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Chocolate Princess' 2015 wardrobe

Hello ! This is my first wardrobe post ! I've been wearing lolita for less than two years now. I'm a student and I love sweet lolita. Here's a link to my blog if you're interesed ! My wardobe wasn't big enough to justify a post last year but it has grown a bit since then. It's still small, but I hope you'll like it !

Angelic Pretty - Royal Chocolate round JSK

This was my first dress ! I ordered it from AP's website. I love it but it's a bit short. I wish I could get the 2011 release with the headbow !

Angelic Pretty - Sweet Cream House JSK (1st release)

My favorite dress ! it's so confortable and the print is so cute !

Angelic Pretty - Whip Show Case JSK

Angelic Pretty - Country of Sweets JSK (2007)

BtSSB - Charlotte Baniran JSK

This was the first BtSSB dress I saw. I instantly fell in love wth it, and I found it recently on Yahoo !

BtSSB - Usakumya-chan is petit pâtissier / Heart E


Anna House / Angelic Pretty

both vintage

BtSSB / Bodyline

Angelic Pretty / vintage

Summer Tales Boutique / Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty / 6% Doki Doki

BtSSB / Bodyline (customized)

Swimmer / Angelic Pretty / BtSSB / Axes Femme

Angelic Pretty / Secret Shop

Angelic Pretty / BtSSB / offbrand

Angelic Pretty / BtSSB


Kawaii Factory / Angelic pretty / Dolly Darling / offbrand

Thanks for looking ! ♡

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