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Efeurankes Wardrobe 2015


After 2013 and 2014 it's time again for....WARDROBES...so here we go again!

About me:
I wear Lolita on a daily basis and can't decide which style/colors i like the most. But as you can see i love all kinds of green, blue and dark red, so therefore most of my dresses are jewel toned or black/ivory, but i got a bit into chocolate items too^^

I was to lazy to picture everything i have so i put together some examples/brand items and skipped most of my blouses and jewelry and tights.

I got two wardrobes, one is for the blouses, shirts and skirts and the other one is for the dresses. Sometimes i think i have way to much stuff :/

Let's get started:

Dresses and Skirts:

AP Rosy Rose Princess OP and MM Antoinette Fleur in ivory/pink

AP Melty Royal Chocolate Jsks

AP Petit Patisserie and Aatp Circus Print

AP Lacy Lady Jsk, Chess Chocolate LW Jsk

AP Chocolate Rosette, Melty Royal Chocolate LW Jsk

AP Loyality Regimental Salo and JetJ An Renard et l'ami de la Forêt

AP Freshly Picked Strawberries and Lief Gardenberries

AP Dressy Rose Jsk and Labyrinth of Rose Jsk

AP Loyalty Regimental and MM Jsk

JetJ Fete de St.Valentine, Fruit et un Papillon

IW Antique Playing Cards Jsk and JetJ Carte de la Verite (Tarot Card) in blue

AP Shooting Stars and JetJ blue

IW Gretia Jsk and AP Schoolmate OP

AP Cinema Doll Jsk and JetJ Feerie Jsk

IW Rose and Little Bird Jsk and Peace Now

AP Fantasic Dolly Jsk and IW Ashley Embroidery Jsk

AP Classic Garden Jsk and Aatp Shandy Stripe Jsk

VM Frill Ribbon OP and IW Beluga Jsk

AP Sailor Op, 2 Coat of Arms Tartan Jsks

AP Maiden Ribbon Jaquard

Pina Sweet Collection Chiffon Frill Op and AatP Castle of Nightmares Skirt

IW Chandelier Print SK, AP Twinkle Carnival Sk, AP Symphony Frill SK, AP French Polkadot SK

AP Moon Night Theatre, Marionette Girl, Misty Sky, Academy Tartan

Aatp A Midsummernight's Dream, JetJ Noble du chat, VM Beth Star, AatP The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower

MM Parfume Bottle, AP Clever Tartan Set, VM Rococo Bouquet, AP Dream Sky

AP Drink Me, Royal Unicorn, Promenade de Paris, Wrapping Ribbon

AP Cream Cookie Collection, Melty Cream Doughnut, Holy Lantern, Cinema Doll

Socks, Bows and other random Items:

Waiting for:

Thanks for looking and i hope you had fun to sneak a peek of my wardrobe!
If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

My Wardrobe:
2013: http://egl.livejournal.com/19006091.html
2014: http://egl.livejournal.com/19499624.html

<3 Efeuranke

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