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Kuroeko's 2015 Wardrobe Post


Hello everyone! This is my first post to egl and also first full year in lolita. My wardrobe is small but I am very proud of it! I like to think I am classic/sweet, but one of my new year lolita resolutions is to get some darker colors in, such as black and navy *w* Before I start I want to thank obsixwi for helping me the whole time, sweet gothic soul who probably stopped me from being ita.
Now onwards to the first things! Dresses!
Apologies if pictures seem a little off or change angles.


Sweet Cream House High Waits JSK by Angelic Pretty - First brand dress!


Day Dream Carnival Tiered JSK by Angelic Pretty - The first dream dress I ever got :>


??? Bodyline JSK - bought when I was starting out and is still a great piece, but since I bought it off of someone else through obsixwi I have no idea what number it was.


Macaron et Mademoiselle Dress by Chess Story - A nice casual piece!


Les Printemps by Chess Story - My first real JSK and is very dear to me.

Skirt (I only have one because I don't like skirts)


I think this dress is called Heart Cookie by Bodyline - Also bought when I was starting out from a friend of obsixwi. Wonderful skirt, goes well with everything!

Blouses- I have very little right now but I will be ordering more soon.


Clockwise from top left: Btssb blouse (my favorite), HMHM blouse, 69th Department blouse

Tippets/Collars- I love tippets! More like I have a sensitive neck.


Faux Fawn Fur Tippet by Peacockalorum and Extra Shiny Sparkly Collar from my dear grandma

Headbows/Hair Accessories:


Headbows (clockwise from top) : Day Dream Carnival by AP, Black headbow by Btssb, Pink headbow by Chess Story, Sweet Cream House headbow by AP


Nondescript hair accessories from wide and far! Collected over several countries and stores. I use these in everyday life, too.



Main ones that I use, from left to right, Celestial Sax OTKs by AP, F21 heart tights, R-series tights (very versatile), AP socks: Shooting star OTKs, Candy fun fair OTKs, Lucky Pack (forgot the name) OTKs



Ahcahcum Muchacha Rabbit Bag (from a mook)- Selling the postcard set if anyone is interested, since I don't use postcards. It's 24 different postcards!


Tote bags I use whenever I have too much stuff to carry, clockwise from top left: Pink Latte (this one's so small and flat...), Cat bag from Taiwan, Uniqlo Tote, Liz Lisa tote.


Angelic Pretty mook tote with Day Dream Carnival print.


My first ever lolita item, Pink dot ribbon bag by Angelic Pretty! Quite a few paychecks went into this baby...



All the shoes I use in lolita! From left to right, offbrand, MAGY from Taiwan x 2, and Taobao Swimmer replica Unicorn shoes (I don't wear this with lolita but it's cute.)



One AP Parasol and Liz Lisa folded umbrella (it's larger than it looks)

I'm happily looking forward to many more years in lolita! If anyone thinks these photos look familiar it's because I'm also kuroeko on tumblr and have already posted some there, too :>

Also throwing this out there, my wishlist is currently:

Wonder Queen in black colorway (as long as it's not OP or skirt I'll go for it)
Romantic Rose Letter pink JSK
Mon Petit Chouchou Ivory JSK (any long frill version)
Traumerei of the Bright Stars long frill version (far shot, but one can hope)

Thank you and comments are welcome!

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