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Maria-Elena's Wardrobe 2015

Hello everyone, Though I've been wearing Lolita for 5 years now, this is my first wardrobe post. I'm at a place where I love every piece in my wardrobe, so I was finally motivated enough to participate in this years wardrobe post, though I couldn't have done it with out the generous help of my boyfriend. He took almost all of the pictures after I laid them out on the sheet. I wish we would have taken more detail shots but it was labor intensive enough to just get the main picture taken care of, maybe I can add detail shots next year. I tired to organize by brand and then in order of when I acquired them.

Jumper Skirts and One Pieces

Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry Babydoll JSK~This was my first real lolita dress. Even though babydoll cuts aren't the most flattering on my body I just loved the design of this dress too much to pass it up.

Strawberry Letters Print Hem Scallop JSK~My favorite part about this dress is that it says "I love you" on the letters in a few different languages. I love to wear this one around Valentine's Day c:

Blooming Snow White JSK~I love love love the art work on this print; I also think it's funny that this colorway was called sax when it was in stores even though it's definitely more of a mint color.

Le Lac des Cygnes Prima Donna JSK~This is probably the most stunning piece in my wardrobe. I love it so much, but I hardly ever wear it because I don't want to risk messing it up...

Rose Candle Lucky Pack JSK~This is a very interesting dress because it's sort of dressy because the skirt is made with flocked chiffon, but the top is very casual the way it's fully shirred and made with cotton, Anyways it's fun to wear haha

Marie Antoinette Lucky Pack JSK~Another babydoll style dress I can't part with. This one is special because I was able to wear it to Versailles (albeit in a pretty casual coord).

The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe OP~This is one of my favorite prints from Baby. I don't wear it nearly as often as I'd like.

Versailles Rose Bouquet Carlotte JSK~I love this dress because of how different it is. The bodice is boned and the skirt is bubble skirt-esque and just a couple inches shorter than the usual lolita length, so it's nice for a change.

Loretta Rose JSK~My favorite parts about this dress are the three bows on the chest; they remind of rococo style bodices. Plus I didn't get a chance to take a detail shot of this dress but besides the rose print the dress also has flower embroidery all over it.

Merry Sweet Castle JSK~I just think this print/dress is the cutest. I love the combination of the color, the print, and the bodice design.

BABY Border Hem OP-I wear this dress a ton. Probably because when I bought it second hand it already had a worn feeling to it so I didn't worry about messing it up as much. I'm actually in the process of replacing the elastic at the top of the bodice, which is why it might look a little long.

Mary in the Sky with Candies OP~I just think the name of this print is so silly since it sort of a play on 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', and I also love it's deep red color.

Wiz Me ♪ Over the Rainbow JSK I~You can probably tell by now that I really like the color red haha. Anyways I just think this dress is so much fun with it's little apron and Wizard of Oz themed print. Plus the name of the print is just adorable.

Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK I~This dress is fun. I like to play around and try to make more hime style coords with it since it's such a nice pink color with gold trim.

Fairy Ribbon JSK~This is such a beautiful dress I feel like a fairy when I wear it haha.

Alice’s Portrait Ribbon JSK~Another red dress, this is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm really excited to.

Le Petit Chaperon rouge~ Maiden of the black forest ~ jumper skirt Ⅱ and matching Cape~This was my Grandma's Christmas present to me this year. As soon as she saw that the dress had a matching cape she fell in love.

Fairy Topialium ~ Promise in the Forest of Trifolium~ Pratense jumper skirt and Wings of the Fairy~I took a few detail shots of this one because I think the details are just so gorgeous on this dress. I was really excited to get the wings of the fairy, but they're a little hard to work with. They have a tendency to bend up instead of lying flat while worn. Hopefully I'll be able to make them work; they're so cute!

Baby Knit OP~Not at all lolita, but I thought I'd include it with my other BTSSB pieces.

Dot Jacquard Circus JSK~Beautiful dress by IW, unfortunately their older pieces are not really large bust friendly, so I think I'll probably have it altered in the near future.

Biscuit JSK~At first I was disappointed with this dress because the biscuit parts of the dress were a lot more brown/tan than I was anticipating, but now that I've figured out how to coord it I love the toned down cookie look it has.

Amy Checkered JSK~This dress is really interesting. It's really hard to find a blouse that works well with the collar, so I tone it down by pairing it with a cutsew and bolero. It makes for a really comfy casual coord.

Fairy Playing Cards JSK~I usually have only worn this JSK in very casual coords, but I'm hoping to be able to revamp my coords with it this year.

Marriage d'Amour gothic JSK~This and sort of all of my dresses from Taobao are my go to for casual/daily lolita outfits. They're pretty without being over the top, and I don't have to worry about messing up something really expensive.

Cinderella Gorgeous Embroidery JSK~I couldn't get this one to lay quite right, but the bodice looks much better on haha.

Surface Spell Gothic Judgement Day One Piece II~I wish I wore this dress more. It's kind of hard to coord since it doesn't really go with black or white...

Chess Story The Name of Rose JSK~I love this dress, I think the colors really pop.

Infanta Snow White JSK~I got this dress not too long ago, and this past semester it was my favorite dress to wear one warm/hot sunny days. It's surprisingly comfy even with the velvet bodice.

Pumpkin Cat OP~I was so excited when I ordered this OP. I got it custom sized, since usually OPs run smaller then JSKs since they don't have shirring, but when I got it I was astonished by how big they made it. I had told my SS slightly bigger measurements then my own, since I've had problems in the past with taobao sellers not leaving room for ease of wearing, but I never thought that they'd make a dress with a waist measurement 15cm bigger than what I gave them. Anyways I still love the dress I just need to get it altered. Also on a funny note they sewed their tag on upside down.


Angel's whisper in the holy night melody Pattern Gabriel SK~I wish I would have taken a detail shot of this print; it's just lovely! I love how it has religious art, but is also a sweet print.

Pup in a Cup SK~I loved this print so much that even though I already had the OP, when I saw the skirt for sale I had to get it too haha

Amour d'amants SK~This is one of my most cherished pieces. I just love how stunning and classic it looks, while still being versatile because it's a skirt.

Chelsea SK~I got this skirt in an IW happy pack so long ago. I love the art work on it, they bunnies and desserts are so cute!

Angel Land Skirt (Long)~May favorite part about this skirt is how derpy the angels look in the print. Me and my boyfriend got a good laugh taking detail shots of them, so much so that I decided to use one of them as the title card C:

Musette SK (altered)~I got this skirt altered, and unfortunately the seamstress didn't do a very good job, but it still looks super cute on. It's for sure one of my favorite skirts.

Lame Dot SK (kind of altered)~This it actually a JSK, but the bodice is super super tiny (lengthwise) so I always wear it with the bodice tucked in and in a more casual way since it can't fit too big of a petticoat.

Dear Celine Underskirt~I haven't worn this skirt yet, it's a lot longer than I thought it would be when I ordered it. I thought it would just peep out a few inches but it's closer to tea length.

Bodyline Puppy SK~This was one of my first lolita pieces. My favorite part of the print is the little poodle, so I made sure to take a detail shot of it.

Bodyline L030 (Love Nadia)~This is another one of my first lolita pieces. I haven't worn it in ages, but I still like it enough to keep it around.

Bodyline L130~I think this might be a replica, but it's one of bodyline's nicer pieces and it's super flattering on.

Bodyline L353~These three are pretty new additions to my wardrobe, and they were such great buys. This style is great, you can't really tell it's from Bodyline.


Baby Logo Fur Cape~I wish I wore this piece more as well. I really love it but I never go places nice enough to wear it I guess.

Sweet Fawn Coat~This is such a lovely coat. It's not super warm, but it is wool and it's warm enough for the winters here in California. It just has such a lovely design, and I love the faux fawn fur.

L460~I had another Bodyline coat before this one and I've been impressed with the fit and quality of both. This one I love because of the color of both the coat and the faux fur.

Chess Story Short Coat~This is a great versatile coat and it's pretty warm too.

Taobao Boleros~I recently got these in the mail around the middle of December and they are quickly growing to be some of my favorite pieces. They just seem to really make coords pop!

Blouses and Cut Sews

Yay another detail shot. These are both Baby blouse. I love the satin blouse so much, all the mismatched buttons and floral lace make this blouse one of my favorites.

Here are my Baby short sleeved blouses. It's hard to find some that fit, but I'm glad these fit. Usually bloused with shirring work great, and the blouse with heart lace came in an L size so that was a great find.

I don't know if others would consider these cutsews or just loliable tops, but they're some of my favorite. I try to wear lolita as often as I can while I'm going out and at college, and I find the knit blouses to just be so comfortable and versatile. I just wish I would have both more of the white ones and black ones on the left because they're my favorite tops, but I can't find them on Taobao anymore :C

Vintage, Vintage, and HMHM~The two vintage blouses on the left I found on etsy for cheap so they were great finds and then I got the white blouse from HMHM custom sized, and it came out great. (The blouse has the cutest daisy buttons)

Bodyline, HMHM, Vintage~ The vintage blouse on the right might not look too loliable, but I love wearing it with my Angel's whisper skirt!

Vintage, Chess Story, Fan Plus Friend~I love the blouse on the right so much, I don't know what to wear it with really besides my Angel Land Skirt and Amour d'amants skirt, but it's still one of my favorites. For a long time I wished Fan Plus Friend would restock it, and then they did, but they redesigned it so now it doesn't have the chiffon ribbons to make a bow on the chest anymore, and that was my favorite part of the blouse, oh well.

Hair Accessories

I decided to take a picture of all of these at the last minute so I'm sorry they're sort of set out in a messy way. There's no easy way to say which one is from where, but if you want to know you can comment below. I had a lot of fun taking the detail shots.


(From left to right)First row Taobao, Baby, Baby, Innocent World, Taobao/Second row all Taobao, Third Row All baby except for the third from the left, they're from Taobao. I'm not sure how I feel about utk and otk socks anymore, when I first started lolita they were a staple, but know patterned tights are really in. Too bad there's not way my long legs will ever fit into brand tights. I do have some sheer otk socks on the way from Baby in both white and ivory:

(Their stock photo doesn't look that good so I used the drawing instead)


(From left to right) Bodyline, Baby, Custom House (Taobao), Lolita Lola (Taobao), Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Baby, Baroque, Baroque, Kate Spade, Bodyline, and Bodyline~ I've definitely owned more lolita shoes at another time, but not always shoes that I've loved, unlike now. I'm crazy about shoes so it was odd seeing all my lolita shoes together and there not being that many of them. I used to own more shoes both from Custom House and An*Tai*Na, but I wasn't a fan of their quality. The synthetic material they used felt too soft and the bows would always fall/rip off. Bodyline isn't great quality either, but I much prefer their shoes to An*Tai*Na. Baroque has to be my favorite show brand hands down in the detail shot of the gold shoes you can kind of see the insole that the Baroque shoes have. It isn't a lot, but it does help, and their quality is surprising good. My rocking horse shoes are 4 years old! And though I did have to resole them this past summer, they are surprisingly durable. Probably because they're made with real wood. I love my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes so much. They look like sparkly glass slippers, what could be cuter? Plus I love jellies and specifically melissa's jelly shoe line and I own a lot more of her stuff, though her shoes aren't really loliable so I didn't include them. I love my Baby shoe's too, for their price they're not really worth it quality wise, but design wise they definitely are. The red shoes in the center were my first real lolita shoes, they've taken a beating and I've gotten them all sorts of repairs, but they've been worth it, if just for sentimental reasons alone.


(From left to right) Baby x Gloomy, handmade (not by me), Angelic Pretty, Evil Live, Taobao, Baby, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty. I also have this bag on the way:

Room Shots

I also thought it would be fun to include some pictures of where I keep my lolita stuff in my room. Here you can see my armoire where I keep all my clothes and some misc things I didn't get a chance to take pictures of like my Baby parasol/umbrella and my two Angelic Pretty mufflers.

Here's a close up of what's on the top of my armoire. It's a singed autograph from the creator of gloomy bear and a little hippie van holding some brand tags.

Right next to my armoire is a bookshelf where I keep my hats, bonnet, socks, boleros, purse, and hair accessories. I took a few pics of it since I recently reorganized it and I thought it looked pretty.

Thanks for reading/looking over, I hope you guys liked it! I've been working on this post everyone weekend since the beginning of the month and it's nice to not only be done, but to also be able to see all the pictures together C:

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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

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