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2015 Wardrobe Post

This is my first CGL Post, my first year in Lolita, and my first wardrobe post

Sorry for the semi-bad quality photos, I took the pictures at night with little lighting. However you can click them to view them larger.

OnePiece Dress
Kidsyoyo Cream OP -
This is the very first Lolita dress I ever purchased. I bought it second hand through the plus sized sales group on Facebook. It's very simple but beautiful. In the right picture you can kind of see one of the little snaps it has, there's one next to the top button and one next to the button at the waist, they help keep everything "locked in." I think this was a custom made dress, but I'm not sure, and I have no idea if it has a name or not.

Elegy's Albino Accord Underbust in Black -
This dress is very dear to my heart. My dwarf rabbit, Jack, had passed away right before this series was released. Since it had a Jackalope on the print I was immediately drawn to it.  All the little gold details are gorgeous!

Elegy's Concinnous Crowns Underbust in Cream -
I just LOVE this jsk! The theme is so unique and the little touches of lace and black velvet trim all over it is fantastic. Also THERE'S a POCKET! (on the right side, left side has a side zip)

Elegy's Delicacy & Decay in Black -
Moths are one of my favorite animals (in fact I have two moth tattos) so I just had to have this dress when it came out. It may not look it, but it is a purfect summer dress. The straps are small & simple, the full shirring in the back adds compfort & stretch, and the fabric is a light linen that's nice and flowy.

Lady Sloth's Magical Landscape JSK 1 in Brown -
This was the first Jsk I purchased and it was surprisingly cheap. I love the unique color and the Thomas Kinkade-esque print. The little bows on the straps are detatchable but I like them where they're at.

Elegy's Albino Accord in Grey -
Like I said before, I have a strong emotional attatchment to this print & I had a REALLY hard time picking which out of the four colorways I wanted, so I also bought a skirt. And to cut the cost down a bit I asked her to take off the tassle trim for this piece. I think it looks just as good without it.
I still kind of want a piece in the white colorway as well, but ce la vie!

Lady Sloth's Clock (Re-Release) -
Since I found out about Lady Sloth I REALLY wanted her clock skirt, but it was pretty limited and sold out. Thankfully I was able to snag one of the last re-relased prints. I don't like it as much as the original, but I still enjoy it. The only thing that bothers me is there isn't enough fabric in the skirt to hold a larger petti.

Bodyline's Cake Jsk Modified -
This is gonna be a bit of an odd ball, but when I first started lolita I unded up getting this jsk cheap and since the top didn't fit right I just chopped it off and made it into a skirt. I've only worn it once. I think it's cute but I'm not really sure if it's my style. I have no idea what the number is btw, sorry.

Elegy Black Shirt with Detachable Sleeves -
The first blouse I bought. I got it second hand on the Facebook plus sized sales group. The fit isn't the best, but that's probably because it was made to fit someone else. I never wear it with the long sleeves, but it's nice to have the option. This top is actually what introduced me to the Elegy brand, after that I was hooked.

Offbrand Modified -
Got this top at goodwill. Ended up adding two button holes at the top, exchanging the buttons, and rounding the collar.

Lady Sloth's Brocade Chiffon Blouse in Black -
My favorite blouse so far. It's hard to tell but the fabric has a beautiful pearlescent shine to it.

Lady Sloth's Brocade Chiffon Blouse in Gold -
I ordered this and the other one on preorder, so I saved a bit. This one I got the sleeves especially made, they're 3/4 length and hit right in my elbows. The color pulls more antique but has a faint yellow gold shine to it. It's very pretty but kind of hard to coord with other golds.

I don't really have any lolita specific jewelry, but this is how I store my detachables and headbows.

Elegy's Albino Accord -
Bow came with the skirt, Bought the rosette separately to match the skirt & jsk has multiclip

Elegy's Delicacy & Decay -
Headbow I bought separatley, Bow came on dress & has multiclip on back

SAM_0356 SAM_0357
Elegy's Concinnous Crowns -
Bought the headbow separatley, Velvet bow came on jsk has multiclip
both have little teeth charms

Lady Sloth's Magical Landscape -
Both came with the jsk! Bow has multiclip

Kidsyoyo -
All came with Op when I bought it. The small bow just has a pinback. And I can't wear the waist ties because the dress is missing one side button.

Only pair I have are Bodyline's SHOES267 in Black

Only loliable bag I have is my current everyday purse. I bought it from asianicandy's amazon (moriberry). Sure you can also get it on taobao.

Welp. That's all she wrote. Hope you enjoyed looking at my tiny beginners wardrobe. I can't wait to see how it'll grow next year.

Btw, just paid for my first brand piece today, so this is in the "waiting in the mail" section I guess.



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