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2015 wardrobe post - Foodstuffs, Florals, and Fishythings?

Hello again!  This is my second wardrobe post.  Last year, my main focus was on sweets and flowers and maintaining a wardrobe based on pink, white and black.  This year, I got to expand my color palette to include a dash of navy, lavender, and my latest obsession, brown! Overall, I am very happy with my wardrobe - I got some dream prints this year and had the chance to try some new colors.

Unfortunately, this post is not comprehensive as I am still waiting on some lucky packs to arrive.  For more about last year's sets, please check out my 2014 wardrobe post.

Your hosts this year are Strawberry Korilakkuma and Starwhal, instead of Korilakkuma and Balloonicorn.  It's only fair that my hosts get an upgrade too...


From last year:

Angelic Pretty - Melty Cream Donuts + Strawberry Parlour

Angelic Pretty - Polka Dot Chocolate + Lucky Pack 2010

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Princess Honey's Tea Salon

From this year:

Angelic Pretty - Georgette OP + choker + canotier
An unplanned purchase but worth every penny!  The ruffle details definitely live up to the name "Georgette"!

Angelic Pretty - Honey Cake skirts + Tokyo Special Set JSK + Round JSK + headbows + bag
Honey Cake update!  I added the headbows and the round JSK this year.  Still hoping for an ivory JSK!

Angelic Pretty - Cream Cookie Collection JSKs + tights + barettes + necklace
I originally only wanted the pink JSK, but the sax has such pretty pink ribbon detailing!

Angelic Pretty - Sweetie Violet OP + ribbon clip
One of my dream dresses that I was able to get this year.  Perfect for spring time!

Angelic Pretty - Petit Patisserie JSK + barette
I have been eyeing this print for a while, and I decided on brown because the pink ribbons serve as a nice contrast!

Innocent World - Chocolate Macaron Just Waist JSK + ribbon headbow + ribbon clip
I saw this in Kera and I just had to have it!  I don't usually buy from Innocent World but I couldn't pass up on a macaron print!

Metamorphose - Fruit Punch Soda OP + sundress JSK
This year I got the OP too because the print is just so cute and summery!

Pumpkin Cat - Whale High Waist JSKs + headbows + scrunchies
These two JSKs are a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of themes, but they are so light and easy to wear!  The high-waisted cut is adorable!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Sugar Bouquet OP + headbow + bag
A print that I've wanted ever since I got the Baby mook.  The epitome of oldschool sweet!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Some Day in Ranunculus skirt + headbow + socks
I got the skirt this year on sale to finally match the socks!  Praise be backwards logic.


From last year:

Bodyline - Candy Stripe, Candy Violet - Black Lace
Bodyline - Rose Bouquet + Chocoberry

Bodyline - Rose print JSK + skirt
Bodyline - Polka Dot Macaron + Heart Biscuit

Bodyline - Black OP
Metamorphose - Tiered skirt

From this year:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Alice Bruges skirt + Hermila skirt
Both of these are from lucky packs.  Not something I would buy normally, but they are so easy to coord!

Metamorphose - Teddy Chocolatier skirt + headbow + Perfume Bottle skirt + barette
More Meta please!  These fully-shirred skirts are great for casual wear!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Collection Douce Chocolatier skirt
Metamorphose - Patisserie Dream skirt (lucky pack version)

I adore both of these prints, but to be honest, these aren't my preferred colorways!  I am getting the Chocolatier skirt in pink/red and hopefully I can find Patisserie Dream in pink!


Magic Potion x2 + Pumpkin Cat x2 + Peace Now + Magic Tea Party
Short-sleeved chiffon blouses!  I can't wait for summertime to bust these out!

Metamorphose x2 + Pumpkin Cat + Offbrand
The two Metamorphose blouses are from thie year's lucky packs, and they have gorgeous detachable neck ruffles!

Angelic Pretty + Baby the Stars Shine Bright + Pumpkin Cat
My three fancy blouses!  I especially like the layers and layers of lace on the AP one!

Angelic Pretty x3 + Baby the Stars Shine Bright + Metamorphose + Emily Temple Cute
I am not a big fan of cutsews, but they are fun for casual wear!

Metamorphose x2 + Anna House x3 + Dreamv
Basic blouses in all base colorways for those simple days!


Alice and the Pirates + Baby the Stars Shine Bright + Innocent World + Bodyline x3
Boleros and one IW jacket that I can't get enough of!

I usually wear my offbrand coats, so this is the only Lolita-specific coat I have.  It matches nothing in my wardrobe, however.


Socks!  I recently got a hanger meant for pants for my socks, but some of them are still in boxes like last year.

Headbows, barettes, and wristcuffs!  I keep a lot of plain hair accessories in addition to print ones for more toned-down looks.

More hair trinkets and jewelry, in no order whatsoever.

Four accessories that didn't fit in with the other pictures.

Shoes for all of my sweet outfits.

Thank you for stopping by~
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