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First Ever Wardrobe Post!

I've been into Lolita for three years now and have been selling things at the same right that I've been acquiring them, so my wardrobe has stayed small, but manageable over the years. I managed to get a solid job this year, so I finally got to the point where I'm proud enough of my wardrobe to do a post! I love floral motifs the most and my favorite brand is Innocent World. My Lolita goal for this year is to get more dream pieces and blouses. I'm super excited to be documenting my wardrobe for the first time. I think wardrobe posts are great for seeing your progress and that's exactly what I want to do. I wish I could fast forward to next year's already!

First thing's first... a bit of shameless self promotion:
My Tumblr:
My Instagram:

And now... on to the good stuff!


Innocent World's Angel Tiered OP
I've loved this piece from my early days and I'm so happy I have it now. The lace detailing on the bust is subtle, but magnificent.


Offbrand Sailor Dress
Quite short, but I'm also short, so it's actually knee-length and Lolita-appropriate on me. :D



Innocent World's Antique Book JSK
I never thought I would get to own this print, but now I do. I really want more book prints this year, since I'm an English teacher! Also,
I love Innocent World's creepy teddy bears, man.


Innocent World's Chocolat Classic JSK
Great casual piece! I can actually wear this one without getting stared at constantly!


Innocent World's Merry Rose JSK
Also a great classic piece. I wear it a lot to dates with my husband! The fabric is also super thick and luxurious, which makes it a great winter dress!


Innocent World's Rose Gobelin Halterneck Jumperskirt
It was love at first sight with this print. I wanted to get the green version when it first came out, but it sold out too quickly. One day, it will be miiiine.


Baby's Starry Sky of Mother Goose JSK
This was my dream dress when I first started Lolita! It's so much better than I hoped it would be. I feel so lucky to have it.


Victorian Maiden's Rose Lace Classical Bouquet JSK
I wore this dress to my wedding! This is the one dress I would never think of selling, even when I get old and wrinkly and unable to fit in it anymore.


Floral Skirt from Bodyline
 I wish Bodyline would release more pieces like this. The color is so pretty and the details are super nice.


Innocent World's Rococo Rose Skirt
I love the old school feel of this skirt! It also goes well with lots of different casual outfits!


Innocent World's Marie Rose Skirt
I just realized I have tons of things with the word "rose" in it. O_O This piece is so unique, though, especially the color. You don't see a lot of petrol blue in Lolita and it happens to be my favorite color ever.

I discovered my love of brand blouses this year too! Innocent World has the best lace!

Innocent World:

Axes Femme:




Two from Innocent World and one from Baby


My one and only coat from Baby <3 I got it super cheap from Closet Child, but it's actually super warm. <3

Hair Accessories

I'm a huge fan of Sweet Mildred, so naturally, I have a few things from her! My favorite piece is probably the book headdress, which is made from a real, honest-to-god antique book! I also have a small collection of rosettes from Vanilla's Traumfabrik!



Mostly offbrand, but with a few exceptions.


Mostly Bodyline, but a bit of offbrand stuff too!

Bags and Parasol

The parasol was a surprise gift from a friend who went to Japan this year. I work at a kindergarten and his daughter is one of our children. She one day came with a bright pink package on hand and a smile on her face. It was awesome. Since then, this parasol has been to a total of three continents. I'll always treasure it forever.

Miscellaneous Accessories

The shawl is hand-knit by me. <3 I really want to knit more things that I can use for Lolita purposes!

Stuff I'm still waiting for:

And finally, STORAGE.

I got myself a dedicated Lolita closet this year, since I also needed some room for all my work clothes. The plastic boxes are where I keep my wigs and the red drawers have all of my waist ties and neck ties and socks in them. I really want to build myself a makeup station this year and finally buy a wig stand for styling purposes!

Let me know what you guys think! <3
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