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Obsixwi's Bigger, Blacker Wardrobe Post

Closet 2

Hello everybody! This is my third year of posting my wardrobe, as well as my third year as a lolita. Here is 2014 and 2013. If you wish, you can follow me on Tumblr for outfits and item hauls. This year, my wardrobe didn't grow as much as years past, so many pieces are still the same. Looking back, I think my resolution for the next year is to collect more accessories and hats.
To start off with, here is my closet, which hasn't changed layout from last year.
Bar Closet
I keep JSKs and OPs on the left side, along with shoes. On the right side, I keep outerwear, skirts, blouses, hats, and wigs.

Bar 1
Juliette et Justine Béatitudes Éterniser // Juliette et Justine La Croix d'une Lumiere Sacre OP // Juliette et Justine Robe de Perle et Ruban

Bar 2
Juliette et Justine Blanche Rode Ferric OP // Juliette et Justine Fortunée Cadeau // Juliette et Justine Princesse Dans Foret

Bar 3
Juliette et Justine Nuit de théâtre d'opéra JSK // Juliette et Justine Prière de la Petite Etoile OP // Juliette et Justine Robe de Rayures

Bar 4
Juliette et Justine L'etoile du Soir JSK // Juliette et Justine JSK name unknown// Juliette et Justine JSK name unknown

Bar 5
Juliette et Jusine Benediction de l'ange Haniel JSK // IW JSK name unknown // Innocent World Scalloped Velveteen JSK

Bar 6
Innocent World Classical Flocky JSK // Innocent World Stripe Jaquard Bustle JSK // Innocent World Dot Tulle JSK

Bar 7
Innocent World Florence Lace JSK // Innocent World Acanthus JSK (long) // Innocent World JSK name unknown

Bar 8
Alice and the Pirates Caterina JSK // Alice and the Pirates Crown Salopette // Alice and the Pirates St School JSK

Bar 9
Alice and the Pirates Liletta Sundress // Alice and the Pirates Gathered Chiffon // Atelier Pierrot JSK name unknown

Bar 10
Moi Meme Moitie JSK name unknown // Moi Meme Moitie Chiffon Rose // Moi Meme Moitie Xmas Limited Mini Dress

Bar 11
Victorian Maiden Roses and Bird Velevteen JSK // Victorian Maiden OP name unknown // Mary Magdalene Apollonia OP

Bar 12
Mille Fleurs OP // Mille Fleurs Jacquard OP // Mille Fleurs Velveteen OP

Bar 13
Angelic Pretty Lacy Prince JSK // Excentrique Maison de Bourbon Corset JSK // Cloud Chamber Petit Ribbon JSK

Bar 14
Jane Marple JSK name unknown // Krad Lanrete Le chuchotis de l'ete OP // Maroon Sparrow JSK

Bar 15
And Romeo OP // Handmade (not by me) JSK

Bar 16
Angelic Pretty Birdcage Skirt // Atelier Boz Corset Skirt name unknown // Atelier Pierrot Skirring Bustle Corset Skirt

Bar 17
Black Peace Now Skirt // Black Peace Now Skirt // h. Naoto Skirt

Bar 18
Handmade Skirt // Innocent World Velveteen Pleated Skirt // Juliette et Justine Nuit de théâtre d'opéra Skirt

Bar 19
Juliette et Justine Belle Pierreries Jupe // Lady Sloth Clock Skirt // Lapin Agill Frigg Stripe Skirt

Bar 20
Miho Matsuda Flocky JSK // Mille Fleurs Skirt // Victorian Maiden Chiffon Underskirt

Bar Jackets
Black Peace Now Jacket // Offbrand Jacket
Black Peace Now Blazer // Offbrand Blazer // Innocent World Original Print Cape
Innocent World Fancy Tweed Coat

Bar Other Knits and Vests
Juliette et Justine Mme Louis Leveque Boléro // Juliette et Justine Sentier de L'Etoile Bolero // Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Ribbon Cardigan // Juliette et Justine Le Manoir du Palais Boléro // Black Peace Now Bolero
Chess Story Starry Night Angel Vest // Mille Fleurs Corset // Atelier Pierrot Bustier // Moi Meme Moitie Bustier
Alice and the Pirates Eldorado Cutsew

Innocent World Round Collar Blouse // Alice and the Pirates Frozen Queen Blouse // Alice and the Pirates Romeo Blouse // Alice and the Pirates Stand Collar Chiffon Blouse
Alice and the Pirates Chiffon Blouse // Alice and the Pirates Emilier Blouse // Atelier Pierrot Blouse // Alice and the Pirates Cafe Blouse
Alice and the Pirates Prince Conrad Blouse // Innocent World Ribbon Jabot Short-Sleeved Blouse // Innocent World Margit Blouse // Alice and the Pirates LP Blouse

Jewelry // Misc

Gloves // Mostly offbrand except the AatP wristcuffs, AP lace gloves, and IW net gloves

Hats // Bonnets

Headbands // Headdresses

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Parasol


Assorted Socks and Tights

Bar Bottom
Thank you so much for checking out my post! Until next year!

Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january
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Is that a Cards Against Humanity reference in the title? >w>

Amazing! Even though I'm a huge fan of color, I gotta say that your all-black wardrobe is just stupendous! *w* So many lovely pieces~
Haha, yes it is! I named last year's post with the expectation that I would be posting one this year, so I've been looking forward to just naming my post for an entire year. And thank you for the compliments!


3 years ago

Aaaah I love it. More accessories and hats are only good things right?
Yes, definitely, but I find them so hard to buy (maybe it's the ratio of size of item to shipping costs?)


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago

I try to avoid black in lolita since I wear a lot of black clothing outside of lolita but this wardrobe is making me embrace the black pieces <3 Everything is so elegant ahhhhhhh :)
Thank you! I love looking at very colourful wardrobes, but it's very hard for me to wear colour so I just stick to admiring it on other people!
so stunning.
Thank you!
I love your wardrobe! Black is fantastic...
Thank you so much! I agree (obviously)!
Absolutely love your all black wardrobe! I want one just like it lol :D
Thank you very much!
I love all your old JetJ! I suspect we may have been bidding against each other on a couple of those pieces, haha. Cool collection, thanks for sharing.
That just means we both have good taste, haha. Old JetJ is the best!
I was looking forward to your post and it did not disappoint, I think I'm convinced that JetJ makes the best non printed pieces. I love that classical flocky jsk by IW too. Everything is just so stunning! :)
Thank you so much! I think so too; I think it's funny that JetJ got popular with their painting dresses (which are still gorgeous) but their non print pieces are what I live for. And I agree, that flocky JSK is to die for, I was very surprised I didn't even know it existed, but I guess a lot of non print stuff falls under the radar so I feel very lucky to have won it!
Oh my. Your wardrobe is possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen. hah
Wow, thank you, that is a huge compliment!


3 years ago

Wow, I didn't realize how much JetJ you had! Nuit de théâtre d'opéra is a really gorgeous design that I hope to own someday *_*

The fact that everything's in one color makes the designs, fabric textures, and little details stand out more, which is really interesting.
Are you interested in the skirt or the JSK? I know there's been both the pink and white colourway up on consignment/auction for a while.

Thank you so much, I think the details of the garments are the most interesting part of lolita so I like to get lots of textured stuff.

Deleted comment

Thank you so much!
black epicness <3
Thank you!
Your wardrobe makes me want to wear more black, haha. I admire your dedication to just one color! Have you ever been tempted to buy something colorful?
Not really actually. I sometimes see dresses I want in other colours, but then I just get upset if it doesn't come in black, haha.
Hnnng Pure jet black perfection <3
I always love your wardrobe posts, it shows off what details solid colour dresses can have.
You have a fabulous collection
Thank you so much!
Your wardrobe is beautiful.
Thank you!
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