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Elaina's First Wardrobe Post

First time making a wardrobe post here, I hope you enjoy it!

Let her lure you in

I've been a lolita for about a year and a half, but it was a slow start from getting my first piece back in '10. My wardrobe is a mess of different styles, but I adore about every piece I have.

Angelic Pretty

Wonder Queen Jsk in Green

Chess Chocolate Jabot Jsk in Pink

Candy Sprinkle Jsk in Black

Dream Fantasy Jsk in Black(currently not with me, older picture)


Kuma Kumya-chan's Sweet Chocolate in PinkxChocolate

Tartan Princess Jsk in Blue(First Brand dress)

Heart Apron in Black


Tartan Check Shirring Pinafore Jsk in Red

Innocent World

Playing Cards Chocolate skirt in Pink

Fan Plus Friend

Bookish Beauty skirt in Green

Queen's Throne jsk in Blue

Bustle Back underskirt in Black


Cameo Jsk in Red

Playing Cards Op in Red

Old School Style Jsk in Black

Soft Cream Jsk in Black(Have in mint as well)

Antique Clockwork in Grey

Starry Carousel Skirt in Black

Strawberry Shortcake Skirt in Pink


Elergy Skirt Set

Kidsyoyo Chocolate Jsk(first "real" lolita piece, considering selling since it's tea length on me and too big in bust)

Gothic Nun Op Handmade


Bunny House

Offbrand Chiffon, Fan Plus Friend

Note: I do have some other offbrand blouses, didn't seem fit to add. Also have cardigans, but they didn't photograph well.


Pink and black pairs are Bodyline, the brown is I believe Secret Shop. I do have a bunch of offbrand heels, but they don't fit here.


Lav: Truly Darling, White and Black: Bodyline, Cream: BTSSB

Suits Bag is F+F, Red Heart is Loris, Black Heart is AP, Clock Bag is Loris(?), Usakumyas are BTSSB.
I do apologize about the quality, but those were taken at night.

Lolita Goals: Get more blouses, boleros/cardis, and accessories, I can't wear some of my stuff because I don't have a good bag, blouse, or enough accessories to wear it correctly. Also more lolita shoes, dying to try rocking horses and some classic specific shoes.

Thank you for reading my first wardrobe post!

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