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2015 Wardrobe Post


Most of my bags, shoes and hair accessories, next to my wardrobe

Innocent World Velveteen Tiered JSK, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Little Princess Velveteen OP

Details of the Baby dress

Bodyline, Angelic Pretty Floral OP

Details of the AP dress


Bodyline, Innocent World Strawberry Field Animals Skirt

Close up of the IW and Bodyline skirt prints


Bodyline, Fanplusfriend, Innocent World


Details of the bouses

Offbrand, Vintage

(I'm not happy with this so will probably sell it, I feel like it swamps me a bit)

Shoes Bodyline, Vintage and Second Hand
(and in need of covering up those scratches!)

All vintage (except the far letf gloves, wich are bodyline)

The shelf where I keep a lot of accessories

(Mostly) vintage brooches and necklace, and a hair ribbon "made" by me.

I am also waiting for Ista Mori's Nameless Poem OP

I am happy with the direction my wardrobe is going, more brand, less bodyline, and more oldschool. I'm trying to go for quality over quantity. Hopefully this year I will get some 'essentials' I don't have (like a lolita head bow and waterproof parasol), and a few more oldschool pieces. ^w^

P.s. Sorry some of the photos have the flash on, the sun sets pretty early here and I took the last few photos as the sun went down.

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