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milkteaparfait's 2015 wardrobe

This is my first wardrobe post! I started getting into lolita in 2013, but 2014 was the year I really started expanding my wardrobe. It's not that big, but I'm quite happy with it.


My only solid dress. I definitely need more, it's so versatile and has a lot of nice details.

Metamorphose - Secret Library
This is pretty much my dream print come to life. Cats, books, and hints of astronomy. Also my first brand JSK.

Haenuli - Royal Kitten
My most recent purchase. I've been lusting after this print since it came out, I want to get the wine colorway as well!

Infanta - Creamy Cat
I wanted to get the JSK, but it was sold out in my size, so I settled for the Salopette. It's a bit too short for lolita, but it's still adorable. I hope I can get the JSK too.

Haenuli - Whipped Cream Kitty Kitty
I had to have this when I saw it on their facebook. It's a bit difficult to coordinate because I don't have a lot of brown in my wardrobe, but I have some ideas I want to try with it this year!

My very first lolita item. This used to be an OP, but I altered it into a JSK because I realized I don't care much for OPs.

Alice and the Pirates - Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box
My ultimate dream dress, and the dress that got me into lolita. I saw it on BABY's online shop, and completely fell in love with it. I finally found it last December for a really good price on y!A, I still can't quite believe it's mine!

The skirt is a bit more classic/gothic than the rest of my wardrobe, so it's a bit difficult to coordinate. I need to get some more pieces for it.

Putumayo - Trump Cat
This has been on my wishlist, but I wasn't really looking for it, so I was pretty pleased to see it on closetchild for super cheap! It has some discoloration in the back, but it's not really an issue.

Angelic Pretty - Cosmic
My first brand piece! I missed out on this print during the regular release, so I jumped on the reserve. It's really, really short on me, so I'll need an underskirt before I can wear it.

Infanta - Snow White
This was sort of a dream print for me, and I was pretty happy when it got re-released! I now think I should have gotten the JSK instead, but I'm still pleased with the skirt, it's super versatile.

Handmade by me
It's pink, but there was no way I could pass this fabric up! If I get my hands on some more, I'll make a JSK too.

Here's some of the accessories I wear with lolita. If you're interested in where a specific item is from, just ask!
My rings (and a single brooch). I definitely need more of those. All offbrand or chocomint
My "brand" jewelry. All AP.
Most of the necklaces and bracelets I wear with lolita (and another brooch). Metamorphose, Chocomint, Bodyline, rest offbrand.
Things to put on my head. Offbrand, AP, Forever21, and handmade.
More things to put on my head. Chocomint, Infanta, Bodyline, AP, Meta, and offbrand.
My berets, and a hat. Berets have become my favorite headwear lately, I want a lot more. All offbrand, red beret is Chess Story. I like to pair them with detachable bows and hair clips.
Offbrand collars, Infanta wristcuffs

I'm a bit too lazy to do my legwear, since I'm kind of a sock and tights hoarder.

My "strictly lolita" shoes. Bodyline x2, An*tai*na, bodyline.
My "normal shoes that I wear with lolita". The bottom two are usually when I know I'll be walking all day.

Meta, Loris x2, Swimmer, AP, Loris, Offbrand, H&M
The Meta 3-way bag is my favorite! I love the DDC tote, but it goes with nothing in my wardrobe, so I just use it to store waist ties and detachable bows. I might get rid of the Moon bag, it's not as cute as I hoped and I haven't used it once.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I almost forgot to photograph them! Forever21 x3, Bunny House, The Floral Notebook

In the mail...
So pumped for the Automatic Honey stuff!

Wardrobe goals for 2015

  1. Get some more essentials. Blouses, legwear, etc! I have a lot of tights, but I want some more interesting designs.

  2. Get more cat things! Cats have kind of become the main focus of my wardrobe, and I want to really go for it as much as I can.

  3. Lose some weight for better fit

  4. DIY more. Accessories and simple dresses mostly.

And there we go! Sorry for the crummy pictures, nice natural light is a bit difficult to get in my apartment at the moment. I can't wait to see how my wardrobe looks in 2016. I post my coordinates on my instagram sometimes, if you're curious. It's milkeamachine.
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