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Nickle's First-Ever Wardrobe Post!

Hello all!
I'm mainly a lurker here, but I decided to not be completely lazy today and photograph my (small) collection and make this post. :D

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos and the odd angles. How do you all photograph your items so wonderfully???)

My lonely petti. I'm hoping to get a black one soon!
From FanplusFriend, the "Omnipotent" one. It hasn't really lost any poof yet, and I've had it since 2013!

Anna House (If I remember correctly, this was my first Lolita purchase!)


Damsel in This Dress (A custom piece I ordered years ago. For Lolita, I usually wear it with the ties in front undone, so it just hangs down like a normal skirt)

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright



Bodyline (I think this was my first Lolita dress purchase. I always get a lot of compliments from random passersby when I wear this one! ^///^)

Handmade by my Friend Lola (Hard to see in this pic, but it's Cupcake-print!)

Bodyline (And one of my favorite pieces! <3 This was what I wore the first time I wore Lolita out in public, and I got such a positive response from people!)

Infanta Dark Magic Party + Beret (DEAR LORD MY MOST FAVORITE PIECE I OWN. I adore this sooooo much! ;w; )

The Vest and Hairbow that Lola made to go with the dress

An*Tai*Na Tea Parties (The only Lolita-specific shoes I own. ;A; )

Top 2 bows by Petite Royale, bottom one is offbrand (bought at the Maid Cafe in NYC)

Top 2 (leather-looking) bows are from my shoes, tiny bows are from Forever21, and large Houndstooth ones are offbrand

Pinky, paint-splattered flower is from Forever21, black rose is from Hot Topic, rest are offbrand

Charlotte Russe for both, I believe

Gothic Lolita Wigs

Cosworx/Cosplay.com's store

Arda Wigs

Also Gothic Lolita Wigs

Things I learned while doing all this:
- I need to get some spray lubricant and give my wigs some TLC. ;A;
- I need more Lolita clothes in general.
- I can't photograph clothing to save my life.
- I forgot to photograph my stockings/leggings/legwear, and the one Black Peace Now cutsew I have. Oops.

Lolita Wants for 2015:
- More jewel tones (bold reds, blues, and purples especially)
- More blouses (I'd love a high-collared black one the most!)
- More patterned pieces
- More shoes
- More military-/circus-inspired pieces (I'm a sucker for double-breasted buttons and checkerboard patterns!)

Lolita Goals for 2015:
- Expand my local community
- Actually have a meet-up with said community once a month (we haven't had a meet-up since late October)
- Wear Lolita to Anime North (finally)

Thank you so much for looking! :D If you have any suggestions of things I could get, please let me know! ^___^

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