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Wardrobe post II: 99% offbrand

This is the second year in my lolita journey. 2014 was full of change, my wardrobe looks quite different from the last, becoming more floral and girly. The house was also renovated and it was my chance to transform my former bedroom into a walk-in closet. I tried to take better pictures this year too, and included coordinate pictures, especially for the less-loli things.
Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant - my ultimate dream dress, the one that started it all. I don't wear it very often, but just seeing it in my closet makes me very happy.

  • offbrand blouse, boots

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

  • apostrophe head cabbage (flower really, but it's too monstrously big to call a flower)

  • ToxicKitty blue rose clips

Bodyline l546 aka 'Venice Print' - another dream dress of mine! Goes great with pastel colors.

  • a mon avis ruffles and raschel lace bolero

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • Bodyline w049 wig

  • vintage socks, shoes and hat

  • ToxicKitty flower clips (on hat band)

Bodyline l510 aka 'Floral Bustle Chiffon' - I'd wanted the beige (sold out), found a flaw in the last dress they had in pink, and had to settle for sax. For the longest time it was impossible to coordinate, until I got a slew of pink things in the later half of 2014. Super duper fluffy- it is one of the few dresses I have that can achieve 'poof that eats small children' levels.

  • offbrand chiffon and knit bolero, bag, and pearl choker

  • Bodyline w089 wig

  • Forever21 lace tights

  • Gucci sandals

  • Daiso shoe clips

  • ToxicKitty and Foxcherry flower clips

  • handmade bows on bodice and ruffle on sandals

Bodyline l329. Arrived covered with bows it didn't really need; in the mirror photo all nine bows have been taken off, as well as the ginormous detachable waist bow. The smaller bows turned out to be very useful later on with other coordinates!

  • offbrand blouse and platform shoes

  • GLW 'Godiva' wig; gorgon levels of tangling

  • Taobao tights

  • ToxicKitty gothic choker

Infanta Powers and Thrones JSK I. In hindsight I really should have gotten the red, as silver is a bit difficult for me to coordinate.

  • Max Studio blouse

  • offbrand wig, tights and boots

  • ToxicKitty mini tricorn and rose clips

Infanta Rose Cathedral OP. Sold as 'damaged' but the difference was simply that the print was not as solid/crisp as the other colorways (and it arrived with one bow instead of two) I like the textured effect, however.

  • offbrand blouse

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • ToxicKitty rose brooch/clip

Liz Lisa. Admittedly I don't own a lot from the brand so it's difficult to say, but I really like the details and construction of this piece. The straps were meant to cross in back, but I am thinking of making an erololi coord (sans jacket) with this if I can find good-quality long gloves/arm warmers.

  • Deep or Shallow jacket; love this, will write more about it on the relevant entry

  • Little Dipper underskirt

Liz Lisa. My first gyaru purchase. Not as fond of it now, since getting the dress below this. Might sell it sometime this year.

  • offbrand lace coverup, necklace, hat, ankle socks, sandals

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

  • Bodyline w089 wig

Liz Lisa. Haven't done any coordinates with it yet, but the color palette looks more interesting to play with than the one above.

Shirley Temple Cute. My only piece of brand... and I know it's brand for children at that. But it fits, which is the important thing. Not really into Sweet so this is a bit difficult to wear, but I appreciate the little details- especially the pom on the waist ties and the pocket XD

  • offbrand blouse, ribbon in hair from some other dress

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

Offbrand. Everything. I was planning to have the middle tier cut out to make it more accomodating for a petticoat, but I haven't yet found a seamstress I feel comfortable entrusting this to.

  • offbrand blouse, ribbon in hair from some other dress

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

Offbrand. Very old, too, more than ten years at least. The printed fabric - velveteen? is very soft and the print is actually pretty sharp. Rather otome in shape, but I just can't let it go.

Offbrand. This fabric made me misjudge the color from stock photos,it goes pink in some lights. The skirt itself can fit light poof, but the tulle underlayer is a bit more narrow. Might have to do something about that when I have the time...

  • vintage/offbrand blouse, OTKs, shoes

  • Girl Shoppe headband

  • Krad Lanrete belt

Handmade (not by me). I am not entirely sure about this dress. I like the print and lace, but the construction is a little awkward on me; underskirts can only do so much.

  • a mon avis ruffles and raschel lace bolero

  • offbrand necklace

  • ToxicKitty canotier (on bolero)

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

Offbrand. This used to have a tag; some western brand, maybe Miss Selfridge, but I don't remember. I cut the tag off because I prefer to wear it back-to-front like in here, as I liked the deep v-neck as compared to the scoop neckline at the front.

  • offbrand blouse, hat

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • vintage pearls

  • handmade bows, layered with a couple I, uh... snipped from an old plush

Offbrand. This is a high/low cut and the longer back of the dress swishes when you walk! Another old piece.

Offbrand. Doesn't fit Tabby (my dressform) no matter which way I tug. Pretty interesting fabric, shot through with gold.

  • Allison Taylor blouse

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

  • offbrand everything else

Underdresses. H&M, offbrand, offbrand.

dabuwawa. One of my odder acquisitions, which became my favorite coord from 2014! <3

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

  • Bodyline w089 wig

  • vintage/offbrand hat (sewed two hats together, temporary measure of course)

  • offbrand lace tights, gloves, and rose bracelet

  • Zanea shoes

  • Daiso shoe clips

  • handmade ruffles (on shoes)

Bodyline l479. One of my first lolita purchases. I wore this again recently and found that it doesn't fit right anymore o_o the waist ties aren't enough, but I'm not sure if corset lacing would be strong enough to bear the weight of the fabric- it is my heaviest dress.

  • offbrand jacket, jewelry

  • Foxcherry flower brooch

Offbrand. 'Rococo Rose' - gyaru OP. I really like the print, the fabric, everything! The short length makes it more accepting of various underskirts.

  • offbrand blouse

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • Bodyline w049 wig

  • Taobao tights

  • Bodyline bow from l380 skirt (in hair)

Offbrand. 'Glacier Blue' - just a simple lace dress, but very poofy! I've had the fur tippet forever but I rarely use it- people tend to give you funny looks when you wear fur in the tropics.

  • offbrand fur tippet, blouse

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

  • Bodyline wristcuffs

Offbrand. 'Rose Vine' - Very light and airy! I love the print and the lace, although the bodice is a teeny bit long on me (long legs, short torso) so I have to use a belt.

  • Bodyline w049 wig

  • Bodyline l380 detachable bow

  • offbrand belt

  • ToxicKitty rose brooch

  • Taobao tights

  • Zanea shoes

Offbrand. 'Bouquet Pouf' - gyaru OP. I really like the print, and the chiffon is so soft. Like the other one above the short length makes it more accepting of various underskirts.

  • Bodyline l329 bows on the bodice - just pinned on

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • ToxicKitty canotier

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

  • offbrand pearl choker

Offbrand. 'Bouquet Pouf II'. When I got my package I realized I'd bought two of the exact same print. Derp. The bodice details are different and it is pink instead of ivory, but still....

Offbrand. Another gyaru OP. Because it is longer than the others, it is not as forgiving of large poof. I didn't end up liking it as much as I thought, so I might make some modifications (does lace take to tea dyeing?) or sell it this year.

  • H&M underdress

  • Bodyline l380 detachable bow

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

  • offbrand socks, shoes, bows on bodice snipped from a pair of socks that didn't really need them

Offbrand. 'Cameo Rose' - I would like this a lot more if the shape of the bodice wasn't so... boxy o_o It has absolutely no shape to it (was this cut for a man?) but I like the colors very much, so it stays.

  • offbrand blouse

  • Bodyline l329 detachable bow

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • vintage pearls

Offbrand. Swishy chiffon! This is too sheer to wear on its own, but makes a great blouse. Might wear it in a shiro coordinate sometime too. Those buttons going down the front are non-functional, by the way.

  • offbrand floral overdress, platforms, wig

  • Bodyline P154 skirt

  • Foxcherry flower clip

Offbrand. 'Fairy Floral' - lace and tulle gyaru OP. Super duper swishy! I made a GIF of how it looks going down the stairs; like a giant fluffy jellyfish.

  • offbrand blouse, belt, chiffon underskirt

Walter Ma. Before the l480, this was the heaviest dress in my wardrobe. The bodice is looong on me (looks similar to Haenuli/MarchenP) but the skirt is very generously cut.

  • Little Dipper underskirt

  • GLW 'Duchess' wig in Milk Tea Blonde

  • apostrophe headcabbage + Foxcherry flower clip

  • vintage scarf

  • offbrand everything else

Offbrand. 'Flannel Floral I' - I think of this and the next two as close cousins, being as they are all flannel (tropics, again; if I'd known beforehand I would have thought twice about buying them, but they are rather nice for colder months) This is the floral overdress in one of the coords above.

Offbrand. 'Flannel Floral II' - some differences from its cousin in that the lace is raschel vs. torchon, and the bodice is more straight-cut vs. shaping.

  • Bodyline l325 corset skirt

  • offbrand blouse, belts (one corset, one braided rope), socks, wig

  • ToxicKitty canotier x2

  • promod shoes

Offbrand. 'Flannel Floral III' - this has wide brown cotton lace and for some reason, criscross leather lace at the elbow bend. Bodice has pintucks and little rose buttons.

Offbrand. 'Airy Fairy' - 100% tulle! It is swishy and fluffy, with two patterns of tulle- plants and swirls on the bottom and sleeves, and random dots on the chest area.

  • H&M underdress

  • offbrand hat, bows, organza ribbon as improvised waist-tie

Offbrand. I bought it thinking it looked a little like a dress by Antique Beast. The bodice is boxy (it is back to front here, by the way) but it is worth thinking over.

  • offbrand everything

Offbrand. The girl who sold it to me wears it on its own, but on me it is short to the point of nigh indecency -_- This is one of the things that has never been ironed, because I am terrified that the organza will burst into flames...

  • Little Dipper underskirt

Offbrand. My otome-goth dress. It is made of an odd smooth fabric that resists water, so it is my go-to rainy day dress.

Offbrand. It doesn't look like much, but the bodice cut is SUPER flattering, as are the shoulders. Sadly it lost a button in the wash, so I took the other one off too.

  • ToxicKitty mini tricorn and blue rose clips

Offbrand. Perfect for cooler days! I love the colors, and it is lined and very comfy.

  • Bodyline l380 skirt

  • offbrand blouse

  • Foxcherry mini hat + Moss Marchen giant pom. I took it off the headband (with considerable effort) because I don't like headbands very much. I thought it would be more useful as a separate accessory.

Handmade by Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips. I like the shape and cut, though it does tend to slip off my shoulders. Worn back-to-front in picture on the right.

  • Bodyline l380 detachable bow

  • ToxicKitty choker


  • offbrand platforms

MOGAO. This brand used to put out very elegant all-black pieces, which came in useful because for three years I wore nothing but black. Family stuff.

  • offbrand gobelin minidress, jewelry

  • ToxicKitty flower crown + clips

  • Me-Moi lace tights

  • Clarks shoes

  • Cole Haan bag

MOGAO, again. This has decorative buttons at the back of the neck. I really like the satin on the skirt part.

Offbrand. Gobelin! <3 <3 I wish I had more in this fabric. This dress is pretty narrow, but can fit casual poof.

  • offbrand chiffon blouse, jacquard skirt

  • Bodyline w045 wig

  • ToxicKitty flower clips

  • vintage socks and shoes, jewelry

Offbrand. Roomwear/nightdress.

Bodyline l353 and offbrand.

Bodyline l380 and offbrand. Really useful, love these skirts.

Little Dipper. The pillar of my wardrobe! I could go on and on and on about how I love this, all day every day...

Chess Story Le Jardin de Versailles and Bodyline l130. I don't much like the white ruffle on the second skirt. I am thinking about dunking it in tea, but then that would affect the print...

Bodyline l325 and offbrand (very old). I want to collect the l325 in all colors! Shame it's always out of stock.

Both offbrand.

Offbrand midi skirt and Souffle's Song Time Godness (typo not mine)

Both offbrand.

Both offbrand. The one on the right is my go-to black underskirt, the fabric is lovely.

Bodyline P154 and offbrand. I was going to buy the l325 in black, but the girl made a mistake and handed me the punk skirt instead... =-='

All offbrand.

As so much of my stuff is offbrand, they need just the ~right~ blouse to look good. So I am a believer in blouses; I have lots and lots. This isn't everything, just the more interesting ones. Some were due for washing and thus skipped.

White, offwhite and ivory. All offbrand. First and third from the bottom right are my favorites.

Pink, gray, black and misc. All offbrand.

Outerwear, offbrand. The third in the top row gets a special mention, as it is from Deep or Shallow and the quality and detailing are absolutely perfect. Next to it is my pink a mon avis hoodie (info) Love these so much.

Offbrand. Bishop-sleeved heart twill(?) jacket and some ouji stuff.

Offbrand, lace topper and floral corduroy coat.

I lovelovelove flowers but they don't photograph well, so no detail shots. Mostly ToxicKitty and Foxcherry. I prefer bunches of different colors instead of single flowers.


  • apostrophe headcabbages

  • large bows (blue from Souffle's Song, kanzashi style bows from Red Maria)

  • smaller bows to pin on things (top left Red Maria, double bows at bottom right Daiso)

  • ToxicKitty mini tricorns

  • bunch of hats, offbrand (bonnet taken off my giant teddy bear)

  • detail on Foxcherry hat and giant Moss Marchen pom


  • offbrand detachable collars, gloves, etc. Lone pair of wristcuffs from Bodyline.

  • vintage and offbrand scarves, ascot)

  • offbrand furry things and Spring Marionette handmade-not-by-me rose bracelet)

  • bunch of offbrand belts. I bought the two in the middle to replace the older two on the right; ended up justifying them as 'antiqued' instead of 'beat up' and kept them all

  • offbrand elastic belts

  • misc ribbons as improvised belts, Krad Lanrete (bottom left), Daiso shoe clips with handmade ruffle, offbrand sashes

Bad photos :| offbrand everything. Print tights from Taobao, quality varies from 'excellent' (cat tights x2) to 'just barely wearable' (Grimoire knockoffs)

Bags. Too many to list in detail, but my favorites are from Tomato (large gold bag in 3rd pic and filigreed ivory sholder bag in 2nd picture) and Aeropostale (black doctor bag in 4th picture). I tend to go for high street bags because I want them to last; I have a burning dislike for pleather bags that flake in the heat.

Necklaces. Gothic, Hime and Classic.
Some of my brooches. This lot was the hardest to photograph.

Rings and detail shots. Dress watch (I don't really wear watches, they might as well be bracelets XD) Chantilly, but not the loli brand Chantilly. Fun fact, everyone in our family was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, so I collect horse-related things. However there are only three of us, so the fourth horse on the brooch is a little sad.

GLARE @_@ I'm so sorry. The lighting in my room fluctuates dramatically depending on time of day/cloud cover. The dresser was my grandma's (pastel green) and passed on from my uncle (black) to me. The stool and cushion were separate pieces and there is a hilarious story about the lace covering the cushion.

The cabinet used to hold knicknacks and china, but we put in more shelves and I touched up the faded designs with colored pencil. Accessories up top, mini tricorns in the middle drawer, and wigs live in the dark cave at the bottom. To the left of the cabinet is Tabby and my pineapple-legged table. To the left of that is the 'airing-out' closet. My clothes are in a three-part closet off to the far left (blue doors) I thought I had a picture, but it seems not.

Makeup table. Half the stuff on display is there for the cuteness factor and is not what I really use; more makeup is stored in the hatbox and in the right-hand dresser drawer. The eagle on the piano stand is from Avon, and the biscuit tin in the back holds makeup brushes XD

No I do not have a problem, what are you talking about... I only wear my real hair out when I get it trimmed. The pictures in pink boxes are this year's additions, and those in the rightmost column are in transit.

My wants are simple. I would like to get more typically 'loli' shoes; I really hope Bodyline pleather does not flake, as I need pink and white platform heels, and maybe white boots. Printed legwear.  Also I DEFINITELY need another Little Dipper underskirt, in dark pink this time. I am also eyeing Krad Lanrete's S/S 2015 release.

I am not sure whether I will get into buying brand. I don't like being so careful about keeping my clothes pristine (I only show that obsessive devotion to the KL JSK, and I just about had a heart attack when I saw a tiny thread pull in the back. If I had to worry that much about all my dresses... haha, no thanks) maybe later on when I am happy with the size of my wardrobe I can start switching out to my dream dresses, fortunately my list isn't so very long.

Thank you for reading!
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  • Wardrobe Post 2021

    After many years i decided to do a wardrobe post again. 😂 I being into Lolita and started to build up a wardrobe since 2004. So it will be my 17th…

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