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Estellewhite's 2015 Wardrobe post!

Sorry about the bad quality. The lighting in my house is horrible, and I only had my phone camera!
I'm only gonna show my larger hair accessories (I have a sea of flower clips, bow clips etc). I'm also gonna leave out my socks, cutsews and parasols.. and the stuff that's currently in the washer.

Main pieces:

Infanta "Sleeping Beauty" JSK and BtSSB "Alice's Mirage in Paradox - Red Queen" JSK

AP "Sweet Jam" OP, and another AP JSK I forgot the name of.

Krad Lanrete "Le Portrait de Marie" JSK and a nameless JSK by the brand "Red Queen"

BtSSB "Alice's Dollhouse" JSK and BtSSB "Babydoll" JSK

BtSSB "Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic of Scent" JSK and BtSSB "Memory of my Last Soirée" JSK


Rose Melody skirt

Tartan skirt (Handmade by a friend)

Offbrand skirt (My first ever Lolita piece!)

"Teaparty" Skirt (Handmade by me!)


Offbrand and HMHM

Offbrand and thrifted

Both thrifted! (the one on the right has really cute ruffles on the sleeves)

Offbrand and Dear Celine


Top row: AP, Lene Bjerre, BtSSB. Middle bottom is Foxcherry, and bottom right is made by a friend. The rest is offbrand.

Top row: Offbrand, handmade straw bonnet.
Middle row: Infanta, BtSSB
Bottom row: Krad Lanrere, offbrand, Chocomint

All offbrand.

Chocomint bracelets and offbrand stuff in general! In the little chest I keep my rings.

Candy Shop and Loris (on Taobao). I have two black bags too (violin and book) but I hardly ever use them for Lolita anymore.

All offbrand, except the 3 pastel pairs (all by Bodyline)

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