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2015 Wardrobe Post!


This year will be my second time participating in egl's wardrobe theme. My wardrobe has changed and grown significantly over the past year, so much so that i only have one dress from last year.

I made a shift from super sweet pastels to more muted colors and jewel tones. I really feel that i have found my own personal style within the fashion over the past year. Ivory and Beige is the most prominent color in my wardrobe because i find that it is very versatile.

I made an extra effort this year to make up for my post last year which is a little embarrassing for me to look back on, (bad photography & background mainly) but it's good to see my progress as a lolita. You can check it out here:

Onto the post! I took photos over several weeks between work so there might be some inconsistency in lighting and such, and i ran out of time to make coordinates for a couple of dresses. I hope you enjoy.

Starting off with my only skirt! I'm more of a JSK person but i love the floral pattern on this piece, it's surprisingly nice for Bodyline.
Bodyline l119

The most recent addition to my wardrobe. I'm in love with the sleeves and it fits me perfectly. Photos don't do it justice! I can't wait to wear this in the winter.
BTSSB Shirring Velour OP

Onto the JSK's!

I love this dress from baby. It's actually quite short on me and i'm only 5'3! I might invest in a nice underskirt.
BTSSB Antoinette Bouquet JSK

A nice, simple JSK from Bodyline. I wanted to make a coordinate with this but i just ran out of time. I particularly like the lace and the part in the middle of this dress.
Bodyline L379

I bought this dress because of my growing love for country lolita. Even though my tastes have changed to something a little more mature, i can't pass up strawberries.
Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden Tiered JSK

This dress was a christmas present from my boyfriend this past christmas. I love alice in wonderland and i hope to get more alice themed dresses in the future.
Angelic Pretty Glass Bottle of Tears JSK

Cameo Window became one of my dream dresses some time after it's release, i didn't like it at first but seeing details on the Ivory version i fell in love. I was lucky enough to find it in a set with the tights and headbow. I plan to wear this for my 20th birthday this year.
Angelic Pretty Cameo Window Tiered JSK

Musee du Chocolat started the Ivory revolution in my wardrobe. I love all the details and the crowns in the print.
Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat JSK

I had this dress on my wishlist for a little while, and i managed to get it when AP had it's half off sale. I really like the brown on this dress, it's closer to AP's "bitter" color instead of the milky chocolate color they use quite often.
Angelic Pretty Quartet Chocolate Collared JSK

Another dream dress of mine. I was very lucky to find this after a girl messaged me about my WTB and she even had this lovely matching tricorn that i bought too.
Rococo Soul Age of Sail JSK

I bought this on a whim and it's absolutely beautiful. It's longsleeved, but very light and breathable for the summer. It can be worn on it's own or used as an underdress.
Victorian Maiden Offshoulder Ribbon OP

This dress was love at first sight for me. As soon as i saw the scans i quickly emailed my SS to secure a spot for in store release. Unfortunately brown was the least popular colorway for this series and remained in the webshop for some time, and i ended up paying quite a lot in SS fees and shipping. But i actually love the brown colorway and i will definitely be holding onto this one.
Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK

Another recent addition to my wardrobe. I really love tartan, i need more of it. If anyone knows the name of this dress please let me know!
BTSSB Unknown Tartan JSK

My only pink dress. It's really nice to wear on hot days with a short sleeved blouse and hat.
BTSSB Strawberry Tart JSK

This dress is probably my favourite non-print dress. Another dress i ran out of time to make a coordinate for. The lace is amazing and i feel really cute wearing it.
BTSSB Amarette Ribbon JSK

This dress was a christmas/early birthday present from my grandma this year. It satisfies my love for sailor/pirate themed lolita and gold detailing.
Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising JSK

A simple JSK that i can wear in many different ways.
AATP 2012 Lucky Pack JSK

And finally the only dress i have kept over the past year, bought for me by my boyfriend in 2013. I have since removed the pockets since i wasn't really a fan of them.

I'm definitely lacking in the blouse department, one of my goals for this year is to get a wider variety of blouses and in different colors.
From top left: Dear Celine, Taobao, Vintage, Bodyline x3, Metamorphose, 69th Department

I love cardigans and i wear them pretty much everyday since i like to have my arms covered. I only photographed my more interesting ones.
Bodyline, Dream V and Offbrand.

I recently bought this lovely cloak from Innocent world. It's really soft and warm.
Innocent World Ribbon Lace Cloak

And my only bolero! It just arrived today, it's so beautiful.


Headbows! I must say i do love my headbows. I feel incomplete without some sort of bow on my head.
A mixture of brand and taobao

Berets and my bonnet! Berets are a second favourite next to headbows for me
Bonnet from Elpress L, Taobao x3, BTSSB x2

My hat collection.
Taobao, Handmade and 1 Bodyline

Misc brooches and my little Peppermint Fox collection.

Some of my more interesting accessories. I didn't really bother taking photos of my necklaces, there's too many.

Collars i wear when it gets really cold in the winter

Here are all the bags i use with lolita. I am a bit of a bag and shoe hoarder, as you will see.
From top left: Taobao, BTSSB, Taobao x3, Restyle, Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Taobao x2, Metamorphose, Taobao, Swimmer

+ My cute little Kuma Kumya

Here are my socks! I wear a lot of tights and i usually reserve my socks for special occasions, but those are pretty boring to look at.
Mostly Angelic Pretty, x3 offbrand and 1 Metamorphose

Shoes. I have quite a lot of shoes but i think that it adds variety to outfits. I wear lolita quite often so i need something different every now and then.
From top left: Bodyline x3, Antaina, Taobao, Offbrand, Vivienne Westwood, Bodyline x5, Offbrand, Bodyline x3, Taobao, Bodyline x2

And a couple of things i'm waiting on in the mail.
Innocent World OP & Angelic Pretty Bag

Phew! I hope you enjoyed looking at my wardrobe post, and i may see you again next year if i can manage it! This year i want to focus on getting more blouses and boleros and get some more of my dream dresses.

If you are interested in seeing more about how i wear my dresses etc. you can check out my tumblr:

Thanks for looking!~
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