bearsandhugs (bearsandhugs) wrote in egl,

Newbie Tall Lolita - 5'7"

I've been interested in Lolita for quite a long time now.
I want to put together my first coordinate.

My main concerns are:
1. Looking like an "Ita".
2. Cost.
3. My height.

I'm 5'7". I was wondering if dresses from would fit me?
Some of BodyLine's dresses seem like they might be long enough but I'm unsure.

I'm just really overwhelmed and confused. >.>

I've heard suggestions to wear a shirt underneath but it is very hot in Texas. I'm having a hard time finding examples of what this looks like. I haven't seen any examples of it looking right.

I've seen coords where the dress is really short and it looks nice... but I know that knee length is seen as ideal. Opinions?

Please help. ♡ Thank you!
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