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Hamburger_chan's 2015 wardrobe post!


it's certainly that time of year! even though I've been around since 2009, this is actually my first wardrobe post. I was really excited to make it and I hope you all enjoy it!

~ indicates a dream print/favorite

Let's start with OPs!

~BABY- Dessert OP- sax. bought off Ebay.

Metamorphose- Raschel Lace OP- black (AKA. the OP that refuses to be photographed). received in a lucky pack.

On to JSKs!

~BABY- Paradaiso du un Unicorn- sax x pink. Pre-ordered from BABY.

BABY- Pocket embroidery JSK- pink. bought secondhand locally.

~BABY- border print JSK- Bordeax x pink. bought from closet child

AATP- Pandora's Memories JSK- black. recieved in a lucky pack.

Putumayo- Regimental Stripe JSK- Red. bought secondhand locally.

Metamorphose- name unknown (probably shirring pinafore JSK something)- black. received in a luck pack.

~Metamorphose- Rider's JSK- black. bought from MBOK.

Let's look at skirts!

AATP- Marine Rose- black. received in a lucky pack.

~AATP- Scent of Rapunzel- red. bought at BABY San Francisco (for my 18th birthday!)

BABY- Soiree of the Beginning of My Memories- black. Bought from BABY Paris (for my first international trip!)

BABY- Pony in Sweet Dream- black. bought as a special set.

~Metamorphose- Sewing Lesson- brown. bought directly from Metamorphose.

Metamorphose- Rose Letter LP version- black. received in a lucky pack.

~Metamorphose- Twinkle Journey- bordeaux. bought secondhand with added crystals.

Metamorphose- Gingham Cherry- pink. bough secondhand locally, missing belt.

~Metamorphose- Melody Note- red. bought from Closet Child.

Metamorphose- Melody Poodle- pink. Bought from Closet Child.

Bodyline- probably a long style number- black. bought from bodyline.

Now moving on to the blouses!

BABY- name unknown- off-white. bought secondhand locally, then tea-dyed.

BABY- cutsew blouse with princess drop tie- white. received in a lucky pack.

AATP- high collared blouse with jabot- white. received in lucky pack. survived a bleeding replica. (replicas: not even once.)

AATP- Chiffon blouse- black. received in a lucky pack.

~Metamorphose- the blouse that has everything- black. received in a lucky pack.

Innocent World- plaid blouse- purple x orange x off white. bought secondhand locally.

Offbrand- off-white. bought from goodwill.

bodyline- I refuse to remember ugly style numbers for lolita. white. bought from bodyline.

Bodyline- second verse same as the first- but black. bought directly from bodyline.

now on to Cutsews! so many cutsews.

Metamorphose- logo cutsew- off white. a present from a lolita BFF and best fellow mod ever.

Metamorphose- logo cutsew- pink. received in a lucky pack.

~Metamorphose- rabitchie-chan cutsew-black. bought on Lacemarket.

~Metamorphose- Sailor cutsew- black. bought on Lacemarket.

BABY- halter cutsew- pink. bought from closet child.

BABY- pink bolero. bought secondhand locally

BABY- bunny-ear hoodie. bought secondhand locally. removable sleeves not shown. I never wear them.

Alice and the Pirates- castle cutsew- black. recieved in a luckypack.

Putumayo- cat cutsew- black. bought on closet child.

Handmade- old school cutsew- black. adjusted pattern from GosuRori.

outerwear- jackets, but mostly sweaters. I live in California.

Offbrand- pink turtleneck. bought secondhand locally.

AATP- embroidered cardigan- black. bought at BABY Paris.

BABY- princess drop cardigan- off white. bought at BABY San Francisco.

BABY- moto jacket- pink. bought secondhand at my first successful meetup out of my local comm!

Accessories from head to toe! (all listed left to right)

Bonnets- BABY, AATP

Hats- bodyline, handmade, offbrand

black small bows- Metamorphose

pink bows and headbow- BABY

flower crown- handmade

(2 berets, one white and one black are not shown. because they are lost.)

~this missed the big picture because it didn't exist when I took the picture! it's handmade to match BABY's border print and I'm really proud of it!

(I won a huge sock lot of 26 pairs of socks recently. most of these are from that. anything labeled MBOK will be because of that. LP= Lucky Pack)

Top- OTKs- all purchased off MBOK (middle BABY)

Middle- OTKs- AATP (LP), MBOK, Angelic Pretty (first burando. won from the english GLB), MBOKx2, Metamorphose (LP), AATP, Metamorphose (LP),MBOK

Bottom- Knee and under- BABY, MBOK (meta), Metamorphose, (LP), Bodyline, BABY (free with purchase at BABY SF), Offbrand x2, BABYx2 (from BABY SF), present from a friend, MBOKx2

Top- montreal, bodyline, montreal, BABY

Bottom- offbrand, secret shop, bodyline, bodyline

White bag- BABY outlet

Black bag- Metamorphose- received in a lucky pack.

Hello Kitty parasol- Sanrio

White Parasol- Metamorphose

pearl and floral necklaces and bracelet- forever21

bow necklace- Betsey Johnson

cat brooch-vintage. a birthday present from my ultimate lolita BFF and waifu.

BABY wristcuffs- a secret santa present from an always-on-point local lolita friend.

BABY watch- another birthday present from my ultimate lolita BFF and waifu (she is too good to me.)

sewing lesson necklace- Metamorphose

unicorn necklace- Kawaii Carnival bought at Anime Conji.

Lets look at the numbers!

(these numbers only include clothing, not accessories!)


BABY- 13



Offbrand/handmade- 3

Putumayo- 2

Innocent World- 1

Hope you enjoyed my wardrobe post as much as I enjoyed making it!

<3 see you next year! <3

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