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Wardrobe Post 2015!

My first wadrobe post!

Hello there! I'm a Classic Lolita from Germany. I am twenty years old and currently studying German. I've been into this fashion for two years now and bought my first piece in May 2013. My wardrobe is mostly Classic with a touch of Sailor and a lot of flowers.

I decided to add some detail shots as I really enjoy these in other people's wardrobe too.
(My camera isn't the best and I shot this on several different days so the lightning and quality may change a bit; please excuse this!)



dress bttb rose cherry
Sweet Check Print Princess JSK
This was my very first Lolita piece! I tried a bit Sweet at the beginning but discovered I liked Classic more. But I cannot let go of this dress for nostalgic reasons...

dress btssb floral
Btssb Angel Chiffon JSK
This dress has been on my wishlist for a while and I was very glad when I finally found it. Florals and chiffon are my weak spot...

dress btssb velveteen
Btssb Velveteen Marie Sophie JSK
Sadly the details are hard to see, but this is a gorgeous velveteen piece!

dress iw alphabet rose
Innocent World Alphabet Rose JSK
Simple dress (florals again, hehe) that's suitable for a more casual look.

dress iw bertille rose
Innocent World Bertille Rose OP
One of my dream dresses! <3
This dress combines everything I love about Innocent World into one dress. It's so lovely, and one day I hope to be able to acquire every colourway and the matching JSK(s).

dress iw choclate
Innocent World Rose Corsage Bustle JSK
I love the details on the back, and IW's lovely lace!

dress iw church choir
Innocent World Church Choir Flare JSK (witch matching ribbon clip)
Another beloved dress and one of the dresses I wear the most. The collar is detachable which makes this dress very versatile.

dress iw elisabeth rose
Innocent World Elisabeth Rose OP
(I don't know why IW listed this as an OP; haha).
A dress inspired by Empress Elisabeth's Polterabend dress - how could I resist?! The colour of this dress (though very close to the original) are a bit hard to coord but the challenge maes it even more fun to wear this dress.

dress iw germaine
Innocent World Germaine OP
A bit more OTT. Sadly I was unable again to capture the true colour. It looks much more lovely in real life, and I am still angry I missed the black version of this.

dress iw sailor
Innocent World Crepe Wave Sailor OP
More Sailor Lolita! I want more of IW's casual pieces, they are so cute!

dress iw strahov library
Innocent World Royal Library Ribbon JSK
I love book prints and was so excited when IW announced this release! The day it went up for reservation I woke up at 3AM (damn timezones) because I was so worried I could miss the reservation. The colour as well as the small golden details are stunning!

dress bl
l387 Princess Chiffon Tiered JSK
I am not a big fan of Bodyline but I still like this dress. So princess-y and the construction as well as the chiffon are great.

dress kl dress
Krad Lanrete Le chuchotis de l'ete Short Sleeved OP
More Chiffon! A gorgeous OP that I'd love to own in other colours and cuts...
(It looks a lot better worn than laid out on the ground...)

dress boguta christmas
Boguta Gorgeous Hem Embroidery JSK
A christmas themed dress! That I can only wear for a very short time per year... I still keep it though because I love the embroidery and I am looking forwrd each year to wear it.

dress dear celine
Dear Celine Sailor OP
I love Sailor Lolita!

dress lief rabbit heart
Lief Gardenberries Rabbit JSK
I am usually not a big fan of prints but it had rabbits on it - there was no way I could resist.


skirt underskirts
Innocent World, handmade by a friend

skirt btssb karami
Btssb Karami skirt
A lovely old school piece!

skirt bl skirt
Bodyline Classic Rose Skirt l173
Florals again. ...

skirt rabbit heart skirt
3x Rabbit Heart Shop
Three skirty all handmade from the Rabbit Heart Shop. Florals again, a solid black skirt and another Sailor piece!

Blouses & Cutsews

side blouses
Offbrand, 2x Dear Celine, 2x Mystery Garden, Innocent World, Krad Lanrete (clockwise)

side cutswe
2x offbrand, Metamorphose

Boleros & Outwear

Metamorphose, Mary Magdalene, 2x Innocent World

Innocent World, 3x offbrand

Bodyline, Infanta, offbrand
I love coats (I also have a lot of non-Lolita jackets and coats...) and want to save up for a brand coat this year!

side bag
3x Innocent World, Btssb, Innocent World, rest is offbrand/vintage

side shoes
2x Bodyline, rest is offbrand


side acc 1
I have more accessoires but decided only to show the most interesting ones.
I don't wear headbows as they do not suit me, so I also have a huge collection of ribbons and flower clips in all sizes, shapes and colours which are not pictured.

side acc 2
Moi-même-Moitié headpiece, 2x Innocent World ribbon clips, Innocent World Key charm necklace, Btssb heart shaped watch, Btssb Queen of Snow necklace and bracelet
And my Mucha jewellery box where I keep my earrings and some necklaces.

side acc 3
Most is offbrand or from various Etsy shops.

side acc
Various other accessoires: Hats, gloves, my parasol, wristcuffs, fan, lace collar and the Strahov Library pouch. Th hands are handmade by the same talented friend who made my underskirt!

That is my wardrobe for now!
I have some stuff from the IW sale coming and planning on further expanding my wardrobe this year - I want to focus on blouses and cardigans to have more variety. I also need more hats in my life.

If you are interested, here's my tumblr where I also occasionaly post my coords (/tagged/me):
Also, this is the tumblr of my lovely friend that made my underskirt, hats and probably more stuff this year, hehe:

That's it - thank you very much for looking! (´∀`*)
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