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Review : Meta Princess Wardrobe set & Sailor half pants

Just wanted to share with everyone a recent purchase I made from Meta. (Yes, I know everyone's sharing their wardrobe collections right now, it's all so beautiful! x3)


The parcel came in a nice, pink bag. Shappo says hai 8D
The Princess Wardrobe items came in this cute shopping tote bag, it even comes with a zip. ^^

The nice pink price tag XD

The sailor half pants is quite nice, in the photo it's hard to see the navy colour well. Dx

The over knee socks and the ribbon alice band, very well-made. ^^

Actually half the reason I wanted this set was because of this cute short sleeve blouse. (Good for weather here xD)

The blouse and JSK together! Thought of accessorising with my moppy purse, the pink shades seem to match I guess.

The back has shirring, yes! 8D

Close up of the wardrobe print, I think this grey is so lovely, it's more like blue I feel.

The pink laced up ribbon in front is a winner for me. ^^

Overall I'm satisfied with the Princess Wardrobe set because it's a rather versatile set and the pieces can be matched with other dresses or blouses. The grey is honestly the nicest grey I've even seen, it doesn't look dull or mute at all.

The quality of Meta is still very good, I had one of their pinstripe JSK, organdie pannier & another pannier from a long time ago & they're long-lasting too. ^^

Service :
Ahahaha, the Meta website was very quick in receiving my payment. The parcel took a while to reach me because it was at Kyoto for a few days before it went to Kansai airport then to here.
Anyway, I got it on Christmas Eve so it made me really happy. 8D

Thank you for reading.

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