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Knitting and Crochet Pattern Database

I know there are pages around here with clothing patterns you could use for Lolita fashion, but what about patterns for those handy with a yarn and hook and/or two needles? So I've decided to take the labor of creating a list of knitting and crochet patterns for Lolita clothes and accessories!

Found a pattern online and want to contribute? Is a link no longer working? Did you do one of these patterns and want to share your two cents or finished pictures? Let me know!

Rosebud Earrings (crochet, easy level)

Designer Lace Collar (crochet, experienced level) I actually made one of these for a Secret Santa gift this year!

Crochet Ruffled Collar (crochet, easy level)

Crochet Bow Headband (crochet, easy level) nice basic alice band for Sweet Lolita

Pearl Gloves (crochet, intermediate/advanced level) vintage pattern that also includes a pattern for matching belt

Heirloom Lace Sampler Bracelet (crochet, intermediate level) nice cuff for blouse sleeves

Asphyxiation Choker (crochet, intermediate/advanced level) can be lengthened by adding more rows

Asterisk Headband (crochet, easy level) add lace and you got a rectangle headdress! Also great for casual wear.

Ballet Lace Bun Cover (crochet, intermediate) nice for Qi Lolita!

Large Royal Earrings (crochet, intermediate)

Crochet Collar (crochet, intermediate) written in UK terms, but there is an edited version with US terms. Also available in French. Lots of pictures!

Chocomint Replica Headband (crochet, intermediate) written by shieldkitten back in 2009!

Wrist cuffs (crochet, easy) My own pattern from last year using extra hair elastics! I've made myself lots of pairs! ^_^

Knitted Neckerchief (knit, intermediate/advanced) vintage pattern updated with modern terminology

Beaded Bracelet Ring (crochet, intermediate level) also contains a pattern using UK terminology

Beaded Mile-a-Minute Bracelet (crochet, easy) PDF download

Queen Anne's Lace Bracelet (crochet, intermediate/advanced)

Chains of Hearts Crochet Bracelet (easy) crocheted with plarn (yarn made of plastic bags) and includes a tutorial on how to make it

Scalloped Flower Jewelry Set (crochet, easy/intermediate) includes necklace, bracelet and earrings. Includes links on how to make plarn and the flower motif

Cherry Pickers Earrings (crochet)

Strawberry Mittens (knit, easy) sized up to 6" long hands

Sweetheart Stockings (knit, intermediate) The tops could use some frills

Elegant Floral Headband (crochet, intermediate) This could also work for the mori-kei crowd!

Vampire Ascot (crochet, easy) Who says that this can't be a nice lacy scarf?

Marie Antoinette Socks (knit) Sized for European sizes 35-37, 38-40 and 41-43. Also available in British English terminology and other languages including Spanish, French and Italian.

Little Women Socks (knit) Sized for European sizes 35-37, 38-40 and 41-43. Also available in British English terminology and other languages.

Lace Cuffs (crochet) I can picture this for aristocrat co-ords! Can be bought for $5.50 USD

Filigree Sunshield (crochet, advanced) If anything else, you could always turn this into a good old-fashioned doily! Can be bought for $5.50 USD

Blooming Lariat (crochet) Use it as a belt or necklace! Can be bought for $5.50 USD

Cupcake Bag (crochet, easy level) Actually a child's pattern, but it might be able to hold your tablet! (Update 6/28/17: Okay it can't hold a tablet... Probably your wallet, cell phone and keys)

Ruffled Bottom Bag (crochet, intermediate level)

Boho Sunrise Crochet Purse (crochet, easy level) definitely need to use different colors and handles!

Cupcake Cradle Purse (crochet, intermediate level) modified version of another cupcake purse pattern (link included)

Ruffles with Ribbon Purse (crochet, intermediate)

Little Ice Cream Purse (crochet, easy/intermediate) toddler sized

Red Heart Cares First Aid Kit (knit or crochet, intermediate) You could modify this into a bag for nurse-themed coords! Both patterns are also available in French

Heart Tote Bag (crochet, easy) So it probably won't be up to snuff with MILK or BtSSB's famous heart bags, but still!

Hotness Top (knitting, intermediate level) could use some detailing on the sleeves, but it looks like the base for a pretty good cutsew! Sized up to 52" bust

Filigree Cardigan (crochet, intermediate level) Sized up to 52" bust

Lace & Garter Cardigan (knitting, intermediate level) nice casual wear, though the collar could use a little rounding off. Sized up to 47" bust

Tolland Shrug (knitting, intermediate level) sized up to 2X

Lace Edge Cardigan (knitting, intermediate level) sized up to 4/5X

Soft Sage Circle Jacket (crochet, intermediate level) VERY lacy, great for Classic. Sized up to 44" bust

Geisha Jacket (crochet, intermediate level) sized up to 2/3X (58.5" bust) Amazing for Wa Lolita

Liesl Cardigan (knitting, easy level) pattern needs to be purchased. Can fit up to 54" bust. needs to be rounded a bit to make more Lolita

Milena Cardigan (knitting) also available in Polish. One size only (XS, 34" bust). No schematic or gauge for this pattern

Coconut Cream Crop Top (crochet, advanced) can fit up to a 47" bust

Bolero (knit, easy) Could use some frills around the collar and cuffs. You'll have to buy the pattern. Sized up to 4X/5X (56-62")

Caron Ribbon Jacket (crochet, intermediate/advanced) sized up to 3X (54" bust)

Bridal Shawl (crochet, intermediate level) Could also use for Mori-kei.

Mystical Cape (crochet, easy level)

Beauty and the Beast Shawl (crochet, easy level) rose is a separate pattern. Can also buy already made on Etsy.

Echo Flower Shawl (knit, advanced) available in Estonian, French, German and English

Gardenia Shawl (crochet, intermediate)

Picot-Lace Shawlette (crochet, intermediate)

Eolande Shawlette (crochet, advanced) I could easily see this in mori-kei outfits! The rose clasp could also be made into a bracelet of sorts. Can be purchased for $5.50 USD

Chrysanthemum Capelet (crochet) can be bought for $5.50 USD

Ruffle or Not Capelet (knit, advanced)

Luscious Collar (knit and crochet) I could picture this as a cape with more rows added to it.
Can be bought for $6.50 USD

Elegant Hat (crochet, easy level)

Leaf Buds in the Spring Sunhat (crochet, easy level)

Hat with Crochet Flowers (crochet/knit) Can also be converted to a knitting pattern! Vintage

1920s Cloche Crochet Hat (crochet, easy level)

Feeling Pretty Hat (crochet) PDF download

Crocodile Stitch Flower (crochet, easy level)

Puff Stitch Flower (crochet, easy) Also has a video demonstrating this

3 Layer Crochet Flower (crochet, easy level)

Love Hearts (crochet, easy) uses the magic ring technique. has directions for different sizes and even a puffy one!

Forever Flowers (crochet, easy)

Sweet Hearts (crochet, easy)

Heart Shaped Cookies (crochet, intermediate) uses the magic ring technique

Ice Cream Cones (crochet, intermediate)

Layered Cupcakes (crochet) also available with British terminology

Macarons (crochet) it gives you the option to sew a face on them, but of course you can skip it if you wish.

Birthday Cake Secret Box (crochet) a little hidey-hole for your things! PDF download

Chocolate Chip Cookies (crochet) chips are made with the magic ring technique.

Crochet Thread Bookmarks (crochet) available from Leisure Arts in a physical or downloadable form. A few of the ones they have in the sample images look like they could be turned into old school headdresses with some larger yarn and a hook.

Lovely Jar Lid Covers (crochet) available on Leisure Arts as an e-pattern ($5.99 USD). Includes instructions on how to make them fitted.

Renaissance Beauty Throw
(crochet, intermediate)

Flower Garden Afghan (crochet, intermediate)

Box of Chocolates (crochet, intermediate) You can always use the heart container to store your accessories!

Other sources
Japanese patterns translated to English divided up into numerous categories. Even contains a page explaining symbols used in the patterns

Of course you don't have to be bound by the instructions. Get creative with them! Add a different edging, glue pearls on them, experiment!

Created 12/31/14

UPDATES 1/1/15: lolitasaurus helped add the Milena Cardigan, Bonsai Shawl and Liesl Cardigan patterns. Thank you!
1/2/15: n_nova submitted several patterns and two other sources for crochet patterns. Thank you!
1/24/15: I added a few more patterns in the accessories and bags section!
2/22/15: New section added: might turn it into a section for lifestyle Lolita décor... Some patterns are already in this along with a pair of cherry earrings!
2/24/15: added the link for a book of thread crochet bookmark patterns to purchase.
6/11/15: Added the Coconut Cream Crop Top pattern. You can also get it in the summer 2015 issue of Crochet!
6/28/17: Long time no see! Had to delete a couple patterns whose links led to Error 404 pages, but there are some new patterns to compensate!
7/8/17: added some new crochet patterns that can be purchased.
12/8/17: deleted a pattern, edited a price and moved a couple patterns that were in the wrong categories. I've also created this page on my personal tumblr!
3/1/18: Just added a couple more patterns.
Tags: crafts: patterns, garment: accessories, garment: blouses/cutsews, garment: cardigans/boleros, garment: coats/capes, garment: headwear, tutorial: knitting/crochet
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