haybails1996 (haybails1996) wrote in egl,

First Coord

So I'm a new lolita and have been interested in the fashion for quite a while. I recently got a sewing machine for Christmas and since I had piles of lace lying around and a petticoat from a cosplay I decided to alter a dress I had to lolita. So below is a picture of the coord.

Bow/headband: Made
Bow tie: Made
Blouse: Thrift shop find (for civil war reenacting)
JSK: Made from old dress and dressed up with lace
Pettiecoat: Ebay (for cosplay)

I'm also going to wear a wig, white tights, and brown combat boots that have the same ilet pattern on them as the dress has (mostly cause they are the only shoes I have that matches in color). I also have two waist length wigs with curls in them I was considering wearing. One is a dark brown the other is blond. I was hoping for opinions what might look better. I want to do brown but I wasn't sure if that would be too much brown. Also just come critique and stuff is nice. It was my first time sewing so some stuff I feel came out pretty well but other stuff I feel could have been better. I also what to get a better A line petticoat for the dress since I feel it needs more poof. All together I had no clue what i was doing (nor did I use patterns) and it was my first time sewing. It took me about two evenings to complete. Thanks for still reading this :)
PS I also noticed that hanged up like that it looks like the neck line of the jsk swoops down a bit in the center but thats only because no one is in it in the picture. Normally it goes straight across the front.
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