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cute_dark_lady's Wardrobe Post 2015

Hello everyone ^_^
Another year has passed by and I wanted to participate again on this theme. I love it and also enjoy looking through all the other wardrobes. Sometimes my jealousy is quite high xD But nevermind. I have my own little collection. Always a little bit different because I love selling and buying.

This year I won't post pictures of stuff on sale. Most of it is stored somewhere else.

As I'm living with my parent's again, my room has changed too xD I couldn't get a decent shot of all dresses in my wardrobe, because my wardrobe is somehow embedded in a way, I just can't manage it. It's kind of a walk-in closet but not exactly. I love that I have an own lamp there, because otherwise I wouldn't see my stuff in there, haha. As I'm learning for my Math exam, my room is a mess, won't show it at the moment.

I think I'm lacking blouses and other basic stuff like headwear and so on. I'm gonna concentrate the coming year on this stuff. Also proudly will do some sewing work. I'll have time for it after February.

So long talk, here are pictures of what is really interesting for you... my Lolita wardrobe ^__^
I think I forgot some stuff, but basically, this is it ^_~

(Gifs recycled from last year ^v^)

Enjoy ♥

Innocent World Elisbeth Rose Onepiece

BTSSB Chiffon Lamé Dot JSK

DEAR CELINE Polkadot Onepiece



BTSSB L'Oiseau Bleu JSK


ST.TEARS Le Lac Des Cygnes Dark|Ness JSK


AATP Victorian Cards JSK

WHITE MOON Magic Schoolbook JSK

BODYLINE Tea & Sweets JSK #2

BTSSB Tulip Bouquet JSK

CEL St- Augustine's Abbey JSK

ANGELIC PRETTY Whimsical Vanilla-chan JSK

ANGELIC PRETTY Angel Pony Applique JSK

Note: So this are the dresses which are hanging in my closet. I didn't include Chess Story's Spring Sonata JSK as well as a black Dear Celine JSK. First one is on sale and second one I gifted to my bf xD

INNOCENT WORLD Rose Lace High Waist Skirt

Taobao Elf Skirt

Selfmade Rose Skirt

Modified Offbrand / Taobao

Arrow / Modified Taobao

Offbrand / Offbrand

Offbrand / Offbrand

Emily Temple Cute / Offbrand

Chess Story

Note: Not included are a black blouse from Angelic Pretty and a white Dear Celine blouse as they are on sale =)


AmaStacia Aristocrat Coat

Liz Lisa / Bodyline

Offbrand / Selfmade out of an offbrand shirt


Offbrand Cardigans/Boleros in all colors

Bodyline Shoes

Secret Shop Shoes

Other Shoes

Note: I also have other shoes I wear with Lolita... but some of them are in repair status xD

Front Angelic Pretty, BTSSB
Back Offbrand stuff

Detachable Bows & Hair pins & stuff

Gloves: Etsy, Red Maria x 2, Claire's Wristcuffs

Offbrand / Chess story / Bodyline / Offbrand x2 / Bodyline x2

All from Taobao

Angelic Pretty / Innocent World x2 / Secret Shop / Bodyline

Ebay / Offbrand / BTSSB / Innocent World

I got this brooch from my boyfriend for Christmas, because he thought it would fit to my Lolita =) So sweet that's why I gave this an detail shot, hehe ♥

Metamorphose Tales Of The Wood JSK


So this is the end of my wardrobe post. I left out things like bloomers, petticoat, scarfs (as I collect them obsessively xD) and belts.
I hope you enjoyed looking trough this massive pic spam and comments are always appreciated xD

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