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Manda's Old School Wardrobe Post 2015


Hello, frillies! I'm Manda and I've been into lolita for somewhere over two years now. I'm an old school lolita with a goal to collect as many old (and cute) pieces as possible. Recently, I've been working on adding a little more gothic, old school and modern, to my wardrobe. You never have enough black after all! At some point in the year, I tried getting into classic lolita but felt it just wasn't for me.

I tried to date as many pieces as I could but a number of them are either not listed anywhere like Lolibrary or I just don't remember when I got them. Also, I hope you like cats because mine decided to be part of my wardrobe.

For anyone interested, I post all my coords on my Tumblr:


Metamorphose Velvet JSK (estimated 2000-2004)

Metamorphose Tartan JSK

Btssb Ribbon Ribbon Gelato JSK (2011)

BtSSB Shirring JSK (2009)

BtSSB Shirring JSK (2006)

BtSSB Chest Ribbon Karami JSK (2013)

Rakuen JSK with Bolero

My first dress which wasn't too bad for a con purchase. I did have to replace all the ribbons though...


BtSSB Yoke Broadcloth Ribbon Cutsew OP (2009)

BtSSB Hawase Doll OP (2004)

Metamorphose OP

Metamorphose Swan Border OP (2008)

Metamorphose Antique Bouquet High Waisted OP (1999)

The crown jewel of my closet at 16 years old.


Metamorphose Antique Bouquet Skirt

I really like Antique Bouquet.

BtSSB Rose Lace Frill Skirt (2001)

Sheglit Skirt

Handmade Skirt

Off Brand Skirt (modified)


Innocent World Shirred Blouse // Angelic Pretty Shirring Blouse (2007)

Atelier Pierrot Off-Shoulder Cotton Blouse (2015) // BtSSB Shirring Blouse

Bodyline L015 // Bodyline L160

Bodyline L075 // Unknown Brand Princess Blouse

Fan Plus Friend Blouse // Fan Plus Friend Blouse

BtSSB Cross Lace Cutsew // BtSSB x Novala Takemoto Unicorn T-Shirt (2004) // BtSSB x Novala Takemoto God Save the Lolita T-Shirt (2003)


BtSSB Bolero

BtSSB Ribbon Cardigan (2014) // BtSSB Ribbon Cardigan (2014)

Metamorphose Logo Embroidery Cardigan (2014) // Garland Cardigan

h.Naoto Cutsew Jacket // Innocent World Cutsew Jacket

BtSSB Bunny Ears Cape (2005) // Off Brand Coat



BtSSB Hawase Doll Headdress (2004) // BtSSB Spin Doll Headdress with Ladder Lace (2014) // BtSSB Spin Doll Headdress with Ladder Lace (2014) // Metamorphose Headdress // Maxicimam Headdress // Innocent World Headdress // Innocent World Olivia Headdress (2010) // Handmade Headdress

BtSSB Cameron Head Bow // BtSSB Cameron Head Bow // BtSSB Headbow (came with Ribbon Ribbon Gelato JSK)

Off Brand Head Bow // Angelic Pretty Cross Pintuck Ribbon Head Bow (2010)

Ophanim Head Piece // Off Brand Canotier // Off Brand Flower Headbands (x3)

BtSSB Mini Hat // Off Brand Sun Hat

BtSSB Hair Ties // BtSSB Wrist Cuffs

Moi-meme-Moitie Flower Hair Piece // Physical Drop Two-Way Gold Flower Clip

Neglected Off Brand Pearl Accessories


Metamorphose Semicircular Quilted Stitch Ribbon Bag (2014) // Metamorphose Swan Embroidery Round Bag (2009)

BtSSB Ribbon Heart Bag (2014) // BtSSB Enamel Mini Heart Pochette (2012)

BtSSB Usakumya-Chan Pochette (2013) // BtSSB Logo Tote Bag // Wonder Story Comes in the Rose Blooming Night Tote Bag (2014)

Heart E Bag // Off Brand Bag


Innocent World Socks // BtSSB Torchon Lace High Socks (2014) // Maxicimam Socks // Metamorphose Raschel Lace Knee High Socks // Bodyline Socks // Bodyline Socks // BtSSB School High Socks (2013) // BtSSB Glace Ankle Length Socks (2014)

All Off Brand

I'm also still waiting on a pair of beige knee highs from Innocent World.


Bodyline Shoes275 // Bodyline Shoes160 // Bodyline Shoes194 (with shortened straps)

Queen Bee Platforms // Bodyline Shoes249 // BtSSB Wood Sole Shoes with Rose Corsage (2005 or 2006)


BtSSB Parasol

Modeled by my lovely cat, Baxter. Unfortunately, one of the rinstones next to the logo fell off soon after I got it :(

BtSSB Salon de the Minette Handkerchief (2014)

Kera Vol 187 //Kera Vol 188

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vo. 15 // Otome no Sewing Vol 4

Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto (signed!)

Thanks for taking a look!

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