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Kitty Sama's 2015 Wardrobe Post! (Quite a bit of photos)

Hello! This is my first ever wardrobe post here on EGL Livejournal! My wardrobe is a mix of Gothic and Classic (filling my dark needs, since I am a person who wears goth clothing outside of lolita). I have been into Lolita for MANY years, but just really got serious about collecting Lolita clothing for about 3 years now. I have sold a lot of things so my wardrobe is sort of small. It is also missing items because I just moved to Los Angeles about a month ago from the Bay Area/SF. :) Also, on most blogs I usually go by Kitty Nyu instead of Kitty Sama, just so you know who it is if you follow me already, like on Tumblr or FB. If you are in the LA Lolita community, I look forward to meeting you at future meets! I am also looking to meet new friends in the area, so feel free to add/follow me here: (hoping to shoot more Lolita stuff)

In the future, I am looking into blogging more on fashion, etc.:)
My goals for Lolita this year is to own more blouses, shoes and head dresses.
ANYWAYS, let's get started! I hope you like my current wardrobe! <3 ^___^

✝ Closet View ✝


Lady Sloth- o'clock JSK and Spin Doctor Cameo dress(not super lolita, but I have made some good lolita outfits with it)

Surface Spell- Judgment Day JSK (without embroidery) and Krad Lanrete- Intro Overture JSK

Juliette Et Justine- Le Cadre du Chat JSK and Alice and The Pirates- The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower

Alice and The Pirates- Merry Making In Ghost Town JSK and Baby The Stars Shine Bright- karami JSK

Angelic Pretty- Elegant Velveteen Birdcage OP and Offbrand Chiffon OP (tag says by Lola)

Baby The Stars Shine Bright- Maria’s Catholic Nun OP and Alice and the Pirates- Funeral Procession of Rose

✝ Skirts ✝
(I am missing two long skirts due to moving)

Baby The Stars Shine Bright- velveteen Scalloped Skirt and Moi Meme Moitie- Royal Gate Skirt

✝ Blouses ✝

Innocent World- Epaulette and HMHM blouse

Vintage (it is made of chiffon with velvet trim!) and Chiffon blouse from Forever 21

Vintage blouse (beautiful heart shaped buttons) and Forever 21 red chiffon blouse

Moi Meme Moitie and Angelic Pretty (don't know the name of either)

✝ Cape/Bolero ✝
(I am missing a jacket, long trench coat for EGA, two short jackets, and a cardigan due to moving)

Antique Beast Cape and Angelic Pretty- Dolly Ribbon Knit

✝ Shoes ✝
(I am missing boots and platform heals due to moving)

Demonia and Bodyline shoes

✝ Purses/Bags ✝
(I am missing two coffin purses and a small velvet handbag due to moving)

Bat bag Moitie replica from loris, Alice and the Pirate Coffin Trunk, and Angelic Pretty Melty Moon Bag

Rilakkuma backpack and Putumayo Nightmare Before Christmas purse/backpack collaboration with Disney

✝ Extras from Dresses ✝

My waist ties stored in a box I painted bats on :)

All my Tags!

The extra bows and clips that came with/on my dresses

✝ Socks/Tights ✝

Various socks and tights are from BTSSB, AATP, TAOBAO, FOREVER 21, ANGELIC PRETTY, ETC. The pair with the glittery bats and crosses I hand painted myself. If you want to know about a specific pair, just ask. :)

✝ Parasols ✝

Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat and offbrand

✝ Accessories-Jewelry and head pieces ✝

I bought costume ears from Daiso and altered them with different fabric and lace. I made the bird skull head piece with clay and attached it to a headpiece I made from scratch with my sewing machine. I am proud of these items and have worn them with Lolita a couple of times. :)

Jewelry/roses is Vintage, Surface Spell, Moitie, Forever 21! The hat they are laying on is my favorite- bought it from Daiso.
Sunglasses I got from a small boutique at Frank And Sons in LA. I forgot the name of her shop.

(From bottom to top) Smoky I, Forever 21, Smoky I, offbrand

Cat headdress is Antique Beast, Lace gloves are offbrand, Red Rose wrist cuffs are Smoky I, little hair bows are Angelic Pretty, Blue rose headdress is Smoky I, And under the hair bows is a round headdress from Angelic Pretty.

I just realized that I forgot to add my petticoats and bloomers. Haha Next time.

So that is all for now! Thank you for viewing ^._.^

Tags: *alice and the pirates, *angelic pretty, *antique beast, *baby the stars shine bright, *innocent world, *juliette et justine, *moi meme moitie, *surface spell, community: wardrobe post, theme: january
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