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Mina's 2015 Sweet Wardrobe


Hello! I’m Mina. I’ve been wearing lolita since December 2012, although it’s taken a while for my wardrobe to really get going, which is why this is my first wardrobe post. My collection is still pretty small and not really that impressive yet, but I really love all the pieces I have so I thought I’d share what I have in my still-growing wardrobe.

My wardrobe is mostly skirts. I don’t particularly prefer them, it’s just what I’ve happened to buy. Most of them are from my very early days as a lolita.

cecilia merrygoround

cecilia merrygoround closeup
Cecilia Merry-go-round Skirt (Bodyline)
This was my very first main lolita piece, and it’s still, to this day, my most worn. I really love lavender so it’s a perfect fit in my pastel wardrobe.



Chocoberry Skirt (Bodyline)
As you’ll probably notice, I really love strawberries (and cherries) as print motifs! I bought this about a year ago and I still haven’t had a chance to wear it. Since the red is so strong it’s a little hard for me to coordinate.

soft cream

soft cream closeup

Soft Cream Skirt (Bodyline)
I promise there’s non-Bodyline stuff in my wardrobe! I wore this a lot as a brand-new lolita, and I still think it’s really cute, although I haven’t worn it much recently…



Twinkle Dreaming Princess (Baby the Stars Shine Bright)
This was my very first piece of brand, sold to me by a lolita who went to the same school as me. It’s probably the most toned-down piece that I have; it’s easy to coord in a really classy, elegant way.

gingham cherry

gingham cherry closeup

Gingham Cherry Skirt (Metamorphose temps de fille)
Aside from my love for cherries and strawberries, I also really really love pink gingham! This was an extremely kind Christmas gift this year from a good friend. It’s the oldest piece in my wardrobe, seeing as it was released in 2007!

strawberry gingham

strawberry gingham closeup

Strawberry Gingham Corset Skirt (Bodyline)
Strawberries and gingham, what a surprise. This was one of my first lolita purchases, although I still haven’t worn it much. It’s really cute, though!

I actually only had one JSK in my wardrobe until last month, but I’m hoping to get more in the coming year!

tokimeki girl

tokimeki girl closeup

Tokimeki Girl JSK (Angelic Pretty)
This dress, to me, is the perfect magical girl dress! It’s sweet and dreamy and I see a lot of coording potential in it. Sorry for the awkward photo!

cotton candy shop

cotton candy shop closeup

Cotton Candy Shop JSK (Angelic Pretty)
The newest addition to my wardrobe, and my first new AP! I was really apprehensive about getting this in black, since my wardrobe is overwhelmingly pastel, but when it arrived I was so happy because it’s so much more beautiful than I ever imagined!

plaid jsk

plaid jsk closeup

Plaid JSK (Bodyline)
Another early piece. The lace is… pretty bad, so I’m thinking about just ripping it off and maybe adding a better trim along the bottom. The fabric isn’t bad, just the poor lace!


bubble bath

bubble bath closeup

Bubble Bath OP (Metamorphose temps de fille)
I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. I really love cats, so that was the first selling point, but everything about it is perfect for me! The chiffon sleeves, the fact that it has a lavender colorway, the chiffon overlay on the collar… It’s perfect!

bunny pocket op

bunny pocket op closeup

Bunny Pocket OP (Bodyline)
This dress actually has detachable sleeves, although since I never wear them I’m not sure where they went. This is probably the nicest quality Bodyline item I own. The lace is nice and the polkadot trim on the bottom is really cute!

old school op

old school op closeup

Old School OP (Bodyline)
My only old school piece! This is the aesthetic that made me fall in love with lolita, and even though it’s totally “out” now, I still really enjoy old school pieces. I’m hoping to add more solid and old school pieces to my wardrobe over time.

velveteen op

velveteen op closeup

Velveteen OP (Bodyline)
The lone classic dress. This was my first dream dress and even though I don’t wear it often, I don’t think I could ever get rid of it. Part of the reason I wear it so infrequently is because it’s so thick and warm! This is a winter dress, through and through.

I don’t have many blouses, so my goal for 2015 is to get more good blouses in my wardrobe.

cherryparade cottoncandyshop blouses

cherry parade closeup

Cherry Parade Round Collar Blouse (Baby the Stars Shine Bright)/Cotton Candy Shop Lucky Pack Blouse (Angelic Pretty)
The cherry parade blouse was an incredibly sweet gift from a lovely friend, and a totally different one than the friend who gave me the cherry gingham skirt, interestingly enough!

bodyline blouses

All Bodyline
I really love the pink long sleeved blouse, although I overheat very very easily so it’s a bit hard for me to wear!

vintage blouses

vintage closeup

Both vintage
My apologies that the sailor collared blouse is so wrinkled! The fabric texture is such that it starts to wrinkle immediately after ironing if you don’t wear it right away. The other blouse is pretty big on me, but it’s really nice under JSKs, since all the detailing is up so high.

offbrand blouses

Both offbrand
The navy blouse was a lucky thrift store find. I think it’s originally from some Taobao shop, but I haven’t been able to source it. The tag says “Cabrielle,” does anybody know where it’s from? Either way, I might sell it, since it doesn’t really go with the rest of my wardrobe.


All offbrand.


ankle socks

Seven offbrand, Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival
When I went on vacation this summer, there was a really nice sock store in the town we stayed in, and I bought most of these socks there. They sold a lot of Japanese imported socks, including the Daydream Carnival socks! I was amazed when I found them.

knee socks

Two offbrand, one Bodyline, Angelic Pretty Cotton Candy Shop, four Bodyline, one offbrand
I’d like to get more OTKs this year, along with blouses. Missing from this photo are the matching socks to Bodyline’s carousel print.


Top row: all offbrand
Bottom row: offbrand, Holley Tea Time, Sweetie Cakes



Top row: Angelic Pretty Strawberry Picking Babushka, offbrand (lavender bath headdress and old school headdress)
Middle Row: Bodyline Carousel headbow, offbrand ivory headbow
Bottom Row: Anna House Gingham headbow, Angelic Pretty Cotton Candy Shop headbow, Baby the Stars Shine Bright bows (removed from Twinkle Dreaming Princess)
The purple bath headdress is meant for a bathtime coord with Bubble Bath. I need more basic headbows this year, too!


Top row: Offbrand, Kawaii Goods
Bottom row: All offbrand (from Claire’s)


Top row: Holley Tea Time, Claire’s, Sparkle Party, Claire’s, Holley Tea Time
Second row: Claire’s, two Holley Tea Time, Claire’s, three Holley Tea Time
Middle row: Holley Tea Time, Claire’s, Holley Tea Time, Catscratch, Holley Tea Time, Claire’s, Holley Tea Time
Fourth row: Three Claire’s, Cute Can Kill, four offbrand
Bottom row: Offbrand, Taobao
My rings are my pride and joy! I also have a lot more rings for fairy kei purposes that I don’t really wear in lolita. I really really love big resin rings, if that wasn’t obvious.


Top row: Pinkly Ever After, two Holley Tea Time
Middle row: Angelic Pretty, Locketship, vintage
Bottom row: Three vintage, four Holley Tea Time


Left column: Four Holley Tea Time bows, one Cute Can Kill button, handmade (not by me) bow hairclip
Middle column: Kawaii Goods bow, Fancy By Lucy bow, two Holley Tea Time fuzzy two way clips
All eight star clips are from Bonjour Honey. The bow hairpiece was made by Cadney to match Bubble Bath.
The star clips are kind of my obsession. I went and bought them in every color… I want some of the sparkly 6% Dokidoki ones next!


Top row: Offbrand rose and pearl bracelets, Angelic Pretty Melty Moon bangle
Middle row: Two Fancy By Lucy bracelets, Bodyline Wristcuffs
Bottom row: One Holley Tea Time bow bracelet, three Claire’s bracelets

casual jewelry

These are my necklaces suited most for more toned-down coords. They’re all offbrand.

sweet necklaces

These are my sweeter necklaces!
Top row: Two Magical Tea Time, Catscratch, Hikari wo Sagasu, three Holley Tea Time, Sparkle Party, Nerdy Little Secrets, four Cute Can Kill
Bottom row: All offbrand



Left column: Claire’s, Betsy Johnson, Angelic Pretty Cotton Candy Shop Lucky Pack bag
Right column: Taobao, Loris


Metamorphose temps de fille Bubble Bath bag, Bodyline Carousel tote, offbrand


Top row: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Cherry Heels, Taobao platforms
Bottom row: Both Bodyline
The same friend who gave me Gingham Cherry found the cherry heels at a thrift store, and was kind enough to give them to me. They’re my absolute darlings!

pink and black shoes

Top row: Offbrand, Bodyline
Bottom row: Both Bodyline
The strawberry heels were a birthday gift from a friend, and I’m terrified to wear them since the heel is really, really high. They’re so cute, though! I want to wear them for a photoshoot or something.

I missed a few things, like smaller bags and such, but this is the vast majority of my wardrobe. I’m hoping to expand my blouse collection in 2015, as well as get more legwear.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my wardrobe post!
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