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SakuraFairy's Wardrobe 2015

2014 post

I don't think my wardrobe is very "classically" impressive, but I do hope it is interesting.  As you will see it's all handmade/indie, thrifted, offbrand, and vintage.

This will be my 12th year in lolita.  You might expect more pieces.  I've changed styles and I don't have as much time for sewing for myself because of the indie brand I run.

Because so much of my basic stuff is offbrand I decided to photograph my jsks/dresses with outfits and photograph my most intresting accessories.

I've reused some of my photos from last year, and I will admit most of this introduction as well!

I've added a coordinate rundown to each outfit in case anyone is specifically interested in the items used.

Handmade Jsk * Outlet Blouse (altered) * Moss Marchen Corsage

Handmade Jsk * Bass Blouse (altered) * Handmade Corsage* Ebay Belt

Handmade Jsk * Handmade Blouse * Handmade and Moss Badger Rosettes * Lily of the Valley Jewelry * Ebay Belt

Lily of the Valley Jsk * Handmade Blouse * Lily of the Valley Collar * Lily of the Valley Corsage* Lily of the Valley Jewelry

Lily of the Valley Jsk * Outlet Cutsew * Lily of the Valley Collar * Ebay Belt

Lily of the Valley Jsk * Outlet Blouse (modified) * Thrifted Cardigan * Vintage Jewelry * Ebay Belt

Lily of the Valley Jsk * Kmart Blouse * Ebay Belt

Lily of the Valley jsk * Thrifted Blouse * Lily of the Valley Jewelry * Ebay Belt

Handmade Wool Jsk * Thrifted Blouse (altered) * Lily of the Valley Corsage * Lily of the Valley Jewelry

Handmade Dress * Vintage Jewelry * Antique Silk Sash

Lily of the Valley Jsk * Thrifted Blouse (altered) * Lily of the Valley Corsage * Ebay Belt

Handmade Dress * Handmade Blouse * Vintage Scarf * Vintage Brooch * Vintage Belt

Handmade Jsk * Thai Blouse * Handmade Corsage * Lily of the Valley and Vintage Jewelry * Ebay Belt

Handmade Jsk * handmade Blouse * Lily of the Valley Corsage * Lily of the Valley and Vintage Jewelry

Handmade Jsk * Handmade Blouse * Ebay Belt

Handmade Jsk * Ebay Blouse (altered) * Handmade Underskirt * Vintage Jewelry * Ebay Belt

Handmade Jsk * Handmade Blouse

Laura Ashley Dress (altered) * Banana Republic Blouse * Lily of the Valley Sash * Lily of the Valley Corsage * Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Hats
I don't usually wear the standard lolita head gear; exchanging it for vintage hats more often then not.

These hats belonged to my Maternal Great Grandmother.  The black one really needs it's veiling replaced.

These hats were given to me by a client of my Mother's who had collected them for years and decided she didn't want them anymore! The swan one is by far the oddest hat in my collection.

And all of my others.  My favorite kinds are the velvet flora ones.

Straw Hats. Except for the one with the brown ribbon they were all thrifted.

Other Hats: Cloche from Hats in the Belfry and the Witch hat is Lily of the Valley

They are vintage, they are real, and one has heads attached.  Just a warning.

Amber Fox given to me by the same woman who gave me all the hats

Light Brown Mink, given as a present from a friend (was his grandmothers)

Mink Stole.  Given to me by a Priest friend, it was his grandmothers.  It's probably the oldest piece in my collection.  In surprisingly good condition.

Vintage Fitch Collar. Gift from a friend.  Likely a little girl's collar.

Cream Mink Stole

Full sized Mink stole.  Love it so much!  I often wear this instead of a typical lolita coat.

I mostly wear offbrand shoes with handmade shoe clips.  Yes I do like brown, why do you ask?

Heels.  The first two in the back row are from Naturalizers, the brown suede is from payless.  In the front row the Red shoes are Dansko, the cream ones from ebay and the last pair is from Clarks

Flats: white, blue, and pink are payless (anyone remember the castle flats?).  Dark brown is from Bass and light brown is Naturalizer

Boots: Easy Spirit (altered) and Mootsie Tootsie (thrifted).  I really need to polish these!

Sandals: both Life Stride I think.


Vintage and thrifted handbags

Cross Body Bags: The beaded one is vintage, the red one and the white one (added pearls) are thrifted,and the brown one is from walmart.

Vintage and antique Collars.  I don't wear these much as they can be so delicate but I love how I've ended up with examples of several different lacework techniques.
From left to right and top to bottom: Irish Style Crochet, White work, Battenburg, Tatting, Knitting

Modern collars and a shawl.  Ebay

Lily of the Valley Sailor Collars

Vintage Scarves. Square and Rectangular

Stockings: The Lace and polkadot stockings are from ebay, the crown ones are Teja Jamilla (coffee dyed) the dark brown ones are walmart and the rainbow and Lily of the Valley stockings are handmade.  I have more solid color stockings and lace stockings that didn't end up in the photo.

The two leftmost socks in the top row are Innocent World.  The rest are from Ebay, Bodyline or are offbrand.  The top row are knee high, the three in the right corner are ankle socks, and the rest are OTKs.

Corsages.  Other then the large cream rose corsage (Moss Marchen) and the pink rose in the back they are all Handmade/Lily of the Valley

Rosettes.  The mushroom corsage is Moss Badger.  All of the rest are handmade/Lily of the Valley

Misc accessories: Handmade tatted headband, handmade rabbit pin, Vintage glove clip, and Sweet Romance Hair clip

I've grouped some of these into matched sets

Peridot set.  The earrings and pin are made by my Mother  I just need a matching bracelet

M'Ladies Parure: Lily of the Valley

Neptune's Doman Parure: Lily of the Valley

Acorn Set: Lily of the Valley

Bow Brooch set: Vintage and handmade

Vintage Lisner.  I'm trying to collect the rest of the set (bracelet and clip earrings)

Vintage Pins.  Leaf pin is Lisner, Mushroom pin is Castlecliff, and the H pin is Sarah Coventry

Other Lily of the Valley and Handmade Jewelry

Other Vintage Jewelry.  Bow Necklace and gold bangle is Trifari.  Calla Lily Bracelet and Eggplant Perfume Bottle necklace are Avon

Precious and Semi Precious Jewelry.  The Pearl necklaces, cameo pendant,  dendritic quartz pendant, and mouse necklace are made by my Mother (mouse carved by other artist).  The Cuckoo Clock brooch and sanddollar necklace were my Grandmothers.

Purchased Jewelry.

In the Mail Coming Soon Coming Sometime
Call this my version of the "it's in the Mail" section some have added to their posts.  Future Sewing plans, when I have the time.

Blue Velet Jsk.  The lace will be doubled sewn edge to edge (does that make any sense?)

Flora and Fauna Jsk.  Lookit the wee squirrels and rabbits!

Seersucker Sailor jsk.  Collar will be detachable

Squire's Library Jsk.  I plan on dyeing the lace dark red (or brown?).

Cream Broderie Anglaise Jsk.  Fabric is a large vintage oval table cloth.

I hope you enjoyed it and are not too burned out by all of these posts!

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