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Klhinkle's 2015 wardrobe post! (picture heavy)

My first wardrobe post!

Hello, all!

It is a pleasure to be making what is my first wardrobe post on EGL!  I initially started lolita in 2007~2008, and I kept at it until 2011, though I wasn't the best.  At that point, I decided that maybe it wasn't for me, and I sold off the bulk of my collection, keeping only three dresses, so that I could use the money to travel and be a dirty street punk (kind of fond of those days, kind of miss them, kind of disgusted by them).  In early 2014 I decided to try again, after being asked to accompany a friend to a convention, where BTSSB just so happened to be a guest at.  Let's just say that I fell super hard back into it, and I couldn't be happier!  I hope you enjoy my post!  I decided to leave things like pettis, shoes, and tights out, since they aren't usually a main focus of my outfits.

JSKs and OPs:


Moi-Meme-Moitie Cathedral print JSK in white x blk.  My first ever dream dress, SO glad I didn't get rid of this one!  It will forever be my fondest, even if I do like other dresses a bit more, this one is my most sentimental.

MMM Holy Stained Glass

Innocent World Andrea

IW Gargoyles de Notre Dame

Alice and the Pirates Theatre de l'Erreur/Lost Paradise JSK I.  My second dream dress; I am OBSESSED with this series, and I fell head over heels for it due to the snakes.  I raise pythons, so when I saw it I knew I had to have it.  My only regret is not getting back into lolita sooner, or else I would have reserved one of each cut.  I'm trying to build my collection of this print!

AATP Guilty Meltin' Sweets Town

Angelic Pretty Cameo Window tiered JSK

BTSSB Antoinette Bouquet (my first brand JSK!  Bought in 2008)

BTSSB Alice Trick or Treat

Soufflesong Season Time Godness (lol their spelling)

Ista Mori Nameless Poem size S (unfortunately the sleeves and bodice are too short on me ;___;  sooo if anyone has a M or L they'd like to traaaade ;) )

Innocent World Rose Lace Standing Collar OP (catchy name, right?)

Innocent World Rose Dot

Innocent World Belinda (my most worn OP; IN LOVE with it)

Innocent World Chandelier bustle-back OP


Cat tapestry OP handmade by myself

This is an older photo because I have unfortunatley put some damage on this one that I need to repair.  I made this in my lolita off-time of 2012.


BTSSB Alice Trick or Treat, MMM, AP Chocola-Chan Going Out, Pumpkin (the cat that flops in photos)
Also, one of my baby snakes in the corner! <3


Victorian Maiden (my oldest piece!  It's from 2002), Metamorphose


From top left:
Angelic Pretty, Victorian Maiden, Aeonfei (Taobao brand), Metamorphose

Infanta, Innocent World, Bodyline

Moi-Meme-Moitie, Alice and the Pirates


Moi-Meme-Moitie (first two), Innocent World (second two), Metamorphose, BTSSB, bottom two are Angelic Pretty, tights are Alice and the Pirates (Theatre de l'Erreur!)


Baby the Stars Shine Bright boston bag and trick or treat bag, Moi-Meme-Moitie purse/tote


AATP veil and Innocent Rosier clip


Black long veil and rose crown handmade by myself

2x AATP black Canotiers, BTSSB scrunchi/chouchou, bodyline headdress, Angelic Pretty blue bows, BTSSB red and white bows and black bow, taobao red rose bows, all else is handmade by myself

Angelic Pretty Cameo Window Bonnet, Chantilly diamond bonnet, AATP Theatre de l'Erreur barrette in sax, lavender, and black (told you I was starting a collection!), AATP Theatre de l'Erreur headdress in black, sax, bodyline headdress (oops double post)

Madonna halo handmade by myself, Angelic Pretty Celestial rosary

Jewelry/Random accessories:

Innocent World leopard collar (PERECT over wool coats of all kinds!), black and ivory vintage gloves, BTSSB wrist cuffs, AP choker, handmade (not by me) bat brooch, Mossbadger rosettes

(on the box) AATP x Novala Takemoto ring, vintage garnet ring
starting from the left and kinda at random:
Kirk Pewter Chartes Cathedral pendant, offbrand black lace choker, handmade wire-wrapped human wisdom tooth necklace (loooong story behind that one), Alchemy Gothic cross necklace, mumified colubrid snake casted in bronze, AP Melty Moon necklace, AP Ichigo bracelt (2010?), Kirk Pewter Cathedral pendant

And I forgot to photograph this and am too lazy to go do it lol:


Welp, that's it!  I hope I didn't leave anything out, and furthermore I hope you all enjoyed my post!

My goals for 2015 are to clear a couple things out that I don't wear, get the perfect petti, and acquire my two current and longstanding dream dresses: Meta's Hospitality Doll OP and AATP Theatre de l'Erreur OP in black!  In addition, I am excited to see how for I go in collecting snake related pieces and TDLE pieces.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  NEED some oldschool velveteen...  I crave an ivory, wine, or black velvet op SO HARD>>>

Photo on 2014-09-17 at 13.29 #5

Much serpent love <333

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