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Nattie's classic-sweet wardrobe post 2015


This is my second time doing a wardrobe post and I have been a lolita for over 3 years. My style is classic-sweet and my favourite brand is btssb. I have only a small-medium sized wardrobe but it is pretty well-rounded. I have decided this year to group all my shots into coordinates without repeating any items (I might have repeated an item or two by mistake). Sorry if my coordinates/photography is lacking, I tried my best using my phone and Canadian winter lighting! I am missing a few things from my wardrobe but this is pretty much 95% of my collection.

Juliette et Justine-Robe de Caledon

Btssb-Maria Sister

maria sister

Btssb-Sonnet for Juliet

sonnet for juliet

Btssb-Secret Garden

secret garden

Btssb-Claudia, The fairy tale princess


Btssb-Searching for baroque

searching for baroque

Btssb-Innocent Rose

innocent rose

Btssb-Ave Maria

ave maria

Btssb-Fragrant Rose Memories

fragrant rose memories

Btssb-Fairy Topialium


Innocent World-Lotta


Angelic Pretty-Twinkle Carnival

twinkle carnival

Angelic Pretty-Day Dream Carnival

day dream carnival

Angelic Pretty-Fantastic Dolly

fantastic dolly

Angelic Pretty-Loyal Rosette

loyal rosette

Angelic Pretty-Melty Ribbon Chocolate


Mary Magdalene-Alistine Coat

MM Coat

Thank you for checking out my wardrobe post. Is there a favourite dress and/or coordinate you like? You can check out my first wardrobe post here to see how it has changed over the past year. Do you like or dislike the direction my wardrobe is going in? Please let me know by commenting on this post :) I think as I am getting older that my style is slowly maturing a bit. My goal for this year is to focus more on bags, blouses and shoes (but knowing me I will probably forget all that and get more dresses..................)

I have been using instagram lately for lolita related postings (clothing, coordinates, cute food and other things lolitas may like), feel free to follow me http://instagram.com/kawaiikisses/. If you like any of the dresses you see here and are interested in more detail shots, please let me know and I can upload more photos for you to see :)

Tags: *angelic pretty, *baby the stars shine bright, *emily temple cute, *innocent world, *juliette et justine, *mary magdalene, *metamorphose, *milk, community: wardrobe post
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