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Kitsundere's Wardrobe Post

Hello everyone!

This is my first time posting my wardrobe though I've been involved in the lolita community for about four years. I wear my dresses almost daily and love every one of them! I've finally come to a place where I feel that my style is my own. Hopefully this year I'll be able to experiment more with different coords and new pieces! I hope that you enjoy my pictures as much as I have enjoyed seeing all the other beautiful closets posted!


My all-time favorite Angelic Pretty print, Milky Planet! I was so happy to get it in my preferred colorway during the fall when in Tokyo for my honeymoon. Someday I hope to own the JSK in yellow and maybe pink as well!


Angel Tiered by Angelic Pretty. This dress is so incredibly heavy! It looks like a sundress but I find that it's the warmest piece in my wardrobe for winter because the skirt is so thick!

Cherry Rose by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I bought this Lucky Pack at the Baby/Tokyo Rebel opening over the summer. It's quite breezy and easy to wear! The roses are so delicate!

Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This was my very first dress and it started an absolutely uncontrollable obsession with gingham. I'm still as in love with it today as the day it arrived.

Magical Etoile by Angelic Pretty. I love this dress! It's one of the best bargains I've ever found, tucked away in a dark corner of the Harajuku Closet Child for 6500 yen! My favorite part of the dress is the little broach that comes with it. So adorable!

Secret Cake Factory by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I find Baby's older embroidered pieces to be absolutely charming! They're so versatile and easy to wear, not to mention the details are incredible. It's difficult to see in these pictures but the little fairies have tiny gossamer wings that stand out from the dress!

Whimsical Vanilla Chan by Angelic Pretty. This kitty is my favorite AP mascot! Ever since receiving this Jsk I've been stalking auction sites for other Vanilla Chan pieces. This dress is so comfortable and fits like it was tailored just for me. What a lucky and rare occurrence in lolita!

Blooming Snow White by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This was the second dream dress I've purchased to date and it is by far one of the most beautiful! The skirt and the lace are both so detailed, I often find new tidbits to love every time I wear it. The artwork is too cute!

El Dorado Applique Jsk I by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This was my Christmas present from my wonderful husband this year, as well as my second embroidered piece by Baby. My favorite part about this dress is that the appliques pictured are actually on the back of the dress as well!

Funeral Procession Of Rose, Aria Blooming In The Twilight Jsk I. This is currently the odd dress out in my wardrobe. In 2015 I plan on collecting a few more Gothic pieces but for now I am completely content. I can't express how gorgeous this Jsk is in person. My favorite detail (not pictured because I wanted to get a shot of the carriage) is a little raven wearing a top hat nestled in a tree branch. I couldn't stop smiling the first time I found him!


Fruits Parlor by Angelic Pretty. My first dream dress and first AP! This dress is so bright and comfortable. It's my go-to piece for large meetups or conventions when I want to go OTT. The glitter in the print is so nice!

Wonder Cookie by Angelic Pretty. This is the dress that I wore to Puroland and it holds an incredibly special place in my heart. The cookie buttons are my favorite detail but I also love the tea-cup lace!


Left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Vintage x2, DreamV, and Forever 21

Left to right: Vintage x3 (The first I hand-dyed from a lighter pink), and DreamV


Nile Perch and Angelic Pretty


Left to Right: DreamV, Vintage, DreamV, Delia's


Vintage. The silk is so soft!


Left to right: Bodyline (I also have a black pair but I couldn't seem to find them...), Baby, AP, Baby, Bodyline, AP, and misc. that I bought at a convention. I also have many pairs of tights, but none brand or worthy of a separate photo.


The right tower is entirely Bodyline, the pink boots are DreamV, and everything else is from a vintage store with the exception of my Hello Kitty slippers. Those are just for lounging!


Cake purse is AP, the heart shaped purse and tote bag are from Baby. Most of the others are from Sanrio, though I was lucky enough to find the purple cat backpack at a thrift store!

I'm also obsessed with oddly shaped purses and Hello Kitty, if you couldn't already tell.

Jewelry, Headbows, and Misc. Sparkly Things

AP and Baby. I'd love to find the matching ring to complete my necklace set!

This mess of a post-it board is where I keep all of the items that typically go on my head! Not all at once, mind you. That would be something to see!

That's it for my wardrobe post! Thank you so much for looking and feel free to comment if you see something you'd like to know the origin of that I might have forgotten to mention! You can also follow me on tumblr at

To say farewell, here's one last cute kitty!

Bye bye!
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