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Miloceane's first wardrobe post


I've been interested in Lolita sice 2004, lurking lolita communities very actively since 2010, I've started wearing "real" (not only inspired coords) Lolita in 2013 and I've now worn it daily for 8 months. :)

I have a very restricted budget (no real income yet), so a big part of my wardrobe is offbrand. In 2015, I plan to get more useful pieces: at least one new blouse with long sleeves, a black umbrella, brand white or ivory UTK socks (UTKs are nice for summer but I'm tired of Bodyline's lace), more tights, a black or brown bolero and if I can afford it, new bags and shoes.

Anyway, I will show you how it is currently, but I would like to first start with the coord I wore to take the pictures! (Because then I couldn't take pictures on the clothes I was wearing)


(I'm sorry for the quality that doesn't show the details very well…)
So, I wore my Rococo Bouquet JSK from Victorian Maiden (I bought it with my first income when I started my internship as a game developer in Paris! I fell in love as soon as I saw it, and thankfully I had to wait only 4 months to get it!), an offbrand blouse, and Marie-Antoinette tights.

For the rest of my wardrobe: here we go! :)

** JSKs and skirts **


Offbrand - a dress I got for my 16th birthday, I've worn it very differently through the year and I still like it!
Lady Sloth - I got it from my mother as a surprise for Christmas! My mom is awesome.


Bodyline corset skirt - My first lolita skirt ever! I wanted it since I saw it the first time I browsed Bodyline, in 2009. I got it for Christmas 2 years later, and it's still my favourite skirt!
Infanta - I had wanted this dress for so long! When I discovered Infanta a couple of years ago, they had the previous version (which I think I actually like a bit better), and I was so happy that they re-released it at a moment I could afford it!

Pink skirt: handmade by me - It's my first handmade skirt ever so it's not perfect, but I'm very happy with it! I used patterns of the book « Otome sewing book » or something like this.
Summer Tales Boutique's "Letters From Paris" - The first lolita item I bought with my own money. It was a huge step, because I had great issues to spend more than 20 euros in clothes before that. I have to say that going to a real Lolita shop helped! :p
Bodyline - Nothing special with this skirt, but I find it super pretty and I like coordinating it with a lot of hints of red with accessories. :)

Fanplusfriend - This is a skirt that I got for Christmas 2013 by my parents, with a blouse of the same collection. To go a bit more gothic. :p
Surface Spell - I loooove this skirt! I obviously wore it to go watch The Hobbit, and at many other times in fall and winter because it's very warm and longer than my other skirts. (It's also very heavy)

Handmade by me - My second skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric so it looks more Otome, and I think I will open it again (damn it I had got a so hard time making the pattern match at the seams! :p) to make an overskirt instead, or make a bustle behind.
Handmade by someone on LJ - A nice skirt to go casual and / or add steampunk-ish details. :)
Lady Sariel - A royal blue overskirt that looks perfect over white or black.

** Blouses **

Bodyline -- Offbrand



Offbrand - Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

2×Offbrand (1st one is Milanoo, my mother didn't know and ordered there for my birthday as a surprise… In the end I got quite lucky I think, it's wearable as something you would buy at H&M, I just changed the buttons (and will change the lace soon). I like wearing it because it reminds me of my how sweet my mother is to pick it for me as a surprise, chosing the heart-shaped neckline because she thought it would be what I prefer. <3


** Cutsews **

Alice and the Pirates - Offbrand (reconstructed)

** Coats, vests, boleros… **

Offbrand × 2

Infanta - Offbrand

Bodyline × 2

Offbrand - Handmade by me (my first handmade project that is not cosplay, please don't laugh it was hard :p)

** Shoes and bags **

Bodyline - 2×Offbrand
Taobao - Offbrand - Bodyline
(I sell a second pair of this one which is too big for me ~)

Offbrand - Loris - Alice and the Pirates (that was my "dream bag" somehow <3)
Alice and the Pirates

** Socks and tights **

Ankle socks - All offbrand

UTK socks
1st row: offbrand
2nd row: 3×Bodyline
3rd row: offbrand
4th row: Innocent World - Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Innocent World
5th row: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Bodyline - Offbrand
6th row: Bodyline - 2×offbrand

OTK socks
1st row: Bodyline - Angelic Pretty
2nd row: Innocent World - Angelic Pretty
3rd row: offbrand - Secret Shop
4th row: Angelic pretty - Offbrand
5th row: Secret Shop - Offbrand

Tights 1/2 : Taobao, Grimoire, Offbrand

Tights 2/2: Taobao, Offbrand, Taobao

I also have a bunch of plain or lacy tights in black and white but I didn't take pictures because I thought it would be boring for both you and me. :p

** Other accessories **

All offbrand

All offbrand

All offbrand except the 2 bows with pearls (Innocent World). The blue bow with stars is from PetiteRoyale on etsy.
The hair ties were made by the sister of my bf for me for Sinterklaas!

Most of them were made to go with some items I got.
1st row: Lady Sloth ×2, Fanplusfriend, Offbrand (Milanoo, cf exlanation with the blouse made with it)
2nd row: etsy, Victorian Maiden, Infanta
3rd row: Summer Tales Boutique, etsy, Fidel David, 3×offbrand

Summer Tales Boutique ×2

Mostly offbrand, the black pearls necklace and bracelet are from Señor Bear, and the top right necklace was purchased at Summer Tales Boutique.

** Soon in my closet **


(It's the back because I don't find any picture of the front).
I was so desperate for it that my boyfriend offered me to buy it for my birthday. But my birthday is in May. xD So the dress is somewhere in the house and I will get it in 5 months. (I'm so dying for it xD)

I think I didn't forget anything. I didn't take a picture of where I store them because it has nothing special, it's just a normal closet in my normal room. ^^ (Like, white plain closet.)

I also didn't show the articles that I have for sale, because I have stop wearing them and I don't consider them as a part of my wardrobe anymore.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)


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