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DodotheExtinct's Wardrobe Post

Welcome to my wardrobe post 2015! This is the first time I am participating in this year's wardrobe post so I hope the post is done alright.

I like to think of myself as a classic/sweet lolita though my wardrobe may say otherwise.

My wardrobe is tiny (and not very cohesive) but I love everything that I do own and wear them quite frequently. Some specific goals for 2015 are to get some rocking shoes, a short coat, and more hair accessories.

No photos of socks, headbows, bonnets, and hair accessories were taken this year due to time constraints. Perhaps I will include them next year.

The post has been sorted by type, brand and year with the names on the top. I hope that the information is helpful.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Quintet of Fairies ~ Dreaming Night (2012)

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Typewriting Squirrel (2012)

Metamorphose Patisserie Dream Borderless Style (2014)

Souffle's Song Season Time Godness (2013)


Angelic Pretty Milky Planet (2013)

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival (2014)

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Quartet (2014)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Unknown Babydoll

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice's Mirage in Paradox Red Queen (2012)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Wiz me Over the Rainbow (2013)

Hanueli Little Prince (2013)

Innocent World Tea Time (2013)

Innocent World Philharmonie Angel (2012)

Innocent World Patisserie de Paris (2012)

Innocent World Strahov Library (2014)

Innocent World Moonlit Walk (2014)

Krad Lanrete Lost in Sea (2013)

Magic Tea Party Christmas Embroidery (2013)

Metamorphose Nostaligic Chessboard (2010)

Metamorphose Teddy Chocolatier (2012)


Angelic Pretty Original Print (2009)

Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room (2014)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sister Maria's Humming Birds (2014)

Innocent World Carriage Embroidered OP (2012)

Blouse's & Outerwear

(Liz Lisa & BTSSB)

(Amavel, Offbrand x3)
(Bodyline, Offbrand, Innocent World x2)
(Anna House x2, Offbrand x2)
(Offbrand x2, Metamorphose, Amavel)

All Offbrand

Liz Lisa (Sailor Collar), BTSSB (Navy)

Angelic Pretty Parasol, HMHM Coat, Alpaca Earmuffs, Magic Tea Party Christmas Embroidered Capulet, Stars Rainbow Bunny Capulet


L-R Back Row: Bodyline, Bodyline, Antaina, American Eagle Outfitters

L-R Front Row: Secret Shop, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Bodyline


Amavel, Loris (Gold Star + Blue Star Present), Angelic Pretty, Innocent World

Thank you for looking till the end~!

Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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