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My Dark-Classic Wardrobe

I've been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe since switching styles a couple years ago, and this year I'm finally feeling like I've filled in the gaps. It's been a lot of fun starting to branch out in to more unusual colors (for me) and experimenting with new coordinates.

One of my other favorite parts about the wardrobe theme is looking back at the past few years for comparison! I've been doing it since 2011, and it's really fun to see how things have changed and grown. You can see my old posts listed here.

I'm not really sure what to call my preferred style--I think the closest would be a hybrid of Gothic and Classic, or maybe just "Dark Classic". My main color is black, with splashes of ivory, wine, and teal, and I like simple accessories and elegant prints. Please enjoy my wardrobe!


"End of Immortal Eden" JSK II by Alice and the Pirates
I fell in love with this print when it went up for reserve, but was unable to get it at the time. A few months later, I got really lucky and was able to buy it in person when BABY SF was at a convention that I attended.

"Dance of the Black Cats" JSK I by Alice and the Pirates
This dress is special because it was a present from my mother, to wear for my wedding reception. I've been a musician most of my life and studied music in school, so we thought the print was perfect for the occasion.

"Victorian Cards" JSK II by Alice and the Pirates
I got the matching bonnet for this print in a lucky pack, and that inspired a search to find the matching dress since I fell in love after looking up the stock photos. It took me a while, but I finally found it on Closet Child for a very good price!

"Funeral Procession of Roses ~ Aria in the Twilight" JSK I by Alice and the Pirates
I got this jumperskirt at PMX last year. At first, I wasn't sold on the cut, since it looks pretty frumpy laid out or on the hanger, but it actually fits very nicely. I originally wanted the skirt in this print, but after trying on the JSK, I was sold.

Coordinated with a chiffon blouse and underskirt, and black x blue accessories.

"The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower" JSK II by Alice and the Pirates
This was another PMX purchase, from 2012. I love the underbust design and gray x black color scheme.

"Unlock the PANDORA'S Memories" JSK I by Alice and the Pirates
Have you ever gotten something in a lucky pack that you would never have bought on your own, but once you have it you love it? That's what happened with this JSK! The stock photos of this print were so terrible I wouldn't have even bothered to get it secondhand, but after seeing it in person I decided thtat I really liked it. I particularly like the belt accent.

"Briar Rabbit's Paysage" JSK II by Alice and the Pirates
This was the New Year's special set from 2014, and I really liked the black x gold x red color scheme. I actually got the JSK I to begin with, but traded it for this one which fits my height much better.

"Flocked Heart" Short Sleeve OP by Metamorphose temps de filles
I almost never win anything at meetups, since raffles seem to hate me, but I'm pretty good at games! We played a game where you were shown a picture and had to guess whether or not your partner would buy/wear it--my partner and I got a perfect score, so we both won Meta JSKs!

"Gertrude" Long JSK by Innocent World
I love the elegant length of this dress! The print is actually more of a beige than ivory, so for a while I had trouble coordinating it, but now I have a beige blouse and shoes that go perfectly.

"Antique Tartan" JSK by Innocent World
This was my first IW piece, and a bit out of my comfort zone as far as color goes, since it's much more blue than my other teal pieces. But I really liked the design and got it for a great price, and it's been great for getting me to branch out into more color. The straps can be worn crossed with buttons or as a halter.

"Sleeping Beauty" JSK by Haenuli
I bought this beautiful JSK from a friend when the bodice was too long for her, but fit me perfectly. The print is really lovely and crisp, and matches my usual color schemes perfectly.

"Instruments Regimental" JSK by LIEF
The only other thing I've won at a meetup, and this one from a game as well! This time it was a trivia game with questions about LIEF's brand. I'm still not really sure how I knew all the answers, but I did, and got this gorgeous JSK as the prize.

Coordinated with a white blouse, burgundy bag and shoes, and gold x burgundy accessories.

"Alice's Chess" JSK (2007 re-release) by BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
One of two BABY pieces that I just can't part with for nostalgic reasons. I don't wear it very often since it isn't my style anymore, but I still really love it.

"Tart Embroidery" JSK (2007 original release) by BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
The other Sweet piece I can't get rid of--this was my very first piece of brand, and I remember getting my mother to help me order it from their website via email back when they first started taking PayPal for overseas orders. This is another one that I rarely wear, but it's a very special piece to me.

"Halloween Damask" Underbust JSK handmade by me
I found this amazing Halloween-themed fabric, and just had to make something out of it. I wore it for Disneyland Lolita Day as part of a Disneybound Jack Skellington coordinate, and everyone thought it looked like something that should belong at the Haunted Mansion.

Disneybound "Jack Skellington" coordinate with white blouse, black necktie, and Nightmare Before Christmas accessories.

"Black Princess" JSK handmade by me
Inspired by Alice and the Pirates designs, I made this black princess-style JSK out of sateen and soft dotted tulle. The back design is mostly open with two bow pieces.

"Skeleton Birdcage" JSK handmade by me
One of my earlier pieces, I made it with screenprinted fabric that was made by an EGL member back in the day. Looking back at it, the construction isn't that great, but I still love it because of what it means with the unique fabric.

"Grand Staff" JSK handmade by me
The earliest handmade piece that I still wear! I originally made it with pretty bad lace, but went back and redid all the trim a few years later. The construction isn't very good, and it's a bit too big, but it's also very nostalgic, so I still wear it.

"Tartan Velvet" JSK handmade by me
A simple tartan JSK with real velvet trim. The design was inspired by Alice and the Pirates' "Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box" series from a few years ago, and is supposed to be winter-y in theme. It's very heavy because of the wool fabric and velvet!

"Chocolate Classic" A-line JSK handmade by me
I've recently been on a bit of an A-line design kick, partly because they are so quintessentially Classic and also because they double as pretty cute cocktail dresses in a pinch. I made this to double as a bridesmaid dress for a close friend from college--there's also a matching jacket that goes with it.

"Cranberry Shantung" A-line JSK handmade by me
Another A-line JSK, this one made in a lovely berry color with chiffon and ribbon accents. The bust shirring is a chiffon overlay, and there's also a chiffon ruffle. This one also has a matching bonnet.

Coordinated with ivory and gold for Christmas.

"Velveteen Stripe" Military JSK handmade by me
This one was inspired by Meta's military designs, and is meant for winter with the velveteen fabric and pom-pom trim.

"Ticking Stripe" JSK handmade by me
This one was inspired by Innocent World's simple designs, with a long, pleated skirt and simple decoration. I love the burgundy and maroon stripes! I feel like this could be used well both in summer and winter, since it reminds me of both Christmas and picnics!


"Gloria ~ Glassy St. Mary" Skirt by Alice and the Pirates
It's rare for me to get pieces on reserve, but I knew when this one came out that it would be popular, and I'd been dying for a stained glass print, so I went for it. I'm really glad I did, since the resale for this print is crazy!

"Night Ship Alice" Skirt by Alice and the Pirates
This has been one of my dream prints since it was released, and I was finally able to score an amazing deal on the skirt, and in my favorite color, too! This one is also partially a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband.

"Masquerade Theater" Skirt by Alice and the Pirates
I love any prints related to music, and this one is no exception. I even managed to work it in to a Phantom-themed coordinate for Halloween last year!

"Acanthus" Skirt by Innocent World
Easily one of my most versatile pieces, since the simple but elegant design and plain color go well with all manner of coordinates.

Experimenting with a black x wine coordinate--I got the idea from the black x wine Alice and the Pirates bonnet.

"Carousel Theater" Skirt by LIEF
I'm really starting to love black x gold combinations for prints and coordinates, and really love the print on this skirt. It's reminiscent of classics like Puppet Theater, but still unique (and unlike AP, long enough for me).

"Mozarabic Chant" Long Skirt by Krad Lanrete
I was so happy to be able to get my hands on this skirt--it was one of the last ones available from the Taobao shop, so I was able to get it for the original price and not the crazy resale. I love the medieval print (and my history-obsessed sister threatened to steal it from me, go figure) and gorgeous burgundy color.

"Harlequin Music" Skirt handmade by me
This was originally a very Sweet JSK that I took apart and remade into a corset-waisted skirt. The print is a lovely Japanese import that I've never been able to find since, so I wanted to be able to keep it rather than sell the JSK.

"Narwhal Pirate" Corset Skirt handmade by me
My first experience with Spoonflower was to make this skirt--the print is by teja_jamilla, and it's really amazing. Sadly, Spoonflower doesn't really print a true black, so it's more of a dark gray, but I love it too much to really be bothered.

"School Tartan" Skirt handmade by me
Super simple tartan skirt, again inspired by Innocent World. It works well with one of my black bustiers.

Three-tiered Jacquard Pique Skirt handmade by me
Another super versatile and simple skirt, which also doubles as a perfect underskirt for open-back (or front) designs, if I ever get one.

Casual & Boystyle

"Rapunzel" Cutsew OP by Alice and the Pirates
My one cutsew dress, perfect for casual coordinates. It doesn't really work well with a petticoat, so I typically wear it when I want to be really comfortable but still cute, like conventions and even sometimes to work.

Tartan Salopette by Alice and the Pirates
Another really cute "I-wouldn't-normally-buy-this-but-got-it-in-a-lucky-pack" addition to my wardrobe. I'm not a fan of salopettes, but I tried this one on and it actually coordinates really well with boystyle since it's a shorts bottom instead of a skirt.

Boystyle Sets
Military Velveteen Vest and Shorts, handmade by me
Tartan Vest, Alice and the Pirates
Doll Coppelia Vest and velour shorts, Alice and the Pirates
"Herr Drosselmeyer" Vest, handmade by me


Princess-Sleeve Blouse, handmade by me
Lace Collar Blouse, Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse, handmade by me

All are from Alice and the Pirates
Pin-Tuck Collar Blouse
High Collar Blouse
Rosier Fleur Blouse
Chiffon Blouse

Prince Conrad Blouse, Alice and the Pirates
Printemps Blouse, Juliette et Justine
Chiffon Frill Blouse (white), Alice and the Pirates

Wide-Collar Princess-Sleeve Blouse, handmade by me
Moon's Elegy Blouse, Infanta
Chiffon Frill Blouse (beige), Alice and the Pirates

Outerwear & Extras

handmade cutsew boleros
ivory minky hooded bolero, handmade by me
black faux fur capelet and muff, handmade by me
"Aran Knitting Bunny-Ear Cape", BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

"Musette" Bustier by Innocent World & Velveteen Bustier by Metamorphose


handmade and offbrand berets, mini tricorn made by Bella Bows and decorated by me

Top ones are handmade by me and Mystery Garden, and the bottom row are all Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories
All hair accessories that match a particular dress or skirt

Small Accessories
Rose clips, bows, and pins--Surface Spell, Alice and the Pirates, BABY, and handmade by me
General Accessories
Alice and the Pirates, handmade by me, Surface Spell, Angelic Pretty, and indie brand

Taobao, Alice and the Pirates, and vintage

All Bodyline

BABY, Alice and the Pirates, Metamorphose, Jane Marple, and Chantilly

Alice and the Pirates, Teja Jamilla, and Haenuli

Inside the box: huge mix of offbrand (mostly Forever21 and Charlotte Russe), handmade, Disney, and vintage
Outside the box: handmade by me, Forever21, LIEF, Necrosarium, BABY, and Alice and the Pirates

I hope you enjoyed going through my wardrobe as much as I did taking all the pictures and putting everything together! I think the wardrobe theme is a wonderful yearly tradition that supports personal reflection and reminiscence, as well as the joy that comes from being able to share one of your favorite hobbies with the larger community.


I'll see you all again next year!

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