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sweetexpedition's 2014 to 2015 Wardrobe

2014 was my first year of being interested in, buying and wearing lolita.
I wanted to do a wardrobe post this year, because what made me need to start buying was the wardrobe posts from last year. My style is all over the place, so I've only documented my main pieces, because I have far too many blouses, legwear and accessories.
I have a heap of JSKs because it's easy to switch things up between them, and they're generally more flattering on my body

AP Glass Bottle of Tears: My first ever dress, and I was ecstatic to be able to buy it because the print was one I adored from browsing other people's wardrobe posts
IW Nicholas Fruits: My second dress, and one that I wear for mainly outside/picnic events (since I already stained it)

IW Icing Cookie: I bought the high waisted JSK when it was on sale, and recently got the apron JSK in a lucky pack -perhaps I'll sell the h/w one

Rococo-soul United States of Chocolate: Haven't worn this out yet, as it's quite an assault on the eyes xD
IW Tea Time: A great casual piece, but I want to shorten the skirt part a little

AP Royal Creamy Chocolate: Super cute but also really short, I like to wear it casually, and the glitter lame print is cool
AP Royal Chocolate (2012): A versatile piece, but also on the short side. It was a dream dress and I was super happy to get it for a reasonable price

IW Marine Rose: Just got this in a LP, but I love the colours and the print - not too sure about the bodice though
BtssB Angel's Gentle Whisper in the Heavenly Holy Night Melody: One of my dream dresses (although I wouldn't say no to the navy colourway), the print is amazing and so is the design of the dress

Dream of Lolita Library print: This is one of DoL's few original designs, and for some reason I get a lot of nice comments when I wear this out
Infanta Power and Thrones: This is my only velvet piece, and as a beginner I thought I desperately needed the screenprint xD

IW Royal Parade: Another one of the dresses I wear often and without much consideration for how dirty it may get, the print is very interesting
AatP Stained Glass Angel: It was my number 1 dream dress, and also the most expensive piece in my wardrobe. I would probably kill to get my hands on an original 2006 BtssB Koitsukihime black JSK/OP

IW Strahov Library: A rare bordeaux, the cut makes the JSK versatile and I adore the book print
AatP Horoscope / Constellation: Again, the print is gorgeous and the underbust cut is flattering on myself

CEL St Augustine: The neckhole is really small, but the stained glass print is totally worth it
Luna Rossa End of Vanitas: Vibrant colours on this piece make it easy to coord with jewel tone items, but the print is a bit blotchy

Krad Lanrete Lost in Sea Blue: Beautiful beautiful print, but the cut makes me look super frumpy orz
Little Dipper ???: Another really pretty print, but it's really short and the lining is a bit weird, so I call this my 'mahou shoujo' dress and will probably never wear it as lolita

I didn't have my ecailles De Lune Forest of Pipe Organ JSK on hand to photograph

I only have a few skirts, I don't like to tuck my blouse in, but most of my blouses aren't short enough to not tuck in argh-

Infanta Dark Magic Party: It's a salopette, but I couldn't be bothered to attach the other piece. Quite versatile, I like to wear it casually, or under heavy dresses to amp up poof
Bodyline Strawberry Shortcake: Really cute and nice for casual summer outfits

AP Royal Chocolate (2012): The high waisted skirt is really flattering, and can be worked in many different styles
AatP Galactic Journey to the Stars: The waist is really tight, so I'll have to lose some weight before trying to wear this pretty print out

These are the only two OPs I own that I plan on keeping
IW Antique Doll: I love how detailed everything from the lace on the cuffs are, down to the removable bustle, this should be really awesome to wear in winter. I also received the matching hat
IW Rose Emblem: Plain for sure, but it's an amazing old-school style piece I'm really happy to have gotten from a LP

My only brand coat
IW ??? Sailor Coat: Just got this in a LP as well, and I can't find it on lolibrary, but it's super thick. I can't wait for winter to put this baby on.

The above were all the main pieces I collected in 2014, and I hope to add some more older BtssB and AatP pieces in the 2015 year

Waiting on: Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory anniversary release preorder in midnight

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