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2015 Wardrobe Post!


So this month marks my three year anniversary since joining EGL and mid-April will mark three years since I wore Lolita in public! My how times have changed... Since my last post I've gotten rid of some things that I'm not too fond of anymore and got my hands on some new jewelry, accessories and even my first piece of brand. I've ordered a couple accessory luck packs from the Internet (including one on Black Friday, which probably wasn't too good of an idea...). I was among 25-30 people who attended Baltimore's first ever Harajuku walk in September and I even met another Lolita in my county who sews most of her clothes! So it's been quite a bit of fun this year!

Heads up: I took these pictures over the course of several days, so quality may fluctuate a bit. Sorry!

OPs and JSKs

100_3272 Bodyline's L087 Cameo OP
I actually had this on my wishlist when I began researching Lolita and I was able to snap this up in time for my first wardrobe post! It's actually one of the easiest things to co-ord!

100_3218 Bodyline's L362 Tiered Bolero OP
My sister says that this dress reminds her of Rapunzel's in Tangled!

100_3265 Bodyline's L322 "Petite Sakura" JSK


100_3216 Bodyline's L346 Love Jewelry Skirt
*sigh* My first Lolita piece (other than my petticoat)... I'd love to own the JSK in pink and the yukata in sax one day!

100_3217 Bodyline's L303 Chocoberry Skirt
I usually wear this in the summer months

100_3215 Putumayo skirt
Behold my first piece of brand! Like my Cameo OP, it's really easy to co-ord!


100_3274 both offbrand
The second one I actually found at Papaya during the sales tax free holiday!

Close up of daisy embroidery on the Papaya blouse

100_3277 both offbrand
The one on the right I've layered under my lavender OP the past month or so (for warmth and since the lace on the sleeves drives me nuts)

100_3273 Bodyline's L373 and offbrand
I've had bad luck finding colored blouses offbrand, so I caved a couple months ago and got the Bodyline blouse...

100_3264 both offbrand
These were the first two blouses I ever purchased for Lolita, but I'm planning to modify them a bit to make them even frillier! Wish me luck!


100_3263 all offbrand
The darker pink one looks pretty otome to me, eh? I also have the same top in mint, but it doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe right now.


100_3223 offbrand, Bodyline's L409
The Bodyline bolero actually has sequins on the fabric!

Beadwork close-up on my black bolero

100_3227 both offbrand
I've found both of these at my local Goodwills and they're cashmere!

ribbon detailing on the pink cardigan

100_3229 offbrand
My mom spotted this at a local consignment shop, so how could I not pass this up?

100_3219 Target coat
I actually wore this at my comm's winter ILD meetup and they were surprised that I found this at Target for $40!


100_3266 (l-r) Payless x2, Target, Bodyline, Target, Bodyline, Target
I also have a pair of frilly white ankle socks from Bodyline, but one half vanished into thin air!

Black lace sock detailing

100_3269 (l-r) Target, Halloween City (believe it or not), no idea, Target, Charlotte Russe, Hot Topic x4

Charlotte Russe tights details

And where they're all stuffed!

100_3260 (l-r) Bodyline, Payless, thrifted, Bodyline, thrifted
Sorry for the blurry picture!

The red one I found at Wal-Mart a couple years ago and I wear it with my Chocoberry skirt. I crocheted the berets myself.

100_3281 crocheted by yours truly
The pink, sax and yellow one is still being worked on!

100_3283 Sweet Mildred, Claire's, Icing, offbrand, handmade

Barrettes/Hair clips
100_3256 Claire's, Icing, Hikari wo Sagasu, Bodyline, Kawaii Goods, Kittywood Designs (Etsy)

Wrist cuffs
100_3232 All handmade by yours truly with some yarn and unwanted hair elastics!

Detail close up


100_3235 Claire's, Lia Sophia, Hot Topic, Kittywood Designs (Etsy), Pastel Dream Shoes (Etsy), Chantilly (random AUSA booth), Charming Charlies, Kawaii Goods handmade by me, unknown, gifts

100_3278 Handmade by me (with a friend's help ^_^)

100_3246 (l-r) Kohl's, Wear it Cuter (Etsy), Kittywood Designs (Etsy)

100_3247 (l-r) unknown, Kittywood Designs (Etsy), Lia Sophia

100_3248 (l-r) Wal-Mart, Kittywood Designs (Etsy), unknown

100_3249 (l-r) AUSA booth whose name I can't remember, Lucky Squid Studios x2

100_3250 (l-r) Lia Sophia, unknown x2

100_3253 Body Central, Claire's, Magic Tea Party (AUSA booth), handmade by me, gifts, unknown

Pins/2-way clips
100_3251 The Pegasus clip (I call her Hanabi) is from Kawaii Goods and the teapot clip is from Kittywood Designs (Etsy). The pins are from all over the place. Ask away on where I got what!

I've decided not to do my bags (both offbrand), my petticoat, bloomers (since they're just PJ shorts) or the detachable waist ties and bows from my skirts and dresses.

Nothing in the mail for me since I'm low on funds at the moment, but my birthday is later this month so that might change!

And here's a silly picture of me to cap things off! Thanks for looking around!
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