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Sweet-Classic Wardrobe With A Hint Of Otome *Picture Heavy*

 photo IMG_7038_zps87e72db7.png

Welcome to my wardrobe post!

I'm a sweet-classic lolita but I also have a growing interest in otome.
I've been purchasing for 2 ½ years now and I think I've come quite far (but there's still a lot I want to work on.)
I've made a few changes since last year's wardrobe post – I've sold a lot of my sweet items, I've re-ignited my love for Innocent World, but unfortunately my wardrobe is still all over the place. I've been doing some wardrobe clean outs, but I think I need to slow down and do some more this year.

Here's how I organise my wardrobe-

(The wardrobe doors were taken off just for the picture)

 photo IMG_7109_zps2475e252.png

Bags are stored on the bottom right, but my pouches and smaller bags are hidden up top. I store my waist ties, wigs, and larger head accessories in the small red boxes.

 photo IMG_7007_zpsbfcc228b.png

You may remember my dollhouse from last year! I still have it, but I've been trying to adopt a 'less is more' policy and put fewer items out on display.

 photo IMG_7038_zpscbd68801.png

Dollhouse details: A cake stand filled with rose accessories, and the lovely perfume that my bf bought for me.

 photo IMG_7034_zpsba55f592.png

Dollhouse details: My home-made ring keeper and a vintage tray holding all my badges and brooches.

Now onto the main event!

~JSKs and OPs~

My classic side comes out in my JSKs and OPs.

I'd love to buy more VM and MM this year, as well as go back to buying more plain pieces.

 photo IMG_7884_zps2207aeaf.png

Alice and the Pirates Poison de lámour Princess JSK

My first dream dress! It's quite pretty irl, but the red and orange tones are very saturated.

 photo IMG_7887_zpsfbc27e85.png

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival

 photo IMG_7882_zps43a488ca.png

Innocent World Strahov Library

 photo IMG_7900_zps2ffdc527.png

Innocent World Strahov Library

 photo IMG_7923_zps184d0f96.png

Angelic Pretty Rose Dress Up

 photo IMG_7937_zps26d6ff4c.png

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Claudia, the Fairy Tale Princess

Claudia is a truly stunning piece that I never thought I'd own.

 photo IMG_7935_zps957470bf.png

Innocent World Classical Flocky

This JSK has a beautiful velvet bodice and flocked print.

 photo IMG_7879_zps8e3bcf8b.png

Innocent World Acanthus

 photo IMG_7931_zpsce850b7f.png

Innocent World Bertille Rose

This was a major wishlist dress for me and I was lucky enough to get it in an IW Lucky Pack along with my Acanthus pieces.

 photo IMG_7921_zps996b9632.png

Innocent World Marine Rose

 photo IMG_7877_zpsc15502a1.png

Innocent World Lauretta Rose

 photo IMG_7929_zps53278f52.png

Mary Magdalene Fleur Antoinette

My second dream dress which I plan to wear for my 21st. I'd love to own it in multiple colourways.

 photo IMG_7904_zpsbc20512f.png

Innocent World Flora

 photo IMG_7930_zpsdf9953f8.png

Innocent World King of Lolita

 photo IMG_7918_zps59ed4a65.png

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly

 photo IMG_7911_zpsdc7e7bb3.png

Innocent World Square Yoke Doll

 photo IMG_7865_zps1dbc663f.png

Innocent World Natalia

A fantastic everyday piece. I especially love the pintucks down the front.
 photo IMG_7908_zps911b31c0.png

Victorian Maiden Apron Frill

 photo IMG_7891_zpsb65929bb.png

Millefleurs (name unknown)

I have a soft spot for versatile non-print pieces. This one isn't the best fit on me, so I may have to sell it.

 photo IMG_7906_zpsab2e14d3.png

Victorian Maiden Ribbon Amelia

I just recieved this in the mail but it unfortunately came with a large amount of sun/bleach damage ;___;

 photo IMG_7915_zps0290f89c.png

Innocent World Classical Square

 photo IMG_7864_zps3a5ab955.png

Inncoent World Cecilia Sailor

 photo IMG_7868_zps3ab94109.png

Innocent World Bruna

One of my first lolita purchases!

 photo IMG_7916_zpsd06a22bc.png

Innocent World Antique Tartan

 photo IMG_7866_zps305bb374.png

Emily Temple Cute (name unknown)

 photo IMG_7853_zpse8055b16.png

Angelic Pretty French Girl

 photo IMG_7862_zps932580d8.png

Emily Temple Cute Wonderland

 photo IMG_7869_zps1ae967c8.png

Emily Temple Cute Favorite Print

It's actually my fav ETC print (hence why I own 2 versions.)

 photo IMG_7870_zpsecd2f659.png

Emily Temple Cute Favorite Print

 photo IMG_7875_zps03d94838.png

Innocent World Forest Harvest Festival

 photo IMG_7867_zps6d48772e.png

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House

 photo IMG_7860_zpsb307a4bf.png

Emily Temple Cute Biscuit and Chocolate

 photo IMG_7854_zps8334b76b.png

Emily Temple Cute Gingerbread

 photo IMG_7856_zpsa5ece07a.png

Emily Temple Cute Patisserie

 photo IMG_7859_zpsebe88908.png

Emily Temple Cute Teaspoon Print

 photo IMG_7871_zps0fc4f149.png

Emily Temple Cute Parfait Print

 photo IMG_7872_zps60ff63f2.png

Shirley Temple Cute Poodle

This was my first ETC/Shirley Temple dress. I've quite cute, but the cut of the bodice is terrible.


 photo IMG_7819_zps8fe4e793.png

Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate, Angelic Pretty Little Bear's Cafe, Emily Temple Cute Donuts


I own a lot of sweet style casual skirts for everyday wear. I seem to buy a lot of Emily Temple Cute ones, but that's mainly because their JSK/OP sack and underbust cuts aren't that flattering on me.

 photo IMG_7773_zps8e9629f9.png

Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate

In case you can't tell I'm a tad addicted to the RC skirt series. I did own the 3rd release as well, but I sold it because I wasn't a fan of the cut.

 photo IMG_7778_zpsb7de3244.png

Emily Temple Cute Teddy Print, Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate

 photo IMG_7780_zps0dfd9f4a.png

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette and Honey Cake

Honey Cake is a bit out there for my wardrobe, but I just love the tacky print.

 photo IMG_7786_zps57fde666.png

Emily Temple Cute Biscuits and Chocolate, and Chocolatier

 photo IMG_7788_zpsa50a50bf.png

Emily Temple Cute Macarons, Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie

 photo IMG_7794_zps368e0baa.png

Emily Temple Cute Cutlery and Doughnuts, Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donut, Emily Temple Cute Donut

Mmmmm, doughnuts. The ETC cutlery is my favourite out of the three, but Melty Cream Donut is so cute and flowy.

 photo IMG_7775_zpsfd921a68.png

Innocent World Antique Book, Angelic Pretty Bookmark

I'm an avid reader, so it's only natural for me to have a few book-themed pieces in my wardrobe

 photo IMG_7776_zps7b4b617d.png

Innocent World Royal Library

 photo IMG_7800_zpsd697066c.png

Metamorphose Tales of the Wood, Angelic Pretty Toy March

 photo IMG_7789_zps0dd85e81.png

Innocent World Forest Animals and Bambi

 photo IMG_7803_zps03e83af6.png

Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory, Jane Marple Royal Stamp

 photo IMG_7798_zps7a3f7d2a.png

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen and Wonder Party

Wonder Party was meant to be my first big lolita purchase but I chickened out. I recently won the brown shirring JSK on auction, so I'll be getting rid of my skirt soon.

 photo IMG_7807_zps2a85fc6b.png

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly, Shirley Temple Cute Heart Jacquard

 photo IMG_7809_zps4965a9a1.png

Innocent World Acanthus

The Acanthus series is so beautiful, but it's super tiny (smaller than the listed measurements.) I think that's why it ended up in a lot of Lucky Packs?

~Vests and Bustiers~

 photo IMG_7724_zpsa9472e42.png

Antique Beast, IW

I also have a lovely wine VM  bustier in the mail. I hope to buy more in the future since I think they'll improve my skirt coordinates.


 photo IMG_7732_zpsdba4d107.png

Taobao, Btssb, IW

 photo IMG_7736_zps50826ab5.png

IW x 3

 photo IMG_7734_zpse07ceb26.png

Taobao, IW, Amavel

 photo IMG_7759_zps7a034563.png

Amavel, IW, Offbrand

 photo IMG_7751_zpsf6eed3c2.png

Dream V, IW, Dream V

 photo IMG_7746_zpsdc642bc2.png

IW, Lady Sloth, Dream V

 photo IMG_7818_zps47d8bf9c.png


 photo IMG_7747_zps43e778b5.png

Dream V, AP

 photo IMG_7756_zps69c4b0dd.png

Taobao, Aatp


 photo IMG_7813_zps87b9e339.png


 photo IMG_7740_zpsf21553d9.png

Dream V, BPN, Dream V

 photo IMG_7761_zps8b62fa26.png

IW x 2

 photo IMG_7762_zps27848543.png
Taobao, IW


Just some of my more interesting pieces!

 photo IMG_7768_zpsa807625b.png

Offbrand, AP, Offbrand

 photo IMG_7771_zps8096b19f.png

ETC, Dream V x2

 photo IMG_7765_zps6debab52.png

Bodyline, IW, Taobao

 photo IMG_7902_zps3629ec43.png

Atelier Boz

My beautiful baby. It's a shame that Australian weather is too hot for me to wear it year round.

 photo IMG_7764_zpsc3e295b3.png


 photo IMG_7817_zps40ca884f.png

Super Riders, ETC

 photo IMG_7725_zps66a72454.png

AP, Fint


 photo IMG_7482_zps0f424ccd.png

AP, IW, Btssb, Offbrand

 photo IMG_7465_zpsa47f97a1.png

AP x 2, Btssb

 photo IMG_7470_zpse76cc616.png


 photo IMG_7474_zps27524c6d.png

IW, Vintage, IW

 photo IMG_7477_zps63682c6e.png

Vintage, Meta, Vintage

 photo IMG_7490_zpse9d23eb2.png

AP, Btssb, Meta, Offbrand

In the mail:
 photo 04_40_zpsaa092a1a.png

 photo IMG_7957_zps3f47f35b.png
Rivers x 2, Taobao, Bodyline, Btssb, Taobao

 photo IMG_7961_zps9407e626.png
Dream V, Bodyline, Taobao, Bodyline x 2

 photo IMG_7963_zpsd14d8e58.png
Mojo Moxy, Vintage, Betts, Rivers x 2, Taobao

 photo IMG_7967_zps045c2ff5.png
Rivers x 2

 photo IMG_7975_zps22c54962.png
A shot of all my Melissa shoes!

I was bitten by the Melissa bug this year. Ooops.... It doesn't help that there's a store in my city.


 photo IMG_7326_zps91140353.png

Here's how I organise my legwear! My collection has really grown, so I need to find another method for storing them.

 photo IMG_7409_zps8d9b3b00.png

Offbrand, AP x 2, IW x 3, AP, Offbrand, AP

 photo IMG_7415_zpse96638c4.png

Offbrand, AP x2, ETC, AP x 2, Offbrand, IW, AP, IW x 2

 photo IMG_7403_zps776e9ffc.png

AP x2, ETC, AP, Chantilly, Offbrand x 2, IW

 photo IMG_7422_zps3c83d84a.png

Grimoire, IW, JM, Offbrand x 2, AP, Offbrand x 2

 photo IMG_7430_zps37a769e3.png

JM, Offbrand, AP, Rest offbrand

 photo IMG_7432_zps430f4ee9.png

Mix of offbrand, Teja Jamilla, Grimoire, and Mu-fish


 photo IMG_7442_zps2874ba40.png

My necklaces are a mix of brand, offbrand, and opshop finds.

 photo IMG_7446_zps3b472ee8.png photo IMG_7450_zpse21006db.png

 photo IMG_7452_zps6c85b143.png

 photo IMG_7242_zps84e2516d.png

I'm not too fond of bracelets, but I wear my pearl one a lot.

 photo IMG_7231_zps89f544f9.png

I've sold most of my sweet pieces, but I've still hung onto a lot of plastic AP jewelry.

~Other Accessories~
 photo IMG_7307_zps9cec4df6.png

 photo IMG_7263_zps7dbfa794.png

Mainly offbrand, but the brown ocllar is IW and the deer fur tippet is SWIMMER.

 photo IMG_7324_zpse26a96cf.png

~Head Accessories~
 photo IMG_7824_zpsa77d6089.png

Offbrand, Vintage, Aatp, Elpress

 photo IMG_7841_zps260936d4.png

A mix of IW and AP

 photo IMG_7839_zps40a33ae2.png

Mainly AP with a few Btssb pieces.

 photo IMG_7838_zps4396731d.png

A mix of offbrand and IW.

 photo IMG_7822_zps6b709e50.png

Offbrand x 4, AP, Meta, AP

That's it for my wardrobe!

I think over the next year I'll aim to let go of some less loved pieces, and try to sort my style out a bit more.

Lastly,  here's a link to my tumblr where you can see my outfits, hauls, and detail shots.
It's purely for fashion stuff and is 99% original content.

~Thanks for looking~

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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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