candy_gram (candy_gram) wrote in egl,

Can someone please explain Polyvore to me?

I hope this isn't too off=topic, but as Polyvore is a fashion site and I know many Lolitas use it I hope someone can help me.

I feel so stupid, but I've worked on it for hours and I just can't get my head around this website. So far I have installed the Clipper tool so I can Like things to my account. From there, that's about all I understand. I am trying to put things into groups such as Dresses, Shoes, Blouses, etc. so that I can have my pictures organized and will be able to easily find things when I make a collage for a coord or something.

For awhile I thought I was getting it by putting things into a collection, but then somewhere along the way some things stopped saving and when I go to make a collage absolutely nothing shows up under My Items. Ugh!

I would really really appreciate any help. I've tried reading the FAQs and generally experimenting with it but I'm getting nowhere and I'm SO frustrated. I haven't found another website that works for collages and since everyone seems to use Polyvore it just seems reasonable that it's not as complicated as I'm making it out be.

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