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Lady Elowens' Wardrobe post 2015

P1040429 - kopie-001

Hello ^^
This is my third time participating in the Wardrobe theme. Here are my posts from 2013 and 2014.
I sold some stuff, I bought some new dresses and I am still working on perfecting my wardrobe.


1 (800x535)
Innocent World - Side Drape JSK
This is the newest addition to my wardrobe. I love this dress, it is very versatile and comfy. (I have the detachable bib too, but I don't like wearing it so I did not picture it).

2 (800x530)
Atelier Boz - Rarufei OP and Offbrand Jacket
The first ever dress I bouhgt from a brand website through a shopping service. I rarely wear this one, but it is gorgeous.
I noticed did not take a seperate picture of the jacket, so I just list it here. I found it in a lovely small shop near my parents hometown.

3 (800x536)
Surface Spell - Judgement Day JSK (Custom)
I had this one custom made without the (amazing) embroidery. I really like the cut of this JSK but big prints and big embroidery are not my thing. This dress is great to wear in winter.

4 (800x535)
Marchen die Prinzessing - Charlotte JSK
I am very happy the colours turned out nice in the picture since it is hard to photograph. This dress is also looks 100x better in real life than in the picture.

5 (800x532)
Innocent world - Merry Rose JSK (long)
This is the longest piece in my wardrobe. When I saw this in the comm sales I had to buy it and I am glad I did. This is a really lovely dress.

6 (800x534)
Innocent World - Beluga JSK (short)
This was my first brand dress, and I am still very happy with it. It is comfy and versatile.


P1040368 (599x800)P1040369 (598x800)
Both from FanplusFriend
I mainly wear these casually outside of Lolita, since I prefer to wear dresses when wearing lolita.


R-Series and Dear Celine

Dear Celine and FanpluFriend (2x)

Tights, Accessoires and Parasols

Only thights this time, I stil have socks, but I just prefer to wear tights with my dresses

Everything is offbrand
Both from Alice and the Pirates


20476_original 20572_original

FanplusFriends and Poizen Industries Alice Coat
Stock pictures, because I don't have decent pictures of them.
The F+F coat is custom and does not have (fake) fur at the bottom and I removed the bows from the Poizen Industries coat.
The (fake) fur parts and the capelet of the F+F coat are detachable and I don't wear them.

Not pictured
Petticoats, shoes, bags, bloomers, accessoires that came with the clothes, my corsets (I don't wear those anymore, but you can find them in last years post), jewelry and my plain and simple cardigans. White Surface Spell JSk, since I decided to turn it into a skirt and now is on my work in progress pile.

Reflection and Goals
This years post made me reflect on my wardrobe and the direction I want it to take. I actually achieved one of the goals I set last year: more colours. I sold a black JSK and bought the Merry Rose and Side Drape JSKs
I am (still) going to try to add some longsleeve, chiffon and low neckline blouses in different colours to my wardrobe.Just as lighter colours and florals. And bolero's, nice cardigans and another jacket.
I will probably will sell my black F+F blouses since I don't wear those anymore, and they aren't my style anymore.

Thank you for watching
Have a nice day
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