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RoyallyBlah's Wardrobe 2015

Happy January!

This will be my third wardrobe post here. Previous ones: 2014, 2013.
The following does not include things that I have, but am selling.
This year I stopped myself from buying a lot to focus on more important life matters. However, I did decide to save up money given to me from my birthday and things to dive in and get an Innocent World oddments pack! I've always admired the brand but never had much from it, so what better way than to jump right in? As a result, my wardrobe as a whole has started swaying in a different direction. Here it is:


Left to right:
Angelic Pretty - Triple Tart JSK (my first dress and still my favourite)
Angelic Pretty - Polkadot Chocolate JSK

Left to Right:
BtSSB - Chocolate Whip JSK
Innocent World - Alison OP

Left to Right:
Innocent World - Marine Rose JSK (Long version)
Metamorphose - High Waist Sailor OP

Left to Right:
Innocent World - Star Chiffon Half-Sleeved OP (I got this in my lucky pack and I never expected to love it so much! I've never been that keen on black)
Innocent World - Flocky Tulle JSK (I actually prefer this in the milk tea colourway but I seem to have jumped into wearing black now, new horizons!)


Short-sleeved blouses, left to right:
Innocent World - Anniversary Happy Blouse (I got the L size when I need the S size X_X but I love this so I'm thinking of getting it tailored)
Innocent World - Lucky Pack Blouse (Definitely my most worn, very flexible bouse)
Offbrand (thinking of getting a new white blouse and selling this one off since I don't wear it much anymore)

Long-sleeved blouses, left to right:
Innocent World (got this from my lucky pack, not sure of the name)
MILK - Bell blouse (I wish I lived in a colder climate so I could wear this more often, I love it so)


Boleros left to right:
BtSSB (I bought this at Closet Child, not sure of the name)
Kidsyoyo - Alice biscuits bolero (could be wrong with the name, the clips on the front are 2-way detachable!)

Left to right:
Angelic Pretty - Sailor Double Short Coat (again I wish I lived in a colder climate so I could wear this more! It's amazing and comfortable)
Angelic Pretty - Star Riders Parka (I wear this more casually)


Left to right:
Offbrand mini backpack (I'm not a huge fan of handbags in general, so this is what I usually carry around. Featuring my Innocent World Anniversary Happy Pie pass case)
Loris (taobao)

Innocent World - Merry-go-round Bag (an unexpectedly helpful addition considering my recent aquisition of 2 black dresses)


Clockwise from top-left:
Bodyline, Queen Bee x2, Bodyline x2
(the red ones are my second pair, I loved the first pair to the point that I wore them out)

Long socks left to right:
Bodyline x2, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Innocent World x2, Angelic Pretty

Short socks left to right:
Offbrand x2 (each of these are stocking-like material and look nice worn)
Innocent World x2

These things start to blend in with my muggle wardrobe so for simplicity's sake I'm only including my favourite pieces to wear with lolita.

Hats left to right:
Tokyo Disney (Still my mission to work this into a winter coord, I haven't managed to yet. Partly blaming that on the weather)
Offbrand (taobao) (much more climate-appropriate)

Headwear left to right:
Offbrand (bought at a convention)
Angelic Pretty - Polkadot Chocolate Button Barrette
Angelic Pretty - Strawberry-chan headband
BtSSB (don't know the name)
Bottom: offbrand flower crown (I like to pin bows and such to it to match in with the coord I'm wearing)

Collars top to bottom:
Offbrand (bought from Closet Child, haven't managed to coord it yet)

Left to right:
Swimmer, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty (The outer ring of the cloud fell off and got lost the first time I wore it T_T), Angelic Pretty

Most offbrand/from Etsy.
White bow wristcuffs are from Chess Story (taobao)

Most offbrand
Blue star ring from Chess Story (taboao)
Teacup (which is broken so it's now a Chinese teacup, I do not have good luck with rings it seems) and teapot from Chocomint
(I love my little bow clips, I need to aquire more)


Here are some bloomers that I just finished making using the fabric from a ripped pair of nice pyjama pants. They're so poofy and comfy.
(again I now have to wait until winter...)

Here's my haul of items that I recieved from my Innocent World lucky pack! SO many things.

And that's it for 2015!

My goals from last year's wardrobe post were.. mostly not met. My self-ban from buying things did not help. I have newer things to concentrate on now though.
My wardrobe has become a bit messy and less cohesive, so here are my goals for the next year:
- More lavender (it's my favourite colour and I still only have one lavender dress!)
- Different blouses and boleros (more interesting colours: red, brown?)
- More accessories etc. that go well with the dresses I have to really pull my coords together (mainly black, lavender, red, brown)

Thanks for taking a look :)
Feel free to offer me wardrobe-building advice, or to ask me any questions.

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