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First time participating in the Wardrobe theme

Hello everyone!

It's my first time joining a wardrobe theme on egl. I'm wearing lolita since 2006 (feeling so old right now) and I'm a seamstress since the beginning. So my wardrobe consists mostly my one of a kind dresses/skirts/blouses/etc. and a few brand (only 3 dresses so far).

The dresses are (more or less) in chronological order, so the first one are my oldest.

Oldschool Schoolgirl JSK

Frill Pintuck Skirt

Magic Blue JSK
Unfortunaley this dress is too small for my dress form.

Retro Punk JSK

Pearl Tartan JSK

Gambling JSK

Pink Casual Skirt

Brown Steampunk inspired Set

Gothic Punk JSK

Black Chiffon Skirt

Black White Bustle Corset and Skirt

Retro Dots JSK

Country Flower JSK

Walking with the Maikos JSK

My only Btssb: Snow Dot OP

Black White Stripe Skirt

My only AP: Moon Night Theater Pleated JSK

Journey to OZ JSK and blouse

Masked Party JSK

Oldschool OP

My only IW: British Noble Emblem JSK

My only Metamorphose: Rose Cage Asymmetry Frill Pinafore JSK

Both homemade

Just a selection of my head wear and of my most badass jewellery/other things.

The Mini Top Hat at the most right corner is from AatP, the rest is either homemade or offbrand.

Offbrand, Vintage, homemade or Indie Brands (Li-Paro, Vanillas Traumfabrik, Merry Me). The blue Rose is by Moitie.


Montreal, an*tai*na, Secret Shop, Deichmann, Demonia, Bodyline, Vivienne Westwood, Offbrand

Right now I'm working on my next OP in navy blue and offwhite:

BTW ... the zipper of two JSKs brake while taking the pictures (Journey to OZ and Country Flower) !!! I was so mad, but I gonna repair both dresses... the advantage being a seamstress. ;)
Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january
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