Hila Hell Moreshet (Hila Hell Moreshet) wrote in egl,
Hila Hell Moreshet
Hila Hell Moreshet

to the all swiss/switzerland lolitas out there, or other lolitas/people that can help

in the next month (04.02) im coming to swiss for a week and a half (because i have a house near to zurich)
the last time i was in swiss i tried to find in FB the swiss community but i didn't succeed.
and then i thought this year i have expanded my wardrobe and im would really glad to meet lolita from switzerland. so if you would like to meet with me i would like that alot, please messege me. because i dont go into EGL alot please write to my email: hilli13m@gmail.com or write to my FB account.
thanks alot if you read all of this!

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