Krad Lanrete

Axes Femme, Offbrand, Offbrand

Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

I love corset vests/bustiers and militaryish jackets, someday I hope to have as many styles and colors as I do blouses. Excentrique, of course, is my favorite, I'm very sad that their jackets are just a bit too narrow in the shoulder for me.

All Excentrique

Handmade, Classical Puppets, Excentrique

FanPlusFriend, Altered Vintage

Both Offbrand

Victorian Maiden (comes with leopard collar, in accessories section), Offbrand

Offbrand, Handmade (I loved the black jacket so much I had to make myself another in brown. They're great for displaying elaborate cuffs or collars)

Surface Spell

Axes Femme

Mary Magdalene Odile Coat

If my accessories seems somewhat sparse, it's because I'm a ribbon addict. I have a collection of petersham, velvet, and silk ribbons in all colors that I use as neck ties, hat decorations, hair ties and the like. You can see the most commonly used ones displayed behind my dressform in all the main piece coordinates (and sometimes, you can see the missing space on the wall when I'm using one in a coord). That said, I do have some things that are not just ribbons, listed here!

Purses! Taobao, Taobao, Meta, IW, Offbrand, Laguna Moon, Offbrand, IW, Offbrand.

The other addiction: legwear. I wear almost exclusively patterned tights and otk socks. Too many sources to list, feel free to ask about any you're particularly interested in.

I have more plain, non-textured socks/tights for lounging around, but I figured those aren't very interesting to look at.

And a selection of everything else, including: hats, brooches, wristcuffs, hairbows, detachable dress bits, scarves, a handmade aiguillette and the leopard print Victorian Maiden collar. Again, feel free to ask for details!

Whew! Finally, a few notes about how I curate/build my wardrobe, for the interested. When deciding what I need to fill holes, I sort colors into two groups: base colors and accent colors. To add a new accent color to my wardrobe, I require that I have at least one top, one set of legwear, and two accessories so that I can properly integrate it into outfits. As I gather more pieces in that color, I try and gradually transition it to being a base color. Base colors require at least 2 tops, 2-3 sets of legwear, a main piece, a pair of shoes, a layering piece (vest/outerwear), and a purse (optional), plus other accessories. At the moment, my base colors are offwhite, black, brown, wine red, and navy blue - at least one of those colors will appear in any given outfit. Eventually I'd like to move purple, green, and grey into that category as well, to give me more flexibility! Goals for this year: I'm pretty happy with my blouses and accessories, so I'd like to focus on getting some more main pieces, especially handmade since I have a stash of fabric, trims, and hardware that are just waiting for me.

Thanks very much for taking a look through my wardrobe, and I'll see you all next year! Or if you'd like to keep up with me in the meantime, I can be found on my sometimes-neglected tumblr, alkemies
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Recent Posts from This Community

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