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My First Wardrobe Post!


Hi There! I'm Alli and I've been a lolita for 3 years now! Every year I enjoy going through the wardrobe posts, but until this year, I never felt confident enough in my wardrobe to post.
This year I decided to take the plunge and post! I hope you enjoy my wardrobe as much as I enjoy browsing through all of yours!


Angelic Pretty Marchen Ribbon JSK
I loved this piece for a really long time before someone actually sent me a pm asking if I wanted to buy it from them! I was so happy!

Angelic Pretty Cafe a la Mode
This was the first JSK I bought off of Mbok, and now I'm hooked!
Lief My Tart JSK
When Lief first reopened, I really wanted to get this JSK but couldn't find a shopping service for them.
I was so happy when a friend linked me to the group order for the second batch!

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly
My first dream dress~ I love the details of this dress. I love the frilly lace, the ribbons, and how the print seems to swirl around the dress~
Be My Full Moon JSK
Baby's first lolita.  I actually got this a year before I started lolita at a convention in my local town.

Bodyline Fairy Forest (?) JSK
I don't really know the name of this print. ^^;
Offbrand thrifted JSK
I found this in a goodwill actually. Not really lolita, but it works for otome!

Chess Story Lucky Pack JSK
I have no idea what this dress is actually called, but it's the one that got me started on getting more bold colors in my wardrobe!
Metamorphose Velvet Embroidery JSK with cape
This is slowly becoming my favorite dress. I love the simple charm it has. The velvet and embroidery are also really nice!

Magic Tea Party JSK
I really love the design of this JSK but unfortunately it's too big for me, and I've yet to get it tailored to fit. ;_;
Angelic Pretty Oyoba JSK
The dress that has started my quest to have more nonprint pieces in my wardrobe. I just love every little detail of this dress.

The Snow Field's Wolf in Frame JSK
My favorite animals are wolves, so I had to have this when it came out!
Angelic Pretty Corduroy Bunny JSK
This is a dress I got on a whim, mostly because it kept popping up on mbok for cheap week after week.
I decided to give it a home and buy it!

~One Pieces and Skirts~
I honestly don't have that many skirts and OPs, mostly because I don't think they look good on me.  Most of the skirts I do have I use as underskirts for some of my shorter AP pieces.

Innocent World Museum Bears OP
I love this dress, but I'm honestly looking for the JSK in beige. I will probably put this up for sale once I have the color I want. The picture doesn't show it very well, but this dress is actually a very dusty rose pink.

Infanta Dolly House OP
I got this back when I was in love with OTT Sweet.  This has become a bit too sweet for me.

Angelic Pretty Skirt
I got this from a local game shop when I lived in Japan for cheap. I like it, but it's awful short, meaning I have to use an underskirt when I wear it.

Bodyline Balloon Bears skirt
This was the first true lolita piece I bought. Before this it was all handmade things. Despite the fact that I don't wear skirts that often, I can't bring myself to part with this for that reason.

Shirley Temple Skirt
I got this in a lucky pack a seller on Mbok made, which I bought purely for the blouse! The skirt was a nice bonus though!

From left to right:
Baby, Little Dipper x2

Both from Little Dipper


Chess Story Short Coat

Offbrand Shawl

~Cardigans and Boleros~

Left to Right:
Axe Femme, Oh Tralala

All Offbrand

Left to right:
Bodyline x2, Offbrand

My only brand bolero: Angelic Pretty

Both Offbrand

Left to Right:
Axe Femme, Liz Lisa, Offbrand

~Blouses and Cutsews~
For some reason most of these pictures are a bit darker. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear Celine, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Baby
Baby's first brand and baby's first Baby!

Innocent World, Angelic Pretty

All Taobao

Amavel, F.I.N.T

Offbrand, Axe Femme

Chess Story, Bodyline

Baby, Axe Femme

Both Taobao

Angelic Pretty
One of my goals for this year is to add more brown pieces to my wardrobe!
All offbrand except for top two in the forth row. Those are Baby.
Bracelets and bow pin are Baby, Bow Rings are from Paradise Rose, and the rest is offbrand.

All Offbrand
Top to bottom:
My Dearest Victoria, Angelic Pretty, Baby
Top to bottom
Meta, Angelic Pretty x3
First Row: Offbrand x 4, Paradise Rose, and Chocomint
Second row, top to bottom: AP x 2, Bodyline, Infanta
Third Row: Bodyline x 2 , Rest off brand
Fourth row is all offbrand.

First row, Top to Bottom: Offbrand, Baby x2, Offbrand, Magic Tea Party, Offbrand
Second row: Angelic Pretty, Chess Story, Magic Tea Party
Third Row: Offbrand, Baby x2
The Headress is from bodyline.
My Fur Collars, all offbrand.


Left to right:
AP, Taobao, Honeys
Left to right: Offbrand, Taobao

Top Row, Left to right: Bodyline, AP, Secret Shop, AP, ?x2, AP
Second Row: AP, Baby, Secret Shop, Baby, ?, Baby, Offbrand x2
I apologize for the ?'s, but most of these socks I bought as a set, so while I know they are brand, I'm not sure which. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Left to right: Offbrand x2, Kawaii Goods

Top Row, Left to right: Offbrand, Bodyline, AP, DreamV, Custom House
Bottom Row: SS, Antaina, SS, Bodyline, SS
Top Row: Liz Lisa, Offbrand, Offbrand, AP
Bottom row: Earth, Ecology and Music, Bodyline x2

ANNND That's it! Thank you for looking through my first Wardrobe Post! I hope you enjoyed it!

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