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Wardrobe post 2015

Sweet and salt 2015 wardrobe post <3
Hi everyone! So this is my first wardrobe post. I have been into lolita for two years now (since I'm 13 years old) and I am really proud my little collection.


Moi-Même-Moitie stained glass op in red satin. I wore this for the biggest annual meeting of my comm. The details are all so pretty, and the dress itself is really soft and comfortable.

Angelic pretty sheep garden op in black. I always thought that this dress was so cute, with the adorable little sheeps.

Moi-Même-Moitie sleeping garden short lace-up grey jsk. The print of this dress is simply amazing. My friend and me twinned in this for the Montreal Harajuku fashion walk.

Moi-Même-Moitie shoulder belt stripped jsk. Even if this dress is not really popular, it was my dream dress a long time ago. I don't wear it a lot but it has a big sentimal value. My first Moitié piece.

Angelic pretty royal-cards magician jsk. This was my ultimate dream dress, I went through the japanese auctions every day for months to find it. When I finally recieved it, I almost cried.

Victorian Maiden victorian lady cache coeur jsk in pink. The simplicity and the elegance of the dress made me instantly fall in love with it. It is the only item I ever bought on reserve.

(sorry for the weird lighting) Victorian maiden rose flocky jsk first release. My first lolita dress. I was so happy when I received it, even if my first try to coordinate it was not so great. It has a very big emotional value for me.

Infanta cinderella jsk. My first and only taobao dress!


baby the stars shine bright labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror skirt in purple. I bought this at the Baby store in Paris during a trip and wore it for a Baby tea party.

Angelic pretty little birds symphonia skirt in pink. My sweetest piece and my favorite print ever. I'm in love with it, it's one of my favorite pieces and a dream print forever.

Fan+friends and Btssb. They are ideal for more casual coords.

Bodyline. very elegant, my favorite bodyline piece of all their products.

Handmade by a friend. Cloud skirt, because I'm too poor for misty sky x)

Blouses and boleros

Magic tea party (taobao) and innocent world

victorian maiden, victorian maiden (the only dream blouse I ever had)

Handmade by a friend, taobao


offbrand, taobao, dream v

my hats:

taobao, angelic pretty, putumayo

headdresses and wigs

offbrand, taobao, innocent world, handmade, GLW

socks and wristcuffs

offbrand, taobao, etsy, grimoire, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty.
The little plush is by BTSSB. Got it at the BTSSB booth at Otakuthon.


bolero handmade by a friend, necklace: etsy, arcana 13. the bag is signed by Misako Aoki.


All by loris

Angelic pretty x2


Infanta birdcage coat. I got it this christmas and I really love it.

So this is it! I really hope you liked my wardrobe. It's not big, not perfect and a bit messy, but I really like each and every piece of it. I worked a lot of hours at minimal wage to be able to build it for now 2 years. I'm only 15 years old so I wonder what's my lolita future!
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