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Turquoise Lilly's Wardrobe Post 2015

Bought my first dress in the fall of 2013, so 2014 was my first full year in lolita.

Here are my main pieces...

Bodyline L156. Detachable sleeves removed. And yes, my first dress was a black and white Bodyline dress...

Bodyline 499. Bow removed. I found the shirt on eBay. The purse is from Bodyline but I don't see it on their website now and I cannot find the original email from the order so must have deleted it.

Bodyline P227 & P229. I replaced the thin black ribbon on the back of the pants with a thicker blue ribbon to match the jabot, wore blue tights, and braided a blue ribbon into a crown braid (which was pretty hard to keep the ribbon on top of the hair so it would show properly.)

And then I branched out... to Qutieland! This is the Alice Card Suit JSK and Blouse by Pumpkin Cat. After 2 Qutieland orders, I realized that 2-3 months is a long time to wait for frills...

And then I got on the egl sales comm and got this handmade wa dress.

And from the same seller, I bought my first brand dress! It is Tartan Check Shirring JSK from 2006 by Btssb.

And now I'm addicted to Lace Market. I also got three Gothic and Lolita Bibles at the summer anime convention, which is how I fell in live with and sought out Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern JSK.

And I fell for Putumayo's Autumn Garden OP while scrolling through on Lace Market...

Also saw Moi-Meme-Moitie's Divine Cross Print JSK in G&LB and bought it from the same person that sold me Holy Lantern.

I had been wanting this op 015-1323 from Anna House for awhile and finally bought it recently.

And then I got the Union Jack JSK secondhand by Innocent World


Anna House 016-1166

Bodyline, not sure of the number, bought it second hand.


Hello Kitty purse I bought at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as I was leaving. Loris Sweet Ribbon Side Bag

Alice and the Pirates Fairy Tale Pouchette and White off brand purse

The two on the left are Bodyline and the three on the right are off brand.

Off brand shoes-all purchased at Famous Footwear (Rocket Dog, XOXO, Fergalicious)

Off brand (Charming Charlie's, Mudd, Dr. Scholl's)

Off brand except for the matching Pumpkin Cats head bow

Off brand rings except for the Angelic Pretty Chocolate Logo Ring (A)

Off brand earrings

More off brand earrings

And more off brand earrings...

Off brand necklaces

Off brand bracelets

So besides discovering that randomly surfing Lace Market is financially unhealthy for me... My lolita goals of 2015 include:
1. More petticoats to better suit my wardrobe. Right now I have a long (knee length) white cupcake petti from Classical Puppets and a short black cheap A-line petti.
2. Underskirts. This would also help with those shorter dresses. I'm only 5'5" but some of the dresses still feel a bit too short on me.
3. Figure out how to coordinate the accessories I have with my coords. Most of the jewelry is from before I started lolita and I don't really have room for much more...
4. Lolita specific shoes. I tried RHS from Bodyline but they were too small, then I got the Special Shoe Set from the Btssb Outlet and although they were beautiful and fit perfectly, I'm not sure I have anything to wear them with. Lately, I've been looking at Antaina...
5. Still have a ton of dresses on my wish list but I have some trips planned this year so budgeting will be more important... *cough cough Lace Market*
6. Meet local lolitas. Met one at the fall anime convention. I'm not on facebook and that's where all the local comms are now...
7. More classic pieces.

Thanks for stopping by!

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