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~Uduvihm wardrobe 2015~

This is my second wardrobe post on EGL comm - here is my last year post.

This year I have left out my wintercoat, blouses, cutsews, jackets, camisoles and accessories. This year I will show you my JSK's and OP's, favorite shoes and bags and some head accessories by different brands. All the pictures are made with Classical Puppets bell-shape petticoat.

Angelic Pretty

Mercator Antique Shop Bustier Style JSK

Mercator Antique Shop Long JSK

Melty Ribbon Chocolate Collar JSK

Fantasy Theater Gilet JSK

Holy Lantern JSK

Wonder Queen Bustier-Style JSK

Midnight Doll JSK

And my only skirt

Cosmic Skirt

Alice and The Pirates / Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Gathered Chiffon JSK

Queen Elise JSK

Hocus-Pocus In The Rose Blooming Night Black Kitty JSK

Dot Candy OP

Thaddeus Vest


Putumayo Arabesque Velveteen JSK

Meta The Wheel of Time Zipper Pinafore JSK

Moi-même-Moitié Rose Cross Print JSK

And some of my accessories

Alice and the Pirates Witch hat and headbows, Angelic Pretty Head bows and A/P Cross Crown Scepter, Corgi Corgi piratehat and more

Bags by Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Meta and BtSSB

And my favorite shoes by Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates

Thank you for looking and feel free to comment!
Tags: *alice and the pirates, *angelic pretty, community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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