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Michilaine's 2015 Wardrobe post


I'm a Lolita from Perú. I've started wearing Lolita in December 2011, and in 2012 I did my first wardrobe post.
This is what my wardrobe looked like back then:
I started out as a sweet Lolita but I wear more Classic now.
After almost leaving the fashion in 2013, I graduated and started working full time. This has helped me to slowly start growing my collection in 2014. It's still small, but I love and cherish it deeply!

Classic dresses and skirts
I'm a sucker for IW's florals so that's what my wardrobe mostly consist of.

Innocent World ~ Arabesque Rose Tiered JSK in Green
I love this dress and was so lucky to find it for very cheap on Yahoo

Innocent World ~ Arabesque Rose JSK in Blue
Yes, I love this collection. I also got this one for a stal from Yahoo! I'm so happy I found both versions in the exact colors I wanted them.

Innocent World ~ Alencon JSK in Beige
This is my most recent purchase and part of my Chrsitmas spree. I was bummed it would not arrive in time for my wardrobe post but it came in the mail a couple of days ago with my new AP JSK!

Innocent World ~ Strawberry Rose Garden JSK
This was onther dreamdredss! I love the sweetheart bodice, it's so flattering.

Innocent World ~ Versailles Rose JSK in Ivory x Blue
I bought this as a set with an amazing headpiece and one year later I found the matching socks on Yahoo. Weee!

Innocent World ~ Romantic Rose JSK in Black x Pink
I traded this for a sweet AP JSK when I was leaving sweet around 2 years ago. I wear this to work a lot, and always get such nice compliments on it.

Innocent World ~ Emmelina JSK in Pink
Yes! I love my Emmelina! I actually bought this when the first LP sales started to pop up on egl. I bought it for $120 and thought to myself it was an excelent purchase because it was so "cheap" and so beautiful. Little did I know that weeks and weeks later everyone would be selling theirs too! It even sold for $50 a few weeks back on LM! Everyone seems to hate this poor dress, but not me. I love it to pieces :D

Innocent World ~ Flora JSK in Milk Tea - Long
This was my first purchase from Yahoo Japan, which I consider a big turning point in my lolita timeline. I was so amazed when it arrived and fit me so well! I was afraid it wouldn't zip up but it did! And the torso is surpirsingly long. I'm 1.80 cm tall and it is *not* highwaisted on me, which is pretty much a miracle.

Innocent World ~ Margrethe JSK in Pink - Long
This dress has such a beautiful print but the long version looks a bit odd in shape. I'm looking for the short version now and will sell this one when I have it.

Innocent World ~ Carousel of Paris High Waist JSK in Beige × Chocolat × Beige
I had been lusting over this dress and when it popped uo for cheap on mbok I jumped on it :D

Innocent World ~ Revival Lotta JSK in Blue
My absolute dream dress. I went through sweat and tears to be able to finally reserve and buy it. I will be forever thankful for my SS for helping me get my hands on Lotta! <3

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Cross Rose Print JSK II in Ivory
I came across this on Yahoo and couldn't believe the low price, so I imediatly bought it! This is another dress I thought would barely fit but actually fits much better than expected. It's always so awesome when that happens to me!

Fan + Friend ~ Unknown floral halter dress
One of my first Lolita pieces, it was a gift from my mom for christmas. I love it a lot and wear it to parties and formal events each time I have the chance!

Innocent World ~ Story of Queen and Angels Skirt in Blue
First and last skirt from IW I purchased. With this lovely piece I learned IW's skirts run terribly small (at least for me) so I had to alter it. I love it a lot though, ad recently scored the headbow which is on it's way to me right now!

Alice and the Pirates ~ Operetta Bouquet Corset Skirt
I'm so lucky to have visited Paris 2 years ago. I took my Emmelina JSK with me to the trip only to be able to wear it and walk into a physcal lolita store for the first time in my life!  I came back with this amazing skirt, I love it a lot!

Victorian Maiden - Beth ~ Plenty Ribbon Skirt in Pearl Pink
This was also a steal from mbok. I purchased it knowing I would have to alter it to fit, but I'm so glad I did because I wear it to wor a lot and always get a lot of compliments.

Sweet dresses and skirts
I had stopped wearing sweet complety, but then I realized I could coord sweet pieces in a more subtle, grown up way. So I started collecting sweet again!

Angelic Pretty ~ Sweet Cream House in Ivory
This came just a few days ago with my alencon JSK. I'm so glad I could photograph it for this wardrobe post! The details on the print are so cute, it has deers and squirrels and oodles of sweets. It's even prettier than in the stock pics, I can't wait to wear it!

Angelic Pretty ~ A la Carte JSK in Ivory
This belongs to the first LP I ever purchased. It was such a happy, fun and exciting experience! This is probably my most worn dress. It's so comfy without zipper and a full shirred back, it has pockets and it's just so cute <3

Angelic Pretty ~ Dressy Rose JSK in White x Red
Another dress I got for very cheap from Yahoo. I thought the bodice would be really ill fitting on me but it's actually perfect lenght! I wear it blouseless and with sandals as a summer dress much more than in Lolita coords!

Angelic Pretty ~ Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Switching JSK in Pink
Also one of my dream dresses. When I got it the front bow was so floppy and sad I removed it to iron and starch it and then sew it back on. But it looked so pretty without it that I haven't. I want to make a heabdow from it now.

Angelic Pretty ~ Lady Rose Skirt
I love this series so much! I'm still trying to find the perfect blouse to wear this as I have coorded it before but was not convinced by the resoults

Emily Temple Cute ~ Biscuit Skirt in Offwhite
I love this print so so much! When I bough it I inmediately went looking for the popular swimmer biscuit bag to wear them together :D

Metamorphose Temps de Fille ~ Marine Striped Skirt in Blue
This is suck a cute, breezy summer skirt. I wear it in casual coords a lot.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille ~ Melody Note Set
This is such a funky set! I also wear this to work on casual fridays a lot. I love the shape of sthe skirt and the biker jacket is so fun!

Blouses + Cutsews
My collection is small but growing...

Top left: 3 x vintage, dyed by me
Middle right: AP x 3
Bottom left: Btssb and Aatp

Top: AP red and pink cutsew, Taobao white cutsew, Pink AP camisole
Bottom: JetJ + Offbrand Bustier


Top: JetJ (top left) + IW x 2
Bottom: All offbrand. White cardi on top right was embellished with vintage lace by me

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Sweet Fawn Coat in Pink×Thin ivory lace×Cocoa fur×Brown ribbon

Offbrand Coat from Ali Expres

Others: Socks and legwear, shoes, Purses and parasols, Accesories

Socks: All IW except for AP's a la carte
Tights: Top: Various lace tights, bottom all Taobao
The round hat box is whre I store my plain tights
Angle socks from Taobao and embellished by me
Vintage gloves, belonged to my grandma

Shoe collection! I have huge feet so buying shoes is always a pain for me. These are a mix of Ali Express, Taobao, Payless and others.

My purses!
Top left: taobao, AP, Vintage, offbrand
Parasols: Both Taobao
Bottom left: Muchacha, IW
Bottom right: Swimmer, AP, offbrand

Faux fur collars both offbrand
Hats all offbrand
Vintage trunks
My various petticoats and underskirts + bloomers. Top petti is Classical Puppets, rets is handmade, vintage, offbrand

I store waistties and belts from my dresses in a small box.
Next to those are detachable bows from my dresses.
Then, Headbows from matching dresses.
Last, my gorgeus IW headpiecde. The lace on this is exquisite!

Assorted accesories, a mix of a bit brand but mostly Handmade by me, Taobao and Local brand Cuteberry.

Currently in the Mail

Thank you so much for looking, comments are very appreciated! ~♥

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