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Pommandarine's Wardrobe Post 2015

So, here is 2015, I suppose it's time to make a wardrobe point.

Maybe I should introduce myself first. I'm Pommandarine and I've been in lolita fashion for about 7 years right now. Here is my previous post : ♥♥♥

2014 has been full of lolita feelings. I've been elected as kawaii ambassador for France with my friend Mila and Yumi, I've had the huge chance to travel to Japan with my husband and my wardrobe upgraded a bit. This may not be the perfect wardrobe but anyway, I love every single clothe in it. I hope this new year will be as exciting as the past one!

EDIT 01.11.15: I don't know why but skirts pictures didn't work. This should be fixed right now.


Alice and the Pirates.

The Secret Between Alice and the clock tower OP

alice tears
Alice Tear's bottle Tassel JSK

Chandelier Flocky JSk - Without and with matching shawl.

My "Fantastic unique Jewelry print JSK", Half AATP, Half Handmade
I've bought this skirt in 2013. I didn't fit me as expected and was already altered. So lost for lost, I decided to turn it in a JSK. I'm very happy with the result, my JSK is unique and very comfortable.

Frankenweenie JSK

Grimoire of the moonlight forest JSK

La traviata JSK

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge JSK

Baby the stars Shine Bright

Cul de Paris JSK.
I haven't worn this JSK for a while, it's a bit large for me now. But I still love it, it is my first brand JSK and I think it's one of the pretty rare L size without shirring JSK by BTSSB

S now Dot Chiffon OP.
I love this OP because it's a gift from my family to celebrate the end of the training period I've passed in the USA and in Canada during 2014

Polkadot JSK

Tartan check JSK

Triple Gingham check halter Neck JSK

Royal Tartan Check Shirring Princess JSK

Custew OP

Angelic Pretty

Moon Drop JSK

Fairy princess JSK.
This bustle back is to die for!

Vintage Houndstooth JSK

French Girl JSK.
I love this JSK but the tricolor straps were a bit difficult to wear for me. so I've created a "black strap sock"! Now I can wear this JSK with any color I want ^w^

Masquerade Theater OP

Crystal Dream Carnival Premium set JSK

Navy Girl

Victorian Letters.
This JSK was one of my biggest heart crush this year!

Coat of Arms - Bro wn

Coat of Arms - red (Did you guess I felt in love withe this JSK?)

Dressing Up Jabot OP

Secret Honey x Disney

I swear I'm not a Disney fan... Not so much... Maybe just a bit... A little bit...

Lady Sloth

Magical Landscape

Piano JSK

Mist of Venice

Other Brands

White OP - Jean Paul Gaultier

Rose d'encre OP - Lusty'n Wonderland.

Vintage dress - Miss Point

Strawberry field OP - Innocent World

Apple Scallop Switching JSK - Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Saint Vitus OP - Haenuli

Handmade - Offbrand - Vintage

Long Mori JSK - Taobao

Handmade JSK .

Handmade JSK.
The fabric has faded after the first cleaning. But I still like it, it has a "grunge" feeling right now.

Vintage JSK (60's)

Offbrand country OP

Offbrand JSK bought on ebay when I started Lolita.
It took me ages to make if wearable... This JSK was a horrible when I received it. Now I like it, it's an easy to wear JSK, perfect for everyday life.


BTSSB dreaming sherbet skirt and AATP underskirt

Handmade Skirts

Handmade skirt.
If you like this skirt you can have a lookt to my tutorial and a worn picture just right here : ♥♥♥

Thrifted and handmade underskirts


AATP Prince Conrad Blouse and BTSSB Cutsew

Belle Etude and Thrifted Blouse

Thrifted Blouse and handmade blouse

Thrifted Blouses

Thrifted Blouses

Thrifted Blouses

AATP Prince Conrad Blouse and offbrand bouse


Dyed coat - Bodyline

Elie Crown Coat - BTSSB

Baby Leopard cape (BTSSB) - Offbradn Cape - Handmade Cape

Offbrand Pirate Jacket and Ribbon Fur Jacket (AATP)

Thrifted jacket and offbrand Jacket

Offbrand Cardigans


They come from Bodyline, Bordello, AATP, BTSSB, Mel, Guess, Irregular Choice, or are offbrand


From Left to right, Top to the end : Liz Liza, AATP, Chanel, Celine, AATP, Q-Pot, Handmade, Offbrand, Disney, Lollipops, Offbrand

Hair accessories

Here is my hair accessories storage zone. I didn't took these items in details but the are mainly handmade and from angelic pretty, BTSSB and AATP.


As always this post took longer then expected to made. If you like this post, if want to know more about me, and if you're curious, here is my personnal blog link : http://pommandarine.blogspot.fr/

I hope you like my post and thank you for reading it (/ ゚▽゚)/
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