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Wardrobe Post 2015

Hello again! Last year was my first wardrobe post, you can see it here~
(I have used my blog link because the images have been err skewed on the livejournal post)

My wardrobe didn't grow very much this year, but I hope you'll like the change in format. I'll be posting the close ups in larger images on my tumblr. My post is also up on my blog with more chatter and larger images if you are interested!

Yet again I haven't been able to show my wardrobes actual storage (as it is not that interesting) but I hope that will change next this year!

On to pictures!

Cameo-Window-Circus-PrintAngelic Pretty Cameo Window 2014 - Baby the Stars Shine Bright Circus Print 2009

Cats-Tea-Party-Rose-ToiletteAngelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party 2012 - Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette 2007

Coat-of-Arms-Shirring-PrincessAngelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan 2013 - Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shirring Princess 2008

Honey-Cake-Magical-EtoileAngelic Pretty Honey Cake 2011 - Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile 2008

Macaron-Tartan-Melty-Cream-DoughnutAngelic Pretty Macaron Tartan 2011 - Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut 2013

Milky-Chan-Jewellery-JellyAngelic Pretty Polkadot Milky-chan Applique 2009 - Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly 2010

Patisserie-Gentle-FoxEmily Temple Cute Patisserie Print 2013 - Peppermint Fox Gentle Fox 2014

Sweetie-Violet-Day-Dream-CarnivalAngelic Pretty Sweetie Violet 2014 - Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival 2013

TopsAngelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Angelic Pretty - Innocent World - Magic Cats Street
Various Taobao

Bags-Shoes-Socks-TightsBags - Shoes - Socks - Tights
Make-Up-2Make Up

I included a selection of make up that I most use- it's become more important this year for me and I think it's something sometimes overlooked.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to ask as I know I haven't labelled many things!

Not Pictured: Twinkle Ornament JSK Pink, IW Lucky Pack JSK, my favourite LP boston bag, various plain coloured tights, two pairs of taobao ribbon shoes, novelties~

CoordinatesA compliation of some coordinates from this year~ to put a face to the wardrobe, perhaps? I really feel I found my style (even if it's a bit plain ^^;)

*Also just a small note, I am not interested in selling anything. Thank you!*

Thanks for looking!
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