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Shortcats first wardrobe post!

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This was my first big year of buying Lolita, so nearly all of this was collected in 2014! I'm hoping to pick up a second job this year so maybe my wardrobe will double in size by next year :)

 photo tumblr_inline_n2pgxnLfSr1rpglid.gif

 photo IMG_1870.jpg
Bodyline Bunny Cinderella skirt, one of my very first pieces!

 photo IMG_1871.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Royal Poodle

 photo IMG_1873.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Princess Party skirt

 photo IMG_1878.jpg
Bodyline Love Jewelry

 photo IMG_1879.jpg
Bodyline, not sure what this one is called, as I bought it secondhand.

 photo IMG_1881.jpg
Bodyline L420, this dress is super lightweight and has glitter in the fabric!

 photo IMG_1885.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Dreaming Macaron

 photo IMG_1886.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Promenade de Paris

 photo IMG_1888.jpg
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Mademoiselle Princess, also very glittery!

 photo IMG_1889.jpg
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Petit Fruit, the print has tiny strawberries etc

 photo IMG_1891.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Eternal Rose Bouquet, my only OP but also the crowning glory of my AP collection. This was my very first brand purchase :')

 photo IMG_1893.jpg
All offbrand, except one Bodyline on the bottom right.

 photo IMG_1895.jpg
A closer shot of the black blouse, the entire thing is lace!
One of my goals for this year is to expand my blouse collection!

 photo IMG_1898.jpg
Top two thrifted, bottom two offbrand cropped cardi's.

 photo IMG_1899.jpg
Angelic Pretty Heart Watermark bolero, I want one in every colour! Some detail shots:
 photo IMG_1900.jpg
The bow on the sleeves, every 'point' around the edges of this bolero has a teeny tiny pearl!
 photo IMG_1901.jpg
The huge bow on the back!

 photo IMG_1902.jpg
All Bodyline. My shoe collection actually feels pretty complete to me. The only items I would like to add are a pair of boots and some gold tea parties!

 photo IMG_1904.jpg
Socks, all offbrand except one pair of AP socks (Eternal Rose Bouquet). Socks are something I need a TON more of this year!

 photo IMG_1905.jpg
Two lonely pairs of tights, both offbrand. I have no clue why I bought the lavender ones...nothing in my wardrobe is purple as I just don't often go for it!

 photo IMG_1908.jpg
Headwear, two AP headbows, some detachable stuff, and a handmade two way clip that I received from a secret santa.

 photo IMG_1909.jpg
Bracelets and rings. Only one AP (Melty Chocolate), necklace and bracelet set by Pinkly Ever After, and three handmade (by me!) rings. All else offbrand.

 photo IMG_1912.jpg
Necklaces, all offbrand.

 photo IMG_1916.jpg
Two boot toppers and a pair of fingerless gloves that were handmade for me by my boyfriend's mom!

 photo IMG_1913.jpg
My two AP bags, the heart shaped one is my everyday purse so it carries my little Usakumya

 photo IMG_1914.jpg
And finally some misc stuff, boater hat, beret, faux fur collar, and my sad little petti which needs replacing this year!

 photo tumblr_inline_my2jxipV5Z1r63cto.gif
Thanks for looking!! Here is a bonus photo:

 photo IMG_1883.jpg
My blurry cat, who couldn't keep her paws off the burando.

Here are some of my coordinates from this past year~
Until next year  photo tumblr_inline_mzmxtgWO1a1qid2nw.gif

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